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Found 8 results

  1. Hi this is my first post here. I have a Jtag-ed xbox 360 slim and i have been running games from xex menu with no problem for the past 3 years. I did all the updates that came, and fifa 17 and all other games were running just fine till yesterday, when solely out of curiousity i did PATCHXEX on a single folder of fifa 16 in xex menu after which none of the default.xex files of the many games i have, are working. They all the "The game couldnt start, try downloading the game again" I suspected that my xexmenu was corrupted due to the patchxex so i uninstalled and then installed xexmenu 1.2 again but i'm still getting the same error. Please help.
  2. I have never seen no cd/dvd auto installer for the 360. There was afew for old xbox. It would be handy to have every think we need to setup a fresh xbox all on 1 simple to use dvd. I not a coder so unsure if would be possible is just a idear I do remeber reading about a king kong explot along time ago that boots from the game so i cant see why not possible
  3. I only accept PayPal. I am wishing to sell my jasper jtag, it comes with a 250GB hdd. it's a white arcade but i had the case changed to a black case. It has led lights within the case. The remote has been lost, it is stuck on the rainbow cycle. If you need any proof i can send some images with my username next to it, as i'm not near it atm. I have no idea how much this is worth so i just looked around and priced it, if it's way to much make an offer. I'm not sure on the dash, as i'm not near it, but i can update to the most recent update if you require. It comes with: One wired 360 controller The console The power cable One hdmi cable 250GB HDD HDD transfer cable Just ask me if you want any information what so ever, also i'm located in the United Kingdom so shipping to anywhere other than there will cost more money. You'll have to pay for international depending on where you're located.
  4. friends i am new to xbox my console is xbox 360 e console and it is rgh. in recent days i learned how to install xex menu and free style dash and how to install games from them. i want to know how to play from xbox home game menu instead of freestyle or xex menu i have seen a video in youtube a person after installing from freestyle he played game from xbox home game menu please help me in this thanks in advance
  5. Hi Everybody. Hope you are having a great time. The problem with me is that I accidentally changed my xexmenu skin to something else. Now I know that Hoax HD is the default skin and even when change it back. The zoom is too much and I don't have big,32" flat tv screen like you. i will be getting it in about 1 month but my small non-flat tv can't the zoomed in xexmenu. The skin is just right on my brothers profile. What should I do? Please tell guys. I appreciate your help.
  6. 2 covers I made through Photoshop. Images taken from the NET so if you made/own any of the pictures please post your name so can thank you for them and for credit Thanks
  7. I have an xbox 360 and when i try moving xexmenu in the hard drive it says corrupted file so i cant move it
  8. I am trying to copy the FSD folder to my internal storage via xexmenu but I am failing to do so. I have 4 GB Jtaged with dashboard 2.0.16202.0 HDD0 does not shows up in xexmenu, only usb and the flash memory is visible. I never installed FSD on it before. I tried doing through FTP, but couldn't because the software named WS_FTP LE does not shows HDD0 even. I also tried putting the installation file of FSD through horizon. I copied the file through storage, just the way we install xexmenu, but then again during installation it fails because it does not detect the HDD to be installed in.
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