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  1. I checked again on my three drives, and it looks like the Device ID of my external HDD's is actually the same as the "Aurora" Device ID in each. This is then the scan path ID for Games and Content. I'm not sure what went wrong when I cloned my first set of drives and tried plugging in the Device ID's of the new drives. Now that I'm familiar with the structure, hopefully I'll have better luck next time I have to. Swizzy, when you responded to a similar post of mine a few weeks back and mentioned using a cloned drive would be made easier by writing a script in 0.6b for each of the games, what were you referring to? As documented by Smokemonster and Professor_Jonny, only the Scan Paths need to be altered to achieve this, not the individual game data files.
  2. Swizzy, yes, each external HDD has it's own ID, but as mentioned, the two scan paths for all of the games and XBLA content on the external drive is what's listed as "Aurora" in Mounted Devices, while USB0, my external HDD, has a different ID. What would explain this and how do I work around it? I can attach screenshots of the two databases if that would help?
  3. Thanks Smokemonster! I really appreciate you taking the time to post the step by step that I requested. I was at a point that I cloned my three 2TB drives about a month ago and due to not having figured all of this out back then, I reinstalled Aurora on each drive with all title updates. This was A TON of work. Imagine the 6 or 7 button presses for each game to check and install title updates. My biggest HDD has 1,103 games on it! Here's the interesting thing I noticed that makes me wonder if what you just wrote would work in my scenario... When I go into Scan Paths of any one of my drives now, I see three scan paths. The first being the device ID of my internal drive that has some games on it that I want to accesses regardless of what drive I'm currently using. Here's where it gets interesting... The next two scan paths (for Games and Content directory of external HDD), shows the Device ID listed as "Aurora", not USB0, in Mounted Devices, and it's everything that appears after the "_". I'm thinking this may have been my issue when I tried to plug ID's in and nothing worked. It's at a point now where I can take any one of the drives from one 360 to the other and the only games that are grayed out are the ones on the internal drive and that's easily corrected by changing the Device ID in Scan Paths to the internal drive of the other system. I'm thinking if I cloned the drive, I'd be back to everything grayed out even using the original Aurora Device ID. Meaning, I'm thinking that the Aurora ID is somehow tied in with the external HDD ID even though it's a different ID. Does that make any sense? Lol I'll try to clarify if not...
  4. Could Professor_Jonny or Smokemonster give specifics on what they changed in SQ Lite DB Browser with examples? I tried this a while back, plugging ID's into the scan paths, but no go, everything was still greyed out. I should add that I an running Aurora off of a 2TB external USB drive that holds all the game data and asset info. HDD1 is only used for game saves and whatever automatically gets stored there. A step by step with specifics would be awesome. Thanks!!!
  5. Swizzy, I had all title updates installed for one of my three 2TB HDD's with 576 games on it. With info from one of your other posts, I copied the three "e.." folders found in "HDD1://content/" from my other HDD to this one. Upon doing so, now every game shows a cloud next to the title update, rather than the lit console icon, clearly not recognizing that any of these TU's exist. I had all TU's installed on my USB0 2TB drive using the "Y Change Device" option in Aurora. I checked, and they're all still in Aurora/Data/TitleUpdates. What happened??? Did my copying "e.." folders to HDD1 overwrite something regarding TU's even though they were installed on USB0? While on this topic, my last question would be. . . I've gathered that you can't go by the latest version of a TU for a game, because often times Version 5, for example, will be 23.2MB, while version 3 might be 35.8MB, clearly a more recent version given that later updates include everything previous updates had. To D/L latest TU, is it always the best option to go with the largest?
  6. Hi Swizzy, when you last responded on September 8th, you mentioned you couldn't remember specifically what the other part of the database is that needs to be updated in order for Aurora to recognize a different HDD than what the database was originally created on. Have you had time to find the answer to this? It would be greatly appreciated, as this would massively help out in the event of having to restore a drive from a backup.
  7. Yes, I was aware of the timeline, but I think part of the reason that it took that long was due to the fact that everyone had the dvd firmware mod to eliminate the pressing need for a more advanced mod. Microsoft took such a beating with the 360 hacks that they've really upped their game with the One. I hear nothing from Commodore4eva these days, which has me doubtful. I think that if the DVD mod hadn't been developed for the 360, we would have seen JTAG or RGH hacks much sooner. Back to the topic at hand, can I ask if 0 6b is still being actively worked on?
