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  1. yes '-' https://gyazo.com/97bec89fd1369da823242b199ba225b3
  2. Hello I could help. When I run xmplayer , freezes on the loading screen, solutions?
  3. I have the game and it has the " lan " system link like call of duty black ops 2 online host 16 people choose , ride online maps, vehicles, and 2 split-screen http://marketplace.xbox.com/pt-br/Product/Guncraft-Blocked-and-Loaded/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d8025841143e
  4. hi everyone, I have a question link "NOVA" will have a better connection, for example Call of duty ghosts when there is a host of migrating all end up being turned off, the "NOVA" will it happen?
  5. hello everyone, I'm looking forward to dawn 0.5be like to know when will be released? thank you all
  6. it is possible to better link the servers ? How They Work? I have a fast internet but likewise Some players live with leag in my departure , the problem is with me ? if the problem with me WHAT I do?
  7. my mid is 4FA17C64
  8. hello guys, I wonder how they are sent title updates for xbox unity, for in you 8 cod aw this now with gun game so I'm anxious to play but tu8 for my mid id was not released and others you arrived fast, please tu8 cod aw
  9. thanks to all participating realmodscene and everyone that surfaced possible link you are genius. I have some suggestions to improve aurora is before before playing a game with system link I can see how many people are playing the game and so if you have not nobody playing I need not open the game and see it is a waste of time. See list of friends add delete, block. and able to see through the dawn screensshots and can delete. if we can send xbox files to the PC through the own aurora makes it easier. When we are playing and a friend comes online example we warned: "PLAYER" THIS ONLINE. And to improve the plugin can configure dawn to automatically enter one in fuller light rom never pass 32
  10. Friendship invitations all become better people would much rather link. conversations by xbox also makes it more amiable. Donations could be very large with it, something that can grow and link this sistem, invitations friends and Feedback
  11. these suggestions are very good, if added to the dawn become much easier. If we could see our own screenshots through the Auora makes it much easier
  12. know friends online through the dawn improve very own. just be very good even serving no
  13. I will first thank all of you for giving me a realmodscene online experience in a rgh console, My suggestion is to update the FSD / AURORA plugin to a new function, and this function will be, have a group where consseguimos communicate via hedset or Feedback from text. I hate communicate through the game or through skype, and much easier for me to communicate a more private place where only one person can hear. If it can do this thanks
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