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  1. I recently assisted a colleague with migrating from 250GB internal (retail xbox drive) to 1TB internal - the programs that worked well for me was: Xplorer360-250gb ~ For transferring all the App/Game folders (the key was to run it as Admin - otherwise your Retail XBOX HDDs don't register) Horizon ~ For extracting & reimbedding the Gamer Profiles & TUs
  2. Great tutorial guys! I'm just getting started on my skinning adventure...as soon as I've got some stuff to show I'll post it.
  3. I went and dug in the xui of dream theatre fsd theme and found the nxe background rings have the same look, but tried disabling in the skins general setting but it didn't look like it went away.... I'll have to check again as soon as I have access to the xbox (wife's busy watching "countdown to murder")
  4. Then obviously press X to save changes and return to skin selection. Edit: Sorry it's not it... Damned... Back to the drawing board
  5. Found it I think - go to "Setup" >> "Skins" >> press X >> under General setting unselect "Enable Aura Background Animation"
  6. I know what you're referring to - I still have my fsd3 on my hdd1 so I'll go onto it a bit later and see if I can find the on/off switch.... Had a google, but could not find a quick reference - will need to go digging....
  7. UPDATE from South Africa - up and running beautifully - Unity API generation; TU's & Cover Art downloading in Aurora - LiNK still to be tested...
  8. Kernel version: 2.0.17502.0 & DashLaunch version: 3.17 Rev584 I've edited the settings.db again and gained access to Aurora dash Content scanning seems to be working & it's busy downloading the cover art - I've also re-enabled TU autoscan in Aurora GUI - all seems to be working... Further updates to follow.....
  9. deleted the .db files - back to square 1 - Aurora freezes up at same point. I then "guide + freestyle home" only for the xbox to freeze up completely once again - cold boot needed to get it going again...
  10. Update: Managed to get past the constant TU scan by changing the setting.db << TUScanAtBoot = 0 *huge thx to gavin_darkglider* Another problem I've picked up on - on exit or restart - Aurora freezes and I'm forced to do a cold boot. Could my problem stem from launch.ini? That the XBOX doesn't know how to handle the exit or restart command sent from Aurora. My FSD & XeXmenu does not have this issue.
  11. @Swizzy - below is a link to dropbox folder RMS containing the logs for the 2 attempts at loading Aurora. Along with a screenshot of the last load screen i see. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/q9b4bp0xpcszct0/AACf7Go2K_2fibk-XXGRj7Qra?dl=0 @gavin_darkglider - I guess the "ScanAutoStart = 0" AND OR "TUScanAtBoot = 0" needs to be changed in setting.db
  12. I've found another location for XBOX default TU's (hdd1:\Contents\0000...00\TitleID\000B0000\) *thx Swizzy* - found it on one of your older posts. I'll go check later and see if I've got some old TU's in this folder causing trouble with Aurora startup. How much time should I allow for Aurora's initial startup? I.e. Aurora has not managed to get to the point of loading dash...at all. This all happens (or the lack of) during the splash/bootanim. I've left it running for about 15min (guesstimate) and then had to kill XBOX cause *guide button + freestyle home" made it freak out. I do have to however note that FSD on reboot still loads perfectly fine no problems - with that said I have tried running Aurora from FSD and File Manager, but maybe I should try running it from XeXmenu instead. I've also seen in \Aurora\Data\ that there's a "Logs" folder - haven't gone and inspected mine yet, but should Aurora be saving event logs? I.e. would I be able to inspect the logs and see if there's maybe another process that's causing the problem? Worst case scenario - perhaps I should just delete the Aurora folder; download it again & do a fresh install.
  13. Hi guys, Booted Aurora for the first time and it's gone into a perpetual scan for new title updates - I've had a look in the hdd1\cache but I have no TU's in the folder unless it's trying to check for new TU's online, but that doesn't sound possible as I've not added my unity settings to Aurora. Any ideas?
  14. Whoop whoop... Sorry a bit inappropriate, but wtf whoop whoop yay 👠back up and running at the southern tip of africa. Thx to everyone who worked tirelessly to get our spirits up
  15. Thx for the info Could try http://digiex.net/downloads/download-center-2-0/xbox-360-content/title-updates/ in the meantime - they also do cover art, but nowhere near as sophisticated as xboxunity.net... Xboxunity still the best by far 😊
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