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  1. alright, conclusion: ISO2GOD made a mess and screwed up the Title and Media IDs. End of story. biggest problem now: the f**king TU4 didn't fix me being stuck in the Research Base
  2. alright: yes, ISO2GOD sent you 2 files via pm only 53510823 is of interest, the other mentioned folders were empty...why so ever, anyway.
  3. yeah of course. maybe i found something here. in aurora when i click "Select Subtitle" it shows the various possibilities. One of them being "Title ID: 00535108" - which is wrong, it should be 53510823 Also "Media ID: 0D0A657B" when it should be 0A657B25 Is this just something that Aurora displays in the wrong way or are we up to something here? Edit: There's more - no Achievement, but there should be plenty.
  4. alright, corrected that. NXE finds it non-corrupted now. Still nothing in Aurora, doesn't show me the TU in the details, nor does it start with the TU. Also, what could be the reason that the game is called 'Not Availible'?
  5. NXE finds 'Rise of the Tomb Raider' on the internal HDD (Hdd1) with 348MB (about the size of the TU, so that fits...) but also marked with a yellow exclamation mark
  6. Ran it through abgx360 and yep, that's my MediaID.
  7. Hi all, so i'm in a kinda weird situation. I'm on a 17489 Jasper with latest Aurora. I added 53510823 (Rise of the Tomb Raider) as GOD to Usb0 and it shows up as 'Not Availible' - BUT i can play it. Now i'm stuck in the Research Base (blah blah, known Glitch) and need a Title Update, so i downloaded the latest from XPG. Added it to Hdd1:/Content/0000000000000000/53510823/000B0000 but the game doesn't recognize it. Also tested TU3, but nope, nothing...i guess it has to do with the fact that the Xbox360 doesn't 'translate' the TitleID, right? Downloading TUs doesn't work either. Just for the sake of testing: All of this happens on FSD3 as well. Anyone?
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