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Found 46 results

  1. Hi, im new, so if you have the correct tuturiel, just linked it, I wil try it by my own. But till now, I have one issue: I install Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate do the local drive: It crashed all the times with F3 and Aurora Now I downloaded all nececcary DLC's and TU from XBOX Live as they are free I copied them to HDD1:\content Now I am able to start it without any crashes Also in Aurora it is still DoA5 Ultimate As soon as I start it, it is DoA5 LR Quite good I think But: The Xbox still tells me, that 8 DLCs are missing: Costume Catalog 02,04, 11, 17, 09, 14 and LR07, LR14 So as I still own a 2nd Xbox, I can download these DLC, but where do I have to save them? In HDD1:\Cache or Content? Can't be as I tried it allready AS I think, it has to be a subfolder, but I tried it allready in the 000000... and the 0004000 (or similar) and also in the same folder from the original Xbox360 At the moment the folder with all the game, DLCs and TU are copied to HDD1:\CONTENT\00000000000000\4B5607E8 Three folders 00000002 [Marketplace] 00004000 [installed Xbox360 Title] 000B0000 [Title Update] I also saved all DLCs here HDD1:\Cache\00000000000000\4B5607E8\00000002 But still I receive the message that the "Content is checked" after the check takes around 10minutes Any idea? Aurora 0.5b r1025 With FSD 3 I have the same Issue Dash 3.0b Rev775 Kernel 2.0.17349.0 So hopefully someone is able to help me Thank you & BR JJ
  2. Xenoverse title updates aren't available on xbox unity for some reason. Can someone please leave a link to the latest TU for Xenoverse? I had aurora download it for me but the media ID was incorrect. Can't find the TU for this media ID anywhere. Thanks
  3. It seems that there is no TU for this version of the game on unity, .It looks like the site doesn't recognize it's installed. I have the file of this TU if you can update the Brazilian community I would be very grateful 🙏 (I'm using translator sorry😅) TU_16L622R_0000010000000
  4. For Mafia 2 I installed the title update and it shows up as 0 even if I enable it anyway to fix it
  5. Hello, i dowload 0.7b.1 Aurora and i have a problem, i cannot download any update, my Internet is connected in Freeboot. What to do? VID_20210225_025243[1].mp4
  6. Can someone give me TU 53 for Minecraft Xbox360? Preferably a MEGASync download, but any download will do! Thanks!
  7. Hello! Can somebody upload the october 28 update (aka mojang tu45)? I have a jtagged xbox, I need latest updates for starting YouTube channel.
  8. Hi, I am trying to play BO2 zombie maps with a friend in split screen. the game without installing TU or dlc is running fine in split screen but when i install the latest tu and all new maps using horizon, once i press on the 2nd profile the console crash and shutdown. - I have checked the matching of title id and media id. - Tried the tutorial of modded warfare to copy dlc to content folder on my hdd but the game didn't apply the new content. - Console works fine in solo play with all dlc installed. Help please and thank you
  9. Hello everyone. I need help from the more experienced friends. I recently bought an xbox 360 RGH with Freestyle, and because I found it more intuitive and more modern, I put the latest version of Aurora 0.7br1622. and that this one is very good. but I have problems when I try to update the "TITLE UPDATE" of some games says it has update, I select to download but at the end an error message appears and the "TITLE UPDATE" is not installed. I tried to do the installation manually by Horizon, I have to update the list of "TU" appears in the list as installed and active, but at the time the game starts TU is not recognized by the game, TU 0 appears. I did the same procedures used again to Freestyle, and everything works correctly. low and active TU that does not go down the Aurora. but when I go back to Aurora, TU downloaded to Freestyle does not appear to activate. I used the BRUTAL LEGEND game as an example. but this problem is happening in several games. ja deletei and copied again a new game, but still the problem continues. how to solve this problem?
  10. Some (i don't know how much but every game I tried to update) Title updates won't work I tried to update CoD Bo2 main version was 7 I installed the latest version I think it supposed to say 44 in-game but It kept saying 7 I don't know why I wanted to add DLC but because of title updates won't work I cant I need help or update at aurora should i go back to 0.6 ? but if I go to 0.6 I cant enable FSD plugin HELP PLS
  11. hi guys if any one have gears of war 3 tu 6 please provide it , i download tu from unity but doesn't work for me tid 4D5308AB mediaid 6EF14DF9 Edit: nevermind i fix it
  12. Hello! Can anyone upload Mojang's TU60 (the one released on December 19 2017)? I have searched for other uploads, but none of them seem to work for me (corrupted error, despite redownloading 5 times). If you can upload a later version, that would be much appreciated! Edit: Any download would do, but a MEGA download is preferable.
  13. Hello everyone, I still have FSD3 on my Xbox 360 but title updates can't be downloaded with FSD3 anymore. I downloaded some title updates manually from xboxunity onto a USB but i don't know where to install them on my xbox 360 or if i first have to unlock them somehow. Can anyone explain me how to do that?
  14. hi i didnt find any tu on unity for sniper elite 3 tid 464F0803 media id 4F384D1A , if any one have it please send it to me i cant even find it on the web
  15. Can someone give me TU54/TU58 for Minecraft, please? I need a MEGA download, or else it'll take me days to download it.
  16. Segas

