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  1. Can someone give me a tutorial, how to update kernel to 16203?
  2. Using newest TU 7, but no im not on 16203.
  3. Hi guys! Have a BIG Call of Duty Black ops 2 problem!When i try to join with mine another controller in Zombies, Multiplayer (Offline) i always getting instant Fatal Crash Intercepted and when Cod is closing. Who can help me?P.S Dashlaunch 3.06 no freezing but fatal crash intercepted, i can play perfect when im single, but cant play split-screen.
  4. Just one question for now, did i correctly installing FSD? By deleting and insterting another.
  5. Now i will try to do this..EDIT: Yes its not loaded, but when i click Load nothing happening.
  6. Hi everyone.Today i decided to update xbox to Freestyle 3 rev735, this is how i did it:1. Connected mine Xbox and PC.2. *Steps in PC* I opened Xbox HDD/FSD and i deleted that that FSD folder.3. Downloaded F3 rev735 .4. Renemed folder to FSD.5. Copyed into HDD/Everything is good, but when i press Xbox Guide button where are no "messages", "friends", "System Link" and other LiNK stuff! I don't know what i did wrong, but maybe i f**ked everything by deleting fSD and inserting new...Sorry guys fo mine bad English, please somehow help me, ask if you understood something from mine problem, Thanks.
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