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  1. Maybe write a little bad that my native language is Spanish . CoD Black Ops Game 3 is already available for download for the Xbox 360 console RGH / JTAG . If so please pass the link
  2. CoD Black ops and went 3 for Xbox 360 RGH ?
  3. that trainer you can pass me you would greatly appreciate it
  4. Who you please hand me one mpdata AW hacked rgh I am free and I can not get clothes for my character
  5. if it works for LiNK but be the host give me your Skype
  6. sorry if I offended in any of my comments but to have these weapons have to be the host It is practically editor cmr cmr friend this editor is in online this forum is used to help people and apologize for any offense
  7. I'm going to help that person I want to teach you how to do that and it's very easy just the tutorial is in Spanish
  8. That I know how gently place weapons cadet , Professional and elite and camouflages payment
  9. I 'm helping friend FREE I so like all bal -27 and AK12 and all payment camouflage friend talked in private for all TU more game modes such as gunplay and FREE I'm not joking friend sorry for the spelling because I am Hispanic
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