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  1. Do they work on your pc? Did you activate any of the accounts? (Via the link sent to your e-mail)
  2. It has to do with using newer versions of GCC... i think you need 4.7 or older to actually compile the toolchain properly... I created a VM image back when i was actively working on the project, it can be found here: https://mega.nz/#!3k4UFayA!CDkEvw_vwntt2xdPvJTWsyKzi80dgj67WelkfPZadD4 the username/password is likely "libxenon", but it might be something else...
  3. Because Destiny is a online only game, you can't play it without a real connection... the game is essentially one half of the client only (it renders what you see and handle your inputs, the game itself runs on the server tho)
  4. Could be as simple as deleting the file in the plugins folder, it's worked in the past with similar issues
  5. You'd use IDA Pro to read how the default.xex runs, and from there you might find that some of these "zip" files may contain code aswell that gets executed (but runs in a different format then the XEX)
  6. You can record video and gameplay audio using xbmovie (or atleast i think you can get the gameplay audio with it) however, it doesn't really work all that well... Dedicated hardware (capture card) is really the way to go to get the ultimate experience
  7. The advantage with a console is that you KNOW games will just run, they won't crash because of your antivirus/drivers, and it'll run the same for everyone (unlike on PC where different hardware specs may give you an advantage over others and vice versa or drivers causing the game to crash, even antivirus software does this)
  8. It's likely a problem with the game being unable to read a file that iy needs, possibly due to connectX being kinda slow... this results in the console having a fatal crash, your dashlaunch settings are probably setup to shutdown the console in the event of a fatal crash...
  9. Sounds more like a issue with the bootanim.xex plugin if it's only happening when you believe the FSD plugin is loaded first, or are you loading that with Dashlaunch? Aurora loads the FSD Plugin otherwise during startup, it's not a separate entity unless you explicitly did that yourself which is the wrong way of loading it...
  10. You didn't search enough... and no need to be all pissy about not being spoon fed answers
  11. Might be something i implement as a PC tool (similar to my Asset Editor or possibly even as a feature within it) rather then on console, or something that gets implemented as a utility scripts, it's not likely to be added as a specific Aurora feature...
  12. The .assets files contain only the image data, therefor you can't get all of it from there... however... we can probably make exporting features for you that lets you export a Aurora assets to the Asset Importer format/structure
  13. hddalive only stops the drive from turning itself off when not in use, while playing a game or running Aurora the HDD shouldn't really be anywhere near inactive to have this issue (it's done by simply overwriting the file at the specified interval)
  14. Depends on the game, a game with many small files take a long time to rip to XEX and is fast as GOD while a game with few large files may be faster as XEX then GOD
  15. Less files in some cases, some games may or may not work in XEX format due to long filenames/pathnames, but in general all games work as GOD to some degree, installers don't work in either format usually