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Found 22 results

  1. so I'm having this problem with link i can't find any game in the rooms ot in zombies or multiplayer even though they are full of players can someone help me with this thanks
  2. hi i want to re-sharing with you guys This trainer for Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Title Update #18 created by someone but the link was down so her i am re-upload the files (i also just copy what modytiger123 said about the instruction to use the files) modytiger123 instructions : It will let you use ALL CAMOS, ALL RETICLES and COLORED CLASSES NAMES. To run trainer simply copy this foldersomewhere to your Xbox360. You can use it from USB or HDD or even CD-DVD(Place doesn't matter). To run this trainer launch "START.xex" from thisfolder. After few seconds it will boot you back to your dash. To activate trainer in game you have to press: "BACK+DPAD_DOWN" for CAMOS MENU and"BACK+DPAD_UP" for RETICLES MENU. Instructions will be showed on screen for every single menu. Features: - You can setup any DLC camo for any class - You can setup any DLC reticle for any class - You can setup colors for your classes names To setup camo activate CAMOS MENU and put number of Class + number of Camo. Example: If you want "Graffiti" camo in Class 2 the code to type in trainer will be "204" To setup reticle activate RETICLES MENU and put number of Class + number of Reticle. Example: If you want "Graffiti" reticle in Class 1 the code to type in trainer will be "104" To setup color for your class name activate any menu and put number of Class + number of Color. Example: If you want your second class name to be in green color code to type in trainer will be "22" Important: Before you'll use the trainer to get colored classes names RENAME your class and put "11" at the beginning of your name. Example: If you want your class name to be "DESTROYER" rename it to "11DESTROYER" before using colors. There is one catch about reticles and camos. You can switch between them however you like (mix camos and reticles in any order) but only for classes 1,3 & 5. It's not possible for classes 2 & 4. That's why I decided to preset reticles with camos for classes 2 & 4. That means if you pick camo for class 2 or 4 it will come with preseted reticle (if you'll choose "Graffiti" camo it will setup "Graffiti" reticle) Only 4 camos don't have corelated reticles (Gold, Diamond, Elite Member and CE Digital). The rest of them have corelated reticles. Ofcourse you can setup any reticle for class 2 or 4 but keep in mind that it will change yourCamos in these classes. I'm sorry, but it has to be this way becausethat's how the game is developed and He don't have time now to bypass that in trainer. List of codes: Camos: 01 - Jungle Warfare 02 - Benjamins 03 - Dia De Los Muertos 04 - Graffiti 05 - Kawaii 06 - Party Rock 07 - Zombies 08 - Viper 09 - Bacon 10 - Ghosts 11 - Cyborg 12 - Dragon 13 - Aqua 14 - Breach 15 - Coyote 16 - Glam 17 - Rogue 18 - Pack-A-Punch 19 - Dead Man's Hand 20 - Beast 21 - Octane 22 - Weaponized 115 23 - UK Punk 24 - Paladin 25 - Comics 26 - Afterlife 27 - Advanced Warfare 28 - Gold 29 - Diamond 30 - Elite Member 31 - CE Digital Color Changer Camo removed by TreyArch since Title Update #17 Reticles: 01 - Jungle Warfare 02 - Benjamins 03 - Dia De Los Muertos 04 - Graffiti 05 - Kawaii 06 - Party Rock 07 - Zombies 08 - Viper 09 - Bacon 10 - Ghosts 11 - Cyborg 12 - Dragon 13 - Aqua 14 - Breach 15 - Coyote 16 - Glam 17 - Rogue 18 - Pack-A-Punch 19 - Dead Man's Hand 20 - Beast 21 - Octane 22 - Weaponized 115 23 - UK Punk 24 - Paladin 25 - Comics 26 - Afterlife 27 - Advanced Warfare Colors: 1 - Red 2 - Green 3 - Yellow 4 - Blue 5 - Light Blue 6 - Violet Please Like for more posts the P@ssw0rd for the RAR file is : zack47 back up Download Link : http://www.mediafire.com/file/valg7vvephit8g1/BO2_DLC.rar BO2 DLC.rar
  3. Hello everone, When i start up Call of duty Black ops 2 zombies and open Link it doesn't find any zombie players. Multiplayer works fine but zombies doesn't. And it's not that i am having bad luck at finding people because it happens everytime at different moments of the day and i even can't ever find anyone when i join a specific zombie lobby. Is there a way to fix this?
  4. Hello everyone, My Xbox 360 doesn't have a connection with Link or internet even though it worked perfectly fine yesterday. How can i fix this?
  5. So i was playing call of duty:black ops 2 when it said connection interrupted or something like that and it quit from the game (not from cod but like the game session) and when i tried loading system link again it just kept loading and didnt do anyithing else (sidenote:on user info it sais not available) i have latest TU and it passes all of the requierments when verifying link settings. Since it quit from that session it doesnt want to load. I am using aurora 0.6b most of the time but use 0.5b for system link. I have no idea whats causing this and i would like some help
  6. Hello, i have a problem with COD BO3 - xbox show me a xbox live message that I need an update of the game and join to Xbox Live ....FakeLive is disabled....Please help me ) with this thanks so much )
  7. How To Properly Install DLC For Call Of Duty Games 1. Put DLC/Compatibility Pack on Computer 2. Download LicenseCleaner (created by Swizzy) 3. Click on DLC file, Drag it onto the LicenseCLeaner exe and wait for the magic to happen 4. Delete the old DLC file (not the patched file) 5. Delete these letters from the name of the new DLC file "_patched" 6. Transfer the fixed DLC Back into the Proper Location on the xbox(content...002) using FTP, FlashDrive etc 7. Make Sure You Have The Most Recent Title Update Downloaded and Enabled! 8. If Needed Unlock DLC with xm360 etc 9. Personally I had to disable FAKELIVE in dashlaunch for TU3 to work on BO3. 10. Enjoy playing the game, zombies matches can only be joined while in lobby status. (use find lan game) Originally Posted by begallegal1 *************************************************************************** Some important info I have found so far in my testing... **************************************************************************** 1. The game must be launched by a "live" profile or it will error in the menu (you cannot switch to a live profile once in menu, error will occur) 2. You must have an active LOCAL network connected to the console (internet access is not required, I just tested this on a spare router) else you will get LAN connection error in menu. 3. Make sure your xbox kernal is updated, usually not required, but good idea to update if your behind. *This method should work with all call of duty games. add more tips and I will edit the tutorial... **I have attaced the LicenseCleaner Program LicenseCleaner.rar
  8. Hi guys !! i haave a problem with this game !! everthing it's okey : my msg problem is ........ :( what i will do ?
  9. CoD Black ops and went 3 for Xbox 360 RGH ?
  10. Hi guys, I have got a copy of the iMARS release and am having some troubles as a couple others in here. I have copied the Content data and unlocked them with xm360, the campaign works perfectly, when going into multiplayer mode i get the message: "The required content has been added to your active downloads. The content is free and is required to access mulitplayer". Then i am forced back into the Main Menu. I have copied the two Content files to: Content \ 0000000000000000 \ 41560914 \ 00000002 Unlocked them And have the Disk 2 contents in a God Container stored on my External HDD. I have tested without any TU's applied and with the latest Tu9. Same deal. Can anyone please advise? Regards, Scott
  11. Who you please hand me one mpdata AW hacked rgh I am free and I can not get clothes for my character
  12. camos trainer cod aw use only once CAMOS AW.rar
  13. hello guys, I wonder how they are sent title updates for xbox unity, for in you 8 cod aw this now with gun game so I'm anxious to play but tu8 for my mid id was not released and others you arrived fast, please tu8 cod aw
  14. Jhonatan Jhow

