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  1. Hey! I've got a 4GB Xbox with the latest F3, and I was playing BOII, but everyone is playing on the new DLC packs, which are 1,7GB. Now, I don't have that amount of data available on my Internal MU, and I know there is something like injecting the content folder into a pendrive so that the Xbox detects it, but my question would be, that can I inject this folder into my 32GB USB that I use to store and play the games from without losing them? Thanks for the help Adrn_
  2. Nevermind that, updated via the F3 Updater, it launched nicely! However, LiNK say it needs plugin update, but I've just updated 20 minutes ago, and there are no updates available. What should I do? Adrn_
  3. And on that I just press update, it downloads and restarts, or I have to configure something? Sorry for asking, I'd like to know everything before ending up with an unusable Xbox
  4. Hey guys! Sorry for being the 'noob' here, but I know nothing about updates, since when I gave my Xbox 360 (4GB Slim) to the guy who installed it, he installed F3. Now, before this update, me and my son used to play on Link, and he enjoyed it really, but I can't connect to Link since the update came out. Long story short, I could use some help with the updating, as I know nothing about it, since I got everything preinstalled. What I can say I have the previous F3, 4GB Slim Xbox360, and a 32GB Pendrive for the games (Yes, not much I know), but I can supply more info, if you guys could tell me where can I find them. I'm not asking for help here, private message is good too, it's just that I'm getting nagged by the younger generation that when he can finally play online, and I'm hopeless to do this alone . Should I just press on install updates in the F3 menu? Thanks for helping Adrn_
  5. I guess I'll have to give up playing tu6 then? I'll try downloading another version
  6. Hi!If I do that, the TU supposed to appear in the TU manager? Cause it doesn'tAdrn_ EDIT: I did that, after a reboot FSD shown it in TU Manager, I activated it, the SysLink still says TU0 TitleID MediaID 415608C3 05C7492A incase anyone would try it for me.
  7. Thanks for fast reply! Yes, I've seen those topics, I did what you said there also (Forgot to mention it, sorry). That didn't work either. I saw something about deleting the TUs in FSD/Data. Should I try that? Adrn_
  8. Hi! I'm using FSD3 (Great job guys, much love from Hungary) and my problem would be the following: When I go to COD:BOII in Games, I choose Title Updates, then I press Download TUs, it downloads them (pretty slowly tho, using wifi (~35kbps)), after that, I press to activate the latest (TU6), I enter the game to play multiplayer via System Link, but the SysLink panel shows me I have TU0. What I've tried so far: -Download TU6 manually, place it in Cache, and let FSD find it -> FSD didn't find it -Delete the complete Cache folder, download all TUs again -> Didn't work either -Activate TU5 -> Game still says TU0 Is it possible I have a wrong game version? Help is really appreciated, since on TU0 there's like 15-20 people only, and I'd like to play with the rest 160. Waiting for your helpful replies, Adrn_
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