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Found 5 results

  1. join Discord and wait for free lobbys to happen DO NOT SPAM OR KEEP BEGGING YOU WILL GET REMOVED!!!!!! free lobbies and are hosted all the time stay tuned and keep an eye out for them. Discord- https://discord.gg/4dCEncwn
  2. Hello everyone, My Xbox 360 doesn't have a connection with Link or internet even though it worked perfectly fine yesterday. How can i fix this?
  3. NOW.. for the voice chat.. is a "LENGTHLY" process.. BUT is VERY possible.. Tools you will need: Velocity/LeFluffie xextool(comes with 360contentManager/iso2god/or you can find it elsewhere) TU EXTRACTED version of the game(GOD WILL NOT WORK) 1. Take Velocity/LeFluffie and extract the TU to a folder 2. Take the default_zm.xexp from TU, default_zm.xex from game, and finally xextool and copy them all to a DIFFERENT folder 3. open a command prompt(windows 7 and newer, just hold SHIFT+Right-Click mouse, and in the context menu, select "Open Command Prompt Here") 4. type this EXACTLY in command prompt: xextool -p default_zm.xexp default_zm.xex 5. it will run and tell you when it is done.. 6. copy the "new" default_zm.xex back into the "EXTRACTED TU" folder 7. take the "EXTRACTED TU" folder, and copy EVERYTHING into the "EXTRACTED GAME" folder, and select YES to replace files with the same name. 8. Copy this folder onto BOTH xbox's.. as it is needed for BOTH so you can voice chat.. 9. once you have copied both, open dashlaunch and cut on fakelive, then press B, B (until you reboot back to Aurora/FSD or whatever you have set.. this will make it a "temp" setting that will cut off until you reboot your xb's) 10. navigate to the folder on the xbox, and launch "default_zm.xex" directly either with aurora/FSD/xexmenu 11. once the game has booted, it will proceed to load as normal, when you press A, it will "attempt" to connect to BOPS3 servers, but will error out with a "ABC_____" (not the "EXACT" code as i cant remember it haha).. at this point, you will return to main screen, then you press A once again, then it will give the message "loading profile" and boot the ZOMBIES menu just fine.. once this is done on BOTH xbox's then on xb1 hit play and wait at the menu (change map/gobblegum/weapon kits menu) then on xb2, you select Find Lan game, and it WILL show the other systems game, and hit join.. you will be able to speak to each other on this menu (no red X on the mic's either) and then you progress as normal and play, and enjoy chatting all you like ;-) __ NOW like i said before, i haven't gotten voice to work on MULTIPLAYER(as i dont play it very much, even on my XB one version lol).. but with fakelike enabled, it will ENDLESSLY bring up the "ABC_____" error and NEVER boot into regular play menu.. EDIT: this method WILL work on LiNK, just BOTH people will need to do the samething, and launch from default_zm.xex me and static pulse did it to play a few rounds.. lol
  4. So who wants to play some bops3 zombies with me?? will be going to do the easter eggs in the maps.. and have a fun time doing so.. lol.. time/date to be decided when ever is agree'd upon
  5. Use this thread to talk to other link players about the game. No troubleshooting. Keep the post related to black ops 3 gameplay. Tips: *the latest title update has more players usually *You can only join a game in lobby status *Helpful to refresh in find lan game *Be patient if hosting or joining *Use the game timer to let other know your waiting for more players,ex; start game countdown 10 9 8 7 6 5 stop wait few seconds and repeat so others know your looking for more players Wanted to give a shout out to the 2 guys I played with today. Great game. System crashed when trying to add as friend. We were level 18 almost had all eggs complete, cept egg part! Bimbo_2015 and Carlos... good game! It's pretty hard to get going on zombies due to the fact that we can't communicate verbally or anything. Was fun to get shit done earlier tho. Helps to watch videos or read tuts before playing zombies so you know what to do. I actually used a trainer (God mode) to learn what I needed to do. Then online play is much easier!
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