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  1. Hey again! Thanks for all the help thus far! I took your instructions back home with me and have done everything correctly as much as I can see.** I have a 1TB hard drive with TWO partitions. One is a backup from my mac which is formatted to mac os journaled. The other is formatted to FAT32 and contains the extracted FSD files as well as the "launch.ini" file that I created with the line "default=usb:\F3\Default.xex" When I plug in the hard drive to my XBOX 360 it just takes me to the profile select menu; I'm expecting it to just boot into Freestyle Dash 3.. Are there any other tips for me? Does the partition somehow affect the boot order and creates an issue? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks so much for your help - or anyone else wants to shed some light my way! :-) J
  2. Hello and thank you so much for you reply! Could you explain a little more clearly what you mean by "create a file named "launch.ini" containing this line: default=usb:\F3\Default.xex" ~ I'm not sure how to create a ".ini" file! Also, I've just downloaded the file: TeamFSD.Freestyle3.0.775.7z Do I just drag & drop the file onto the partitioned fat32 space on my external hard drive? Thanks again in advance! ~J
  3. Hello everybody! I have been reading and trying to understand how to work out my problem for months but i should have made a post on a forum from the beginning; I'm useless with these thing. Please HELP if you can! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I have an Xbox 360 and I've been running Freestyle Dash 3 for about a year without a problem. I live in a remote location and it is my only source of entertainment when its raining. I paid for someone to install FSD (Freestyle Dash 3.0) on my 1TB Seagate HD and I was able to download new games and convert them from their iso file and then put them on my external hd. I could play them when I started my xbox with this external hd plugged into the front usb. it was a simple thing but my External HD somehow just died (overheated maybe..) and I'm now left with a useless machine. I now have a brand new 1TB external HD and I would like to just reinstall this FSD (Freestyle Dash 3.0) system again and start playing some of these video games! I have no clue what xex menu is, I've read into it, but it seems like everything I read is too complicated for me. I read alot of things about connecting my xbox to my computer and things like that but I run off of a generator and there is only wifi in the town centre. The guy who set me up originally did it so quickly, I just don't want to travel back to the city again and pay for the service.. If someone can give me an easy to understand step by step instruction of what to do, I would be greatly appreciative. I have the freestyle.iso on my computer.. I can download things that I need. I just don't have a clue what to do! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have a macbook pro and I can boot into Windows 7 and OSX, so steps in either operating system are appreciated! My Xbox 360 is as it was before the external HD crashed, so I shouldn't have to do anything with it.. Kind regards, J
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