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  1. Well ! Somehow I managed to run FSD through usb, and I saw that the internal 4Gb is showing as "game" not as "hdd0" I cannot copy anything in it. I am thinking of buying an external hardrive and permanently connect it with my console. Thanks
  2. I am trying to copy the FSD folder to my internal storage via xexmenu but I am failing to do so. I have 4 GB Jtaged with dashboard 2.0.16202.0 HDD0 does not shows up in xexmenu, only usb and the flash memory is visible. I never installed FSD on it before. I tried doing through FTP, but couldn't because the software named WS_FTP LE does not shows HDD0 even. I also tried putting the installation file of FSD through horizon. I copied the file through storage, just the way we install xexmenu, but then again during installation it fails because it does not detect the HDD to be installed in.
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