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  1. I did right because when I paste the tu, it shows there WWE 2k16 title update but when I check details of game there ain't tu installed, it's completely blank
  2. I have done like you said, pasting tu in the right folder that is "000B0000" and manually doing scan. But nothing happened. When I check details of WWE 2k16 , there ain't any tu found. Am I doing something wrong or manually tu update is not possible?
  3. How do I check that I had done it correctly? I mean from where do I get to know that WWE 2k16 tu5 have been added successfully and I'm having that update Sorry for asking noob question
  4. Don't have ethernet cables...I'm using wifi and the place from where I bought my xbox 360, they said never to connect it to internet or my console will get banned... So trying to be on safer side and trying to do it manually. how to verify "TU's TitleID, MediaID and base version is a match with the game's TitleID, MediaID and base version." ? Can you tell it and thanks for the reply Okay I got title id and I'm doing it for WWE 2k16... I found there is no "000B0000" folder inside content folder, so I made new and gonna paste "tu" there How do I know it's applied or not? WWE 2k16, can you help me in this?
  5. Is it possible to add tu without connecting xbox 360 to internet...Searched all forums but no help, tried FSD but nothing... Using Aurora now... I just want to know is it possible to add tu and get it working on any game?
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