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  1. that should not be the issue. i have several discs that have ripped properly and are playing just fine. the issue is with only a few of them.
  2. i have a (i believe) problem where i am unable to rip discs after repeated attempts. they simply fail at 0% or whatever other percentage, but when i play them frmo the disc itself, they play fine. the disc surface looks clean and undamaged. i don't know if it is even a problem but wanted to throw it out there for people who may have similar issues, and hopefully a solution.
  3. i have a few questions on FSD that i have searched the forums for but not found a reliable answer. posting them here now for your kind assistance: 1. what is a database refresh and how is it done? (when i have to move a disc 2 to 'no section', it gives me the warning that i will need a database refresh in order to restore it). i have tried delete data from settings but did not remove the names, only the covers 2. how do i download all covers at once? i have like over 20 games and i don't want to download all of them manually 3. change title path- sometimes i extract a disc but it fails and when i do it again, it makes another folder. i would rather just change the path of the title in the library (the little tiles). is this possible?
  4. i added the title update and set it to active. was i required to do anything else? the game still crashed.
  5. hi Mazen, thanks for the guide. i haven't tried changing the ports yet but your last step about assigning IP to those services- i'm not sure how it's to be done. please elaborate. i'm on a netgear jnr3210
  6. thanks JPizzle i did what you asked- i copied the content folder which had a gameid folder in 0000000....however, in my own hard drive, in the HDD>Content>0000000 folder, there was no existing game id folder matching what it said on abgx360.net. i still copied it, but i thought it's important to mention that the same golder folder was there in some other folder in the HDD>Content folder. that folder also had a 0000001 folder inside it. let me know if i did everything OK
  7. i'm having a strange problem with this game. i'm using an RGH Corona Xbox 360 and using the latest FSD to run the game. it's all good until i came upon the hot pursuit mission where i'm supposed to crash into a guy's car after chasing him through the market and steal his phone. after i crash into him, just as i'm walking back through the crowds when i steal his phone, xbox crashes the game saying 'game could not be started'. did i mention i am playing the game ripped from the discs? initially i thought it's a bad disc but i deleted the files, got a new set of discs and ripped it again (i'm still using the original gamesave). still same problem. any ideas what the problem might be? should i delete the gamesave and try playing again?
  8. i have a corona RGH box and i have a few game discs such as Battlefield 3 and MOH Warfighter which ask me if i'd like to install HD content. upon reading online, i believe this is referred to as DLC (downloadable content- i'm writing out not to teach but to allow someone to correct me if needed). when i click yes and choose my hard drive, it says it's full. i read online that it needs to be installed as DLC in the appropriate game folder, thanks to some nice guides out there. my question is, is there a way to install the DLC directly from the disc in the appropriate folder?
  9. im still getting a fail on my test
  10. there is a reason forums exist- to help users. also, forums exist despite the presence of google. you wasted more time writing a useless message than trying to help. you don't want to help just ignore. next time you need help, don't expect something better.
  11. thanks for your understanding. i don't know why moses was getting so upset. didn't mean to be rude to anyone. i even said thanks in my post.
  12. umm, excuse the noob question, but what is xexmenu (i do know i have fsd), but how do i 'check' and 'load....'
  13. thanks but i do know how to boot it in stock dash. my vendor provided me with a button at the back, for using xbox live, etc. anyway i did manage to get it fixed based on the method outlined above.
  14. i'd like to know- what exactly is dashlaunch? i'm running fsd 3.x and i'm trying to run multi disc games and hence the reason i'm here. numerous guides have asked me to disable autoswap in dashlaunch but i don't even know if i have it and how to configure it. second, how would i determine if i have it, and what version it is? third, how do i configure it? Thanks in advance for your help.
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