    COD AW

  15. hello! i have the newest TU (TU #15) and all the DLC. but i dont know whay when i enter a room on system link i cant see all the players/games when i press join game in COD Ghosts. i see some half the time but in the room its say that there is 20-30 players so whay i can't join them on the join game batton? thanks for the helpers!
  16. hello! i install this DLC for COD Ghosts: Onslaught Devastation Invasion Free Fall and i install 1 & 2 compatibility packs. and season pass. i see the maps but i can't access to the DLC weapons... how do i do that? thanks guys!
  17. Hello people from liNK, I would like to make a clan on call of duty ghosts/black ops 2/modern warfare 3 so we could be a team. plz contact me: kik: stenvl gmail: goodbetterbesttutorials@gmail.com
  18. First time I played on cod with LiNK normally, but on next day I couldn't. When I press join to a game room it says that I'm joined, but I don't appear in the room and it don't shows any games to join. PLEASE HELP
  19. Go to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX for modded lobbies on all call of dutys see the poll to see how many people say it is legit and check out the rent page for more info. thanks and enjoy
  20. Hi guys! Have a BIG Call of Duty Black ops 2 problem!When i try to join with mine another controller in Zombies, Multiplayer (Offline) i always getting instant Fatal Crash Intercepted and when Cod is closing. Who can help me?P.S Dashlaunch 3.06 no freezing but fatal crash intercepted, i can play perfect when im single, but cant play split-screen.
  21. Hello, I have recently been playing on LiNK and noticed that not all the lobbies which are available through this page: http://link.jqe360.com/ are visible on my Xbox. I can see the lobbies, but it says there are zero players. When I change my Xbox's selected lobby to those lobbies from my PC or Xbox I still am unable to see anyone else. Is the page just a little buggy or am I unable to play in those lobbies? Thanks for all your time! John
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