    Fifa 17

    Media-id: 4EE8A158 Title-id: 454109F4 Hello! I can not find anywhere. Help me please!
  17. Hi, Can somebody provide me with a mediafire link to the latest Gears of War 3 title update for Xbox 360? Thanks a lot
  18. Hi everyone. I have a problem with the TU of Guilty Gear XX Λ Core Plus (Xbla), is the only one of my games that are not active (TU = 0). I need it for the DLC +R version works, I tried everything without results . Anyone know anything about it? Greetings .
  19. Please can someone provide me the latest TU? Please respond!
  20. I am leaving here the newest T.U Minecraft XBLA TITLE UPDATE 46 TITLE ID: 584111F7 MEDIA ID: 7CD33B56 Download Here Enjoy =D Thanks to friend ptondo for providing the link
  21. Hi guys, Booted Aurora for the first time and it's gone into a perpetual scan for new title updates - I've had a look in the hdd1\cache but I have no TU's in the folder unless it's trying to check for new TU's online, but that doesn't sound possible as I've not added my unity settings to Aurora. Any ideas?
  22. hello, because it has no TU for this media ID? (Midnight club los angeles) HAVE ONLY TO OTHER MEDIA
  23. Is it possible to add tu without connecting xbox 360 to internet...Searched all forums but no help, tried FSD but nothing... Using Aurora now... I just want to know is it possible to add tu and get it working on any game?
  24. Hi all, so i'm in a kinda weird situation. I'm on a 17489 Jasper with latest Aurora. I added 53510823 (Rise of the Tomb Raider) as GOD to Usb0 and it shows up as 'Not Availible' - BUT i can play it. Now i'm stuck in the Research Base (blah blah, known Glitch) and need a Title Update, so i downloaded the latest from XPG. Added it to Hdd1:/Content/0000000000000000/53510823/000B0000 but the game doesn't recognize it. Also tested TU3, but nope, nothing...i guess it has to do with the fact that the Xbox360 doesn't 'translate' the TitleID, right? Downloading TUs doesn't work either. Just for the sake of testing: All of this happens on FSD3 as well. Anyone?
  25. I pretty new to RGH and xbox, and there are something I still do not understand very well. Since someone has glitched my xbox360 slim, i already had to update from FSD to Aurora and then update kernel ! The first one was to download TUs and the second because I wanted to play psychonauts (but it still crash). During the update (Swizzy tutorial), I got one problem when Xell still boot but not the normal dashboard. It was the badblocks problem and it has worked after I followed the different steps and flashed my Nand again As a result, I have been able to download TUs for a while but now, I'm unable to see them anymore ! If I try a refresh, in the dedicated windows for game, nothing appear though I can find some updates on xboxunity. I tried to generate a new API key, but it is still not working. What should I try to solve this problem ? Should I have to try to come back to my old Nand ?
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