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  1. there is not a easy way like with Xex Menu or something? i have no ideia how to acess ftp like i said i am new
  2. internal flash? that already looks it is going on hard way lol
  3. i tryied now with the HDD and a flash drive connect at same time and dont worked. by the way my HDD it is external (not the oficial one)
  4. i tryed that launch.ini and dont worked =/
  5. how it is suppose to be my launch.ini file? [QuickLaunchButtons] Default = BUT_Y = Hdd:Freestyle Dash 3.0default.xex [settings] nxemini = true pingpatch = true because i tryied that and nothing happen, and after that i am suppose to acess my game i have on HDD from the xbox dashboard?
  6. laptop user lol that still not option... i am condemned to the SD. but in last case i can do that...
  7. yeah i converted my games with iso2god on FSD i am using the default theme, (just changed the colours and backgound in the skins edit) about update TV i always want to change but sinze i still live my parents they say the tv is fine... sinze she looks fine i dont think she will get fucked up soon for i have a new HD TV lol it is because that i am looking for alternatives for SD format. i am going now change the launch.ini and try for exemple load far cry 3 from my xbox dasboard
  8. but that way i still need go to FSD to load my games right? i cant load my games (are on the HDD) from my xbox dashboard without go to FSD?
  9. my xbox dashboard is: 2.0.16202.0
  10. i am a bit noob at this sinze, i am new... can u tell me how i load my games from xbox dashboard without go to FSD?
  11. Hi guys, I recently bough a xbox and i am using the FSD 3.0, and everything goes fine... There is just one problem my TV is SD, so my screen gets 2 big bars black bars one up and another down... so menus on FSD and subtitles on games are almoust impossible to read, and even the graphics look a bit more messy for dont be in the correct resolution =(. anyone know how to fix the HD resolution to SD resolution ?
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