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  1. OR..... you could spend 3-5 minutes updating your kernel..
  2. Pulseeey

    WEBUI broken.

    Any ideas as to why it doesn't let me connect to internal IP when on ethernet?
  3. I sometimes have it where games won't launch from Xbox 360 Games but they will from the file manager.. mine fixes itself after a reboot.
  4. ConnectX is an alternative to FTP not a client for FTP, if that is what you meant by 'i really like filezilla'. I don't really know why people create RGH releases, they tend to be just pre-ripped games into a rar or zip format so there isn't much difference probably just file size maybe?
  5. If your games double, remove the FSD database and reboot FSD. You don't need to get RGH versions of games, any will work.. (well, mine do) but it could be just a missing file that wasn't extracted or downloaded properly, happens a lot. You can use FTP or ConnectX (never used it so i don't know). I always use USB or my external HDD and then move because FTP runs at your upload speed and that can be slow when moving 6GB+.
  6. Ok, but it's simple to port forward but i guess it will be good to let people know how to do it on your router model.
  7. To get a reliable connection and functions you need a modern router and a decent connection.. Also the way you have bridged it may have an effect as it goes through different internal IP's maybe? Port forwarding only works on one internal LAN ip (internal) ( or
  8. Pulseeey

    WEBUI broken.

    Yes i am.. Weirdly, it says it says this whether i am on wired or wireless and does NOT change.. is this normal? EDIT.. on the PC, it loads on wireless but not on Ethernet.. what the hell?
  9. Pulseeey

    WEBUI broken.

    Hello, My IP 192.168.1.X is not picking up on my browser. My Xbox is connected because i am getting weather so.. why isn't this working.. yes, it's enabled in the settings but anything else? Thanks
  10. Internal IP addresses don't change that often, damn. Sorry but giving instructions to help you setup a router without actually seeing the router panel isn't easy. Anyway, i wish you all the best, good luck!
  11. It's likely your dash is not an updated enough version, 16202 or 16203 is best, it's VERY easy to do with XeBuild.
  12. Why did you manually set IP for Xbox? let it do it auto. If you like, i can teamviewer you or something, i have fixed this with someone else before.
  13. I was on that kernal, updated to 16197 then 202 now on 203 using XeBuild and fresh dashlaunch and fsd install with f3installer and everything was setup.. weird how yours is not.
  14. I just find the IP, usually on FSD and port forward and change the rules when the IP changes, which it hasn't now for a couple months, only changes when i reboot my router. I fail the UPNP test even though that is enabled but that doesn't affect me. Have you fixed your problem yet?
  15. You could just pop the case off and look for the chip, could be a simple soldering problem or lose wire.
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