  8. I just got done reading almost all of the posts in this thread, dating back to early 2015. I must say, I'm still hopeful, but feeling disappointed. I started building my 360 collection back in the summer of 2006. Up until May 2016, I had never ventured into the RGH realm. After amassing almost 600 titles, I thought it would be an ideal way to "showcase" my collection. Upon hearing that FSD had met it's demise, I was very happy to learn of Aurora. I have spent the last four+ months converting my entire DVD based collection to a total of (3) 2TB HDD's, adding additional titles along the way for a total of 1106 Xbox 360 games and 652 XBLA games. I have covers (thanks to Aurora) for every game, and installed TU's to each USB drive as well. I even bought a Samsung 250GB external SSD loaded with 80+ of my favorites to prevent wear and tear on the Western Digital HDD's. I am VERY impressed with Aurora 0.5b, and from what I've read about 0.6b, feel that I could find myself in an even better situation with it's release. I really hope that the team hasn't lost enthusiasm for the project, as I haven't even bought an Xbox One or PS4 yet, because there are still a LOT of 360 games that I intend to finish. IMO, the 360 may turn out to be the last great moddable system. Let's face it, the Xbox One has been out for over two years and no real hack has been performed on it as of yet. In addition, when the One first came out, websites were showing side by side comparisons to the 360 equivalents, because there was no significant difference in the quality of the games. More specific programming to the system has widened that gap as of late, but it just goes to show that the One was not a quantum leap over the 360 like the 360 was over the original Xbox. We're getting into the "law of diminishing returns" with these later systems. Although impressive, they're just not "that much better". I was born in the 70's and first got hooked on gaming with the Atari 2600, then the Colecovision, Commodore and Atari computers, Sega Genesis, etc. Even though I'm older now, I love seeing the incremental improvements made year after year. Everything else in society seems to get worse as time goes on, but you can always count on technology to continue improving. I'd hate to see Aurora not follow the same path. Swizzy has responded to a couple of my posts mentioning that 0.6b will address the issues I've dealt with, and that alone has me eagerly anticipating it's release. It pains me to read the posts where people get demanding or God forbid, even insulting. The fact that the team is providing this awesome software and the servers to unify it all at no charge other than voluntary donations gives everyone zero substantiation to gripe about anything. We are, in effect, beggars here and not choosers. I understand this, and for that reason, will not be asking when it's going to be released, only stating that I am very appreciative of the efforts that go on behind the scenes and really hope that the developers remain passionate about the project. A friend of mine I grew up with, who now lives back east, is coming out next week and I plan to show him my Aurora project, as I know he'll appreciate it. I think it's awesome from being able to rotate the covers, to the snapshots and trailers, to the integrated title updates, etc. With the collection I built, I literally could never buy another system and have enough entertainment to last me the rest of my life. Given my affinity for technology, I'll jump into the One possibly this Christmas season, but my 360 will definitely not be ignored. It's that good.
  9. Thanks Swizzy, but where can I find the profile on my internal HDD1 to copy over and is it linked in any way to the original console?
  10. Two quick questions... 1) I built two RGH systems and would like the avatar I've been using for years to be on both internal hard drives of each system. The Microsoft transfer kit moves the avatar, it doesn't copy it. What files does one have to copy in order for the avatar to exist on both systems? I don't ever go on live, btw. 2) Both of my systems are Jaspers. All of my temps stay below 55 with a Dashlaunch fan setting of 60, but the memory on the one gets up to 59 regularly. What is the ideal fan setting for a Jasper in Dashlaunch? Thanks in advance...
  11. Swizzy, would you be able to elaborate on "as long as you fix the folder/filenames to match the new ID's in the new Database"? Without specifics, I thought it might be as easy as entering the HDD1 and USB0 ID's into the "content.db" file located in: Aurora/Data/Databases for the new drive/system, but I'm quickly realizing that the DB gets updated automatically as soon as you plug the new HDD in and power up. All 881 games are still greyed out, so I need more specifics as to what else needs changing to eliminate the grey. I have DB Browser for SQLite, which is how I'm accessing the "MountedDevices" section I'm referring to.
  12. Thanks for your response Swizzy, and all of the work you've put into Aurora. It's greatly appreciated. I look very forward to the release of 0.6b, as it sounds like I will utilize many of the improvements. With three 2tb hard drives filled on each of two systems, I'm definitely looking to streamline the integration of the Aurora dash on each.
  13. It would be greatly appreciated to hear Swizzy chime in here so everyone would know for sure.
  14. I finally caved in and deleted the scan paths yesterday, but Aurora showed "Downloading 11,450 items". It took over three hours on a 15 megabit connection. Now I have to hide all of my multi disc games again too. Luckily title updates remained. I'm convinced there must be a more efficient way of accomplishing this task. In addition, what if a person were to need to install a new HDD down the road and this site or Unity weren't available, then what? I'm hoping a future release of Aurora will allow a person to clone a HDD, bit for bit, as I did, and be able to plug it in and have it work straight away. I don't really understand why the drive ID is such an integral part of the way the data is stored other than to differentiate it from another device. I suppose one solution would be to program it so the ID is contained in one database file that can be easily changed, leaving the game data as "universal". Would like to hear the mods take on this approach.
  15. Sorry, I couldn't change the title of my previous question, and I thought of a simpler way to state my situation. I've read all previous posts in this forum and can't find anything regarding this situation. Let's say a person has a 2TB external HDD filled with games, XBLA, covers, trailers, etc. That HDD is failing, so he gets a new one and clones the data. Now he plugs the HDD in and every game is "greyed out" and the path shows "Disconnected" for GAMES and CONTENT folders in "Manage Paths". Rather than deleting the paths, which deletes all covers, trailers, etc. (In this case, 6 gigabytes of data), isn't there a way to change the drive ID to the new drive being used, given that this is the ONLY thing that changed in the new configuration?? This would be a 1 out of 10 in terms of rework, where deleting the path is at least an 8 out of 10, particularly when you factor in hiding discs in multi-disc games, etc. that were all set up perfectly in previous installation.
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