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  1. No, you can't
  2. Hi, here is my entry. I designed a banner(it wasn't easy to design a not boring and an extendable background) and a possible website layout. The Banner: The possible website layout:
  3. UPDATE 4.0 with many changes
  4. Sure, but first i have to found a good place for them.
  5. later i will do that.....but now i'm working at my tool FSB GUI,which has priority. When i've released the new version i will optimize the skin. Thanks to all for the feedback.
  6. Apart from the icons all things are done. The icon borders are clear but on the xbox they are pixelated. I don't know why. I think i release the recent version and later i will take a look on the icon problem again. Edit: Uploaded the updated Version
  7. If you just added some wallpapers and changed the gamescene titles, i think it isn't required. Because everyone can simply add own wallpapers to skins with the FSB.
  8. Yes, i know.This bug is very strange because it doesn't occur on my systems and it is very hard to fix it. I tested my tool on 3 different computers and this error didn't occur. But i will try to fix this bug.Maybe i rewrite the updater function(this could take some more time). I will soon send you a pm with some changes in the code, so you can test it. I have a guess, but i'm not sure if it's the solution.
  9. To add a "normal" Tab is no problem. The problem is to add a new games tab,because you couldn't move your games into this tab. You need to edit the F3.xex code for having the possibility, i think. If you have an error with FSB please post the details log and a screenshot in the FSB thread.
  10. @aisac 1. You can recompress the skin with the XzpTool or with my Tool: FSB GUI. If you just want change the Title (Xbox 360 Games, XBLA Games, Emulators,...)in the games tab, you can do it in the skin.xml 2.I think it is possible, but i have never tried it. If you have some more knowledge in skinning you can try it. @RacerX I can change the Presskey of the Sign Out Button to the Back Button: Of course i can add the modified CLayout.xml to my skin.
  11. @Prayer Thanks for the feedback!I will change the things you listed up. Edit: There is a problem with the icons.In the Xui Tool and in the Windows Photo Viewer the Images looks good and the borders are clear. But on the Xbox 360 the icon borders are pixelated. Maybe it is an effect of the resizing...i will try to fix it some way. The rest is done. Translated the untranslated strings and changed the splashscreen text. An updated version will come,once i fixed the icons.
  12. little bug fix update you can download the update over the FSBUpdater. Just start the FSB.exe and you get a message that an update is available. Then the Updater opens. I won't upload this version (3.0.1) in the forum because it is just a little bug fix update
  13. This is the english version of my newest skin for the F3 rev735: Orix I wanted to make a simple and clear skin, so that you can navigate throught it very quickly. And i think it was succesfully. Screenshots: Sorry, if there are some translation mistakes.In this case report them in this thread. Thanks Orix EN 1.0.1.rar
  14. Link Banner: F3 Banner: A possible Icon would be: Edit: Redesigned the Banners and created a possible icon Edit2: I had some more time.... and created an other version.
  15. ok thanks the bug occurs also on my system. so i can fix it quickly. the update maybe can take some time because i want to fix the orther bugs to. it will be difficult because they not occurs on my system.
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