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  1. RHG 2 ok but with NO Xell anywhere

    It was due to the settings sent to xeBuild most likely, 1BL key would make things not work at all if it was incorrect... There are other options for launching XeLL other then eject, such as GUIDE on a wired controller... (in the back port)
  2. hi swizzy


    what is the best settings for behavior in dash launch ?

    1. Swizzy


      Not sure what you mean? Personally i just use defaults...

  3. Sounds like a problem with your dashlaunch plugins or the kernel patches
  4. RGH cant find my tools on pc

    We do not offer support for cheaters that wish to be on Xbox LIVE, go somewhere else...
  5. (unofficial) xeBuildGUI V3.0

    Note: This is NOT an official update from me, it's BenMitnicK's work...
  6. 4gb corona v2 qsb question

    You must also have the console connected to the PSU (power supply), you should however NOT have the console on, just powered...
  7. create stock nand?

    LDV is per-console, it's in the fuses and can be found using XeLL... it's dependent on the number of updates you've done on the console, not the actual version you're on...
  8. Xell problem corona

    You need to create a ECC image which supports Winbond RAM
  9. create stock nand?

    you merely need to take your retail image, change ldv to +1 from current and select to build retail... You do also need to specify what tool you're using for the build process...
  10. LIVE

    Short answer: You don't Long answer: We don't support it here, and you need to learn NOT to use all caps, and how to be patient
  11. You would put a wire between FT3T10 and the pad underneath the x-clamp, i do recommend that you leave it to someone that has a bit more experience with soldering tho, and to clean up the pads around R4P4/R4P5, it looks like the resistor might be shorted in that one... same with the cap near it, and the pads that are actually for R4P4 are almost connected, they're not supposed to be...
  12. Few things about the new Site.

    That's of course not counting the amount of people downloading covers, TU's and looking at the unity site...
  13. Burning homebrew to dvd?

    You should also be able to use a Data CD... only real requirements are: that all data fits, that the homebrew in question supports it (doesn't need to write to game:\) and that the main executable is named "default.xex" and is located in the root of the disc...
  14. Emulators On Xbox One (Dev Mode)

    Most emulators are years in the making, MANY hours spent reversing the hardware for old systems and software running on said hardware to then emulate the properties/functions... Sadly, these days, the people that spent all those hours aren't the ones getting any of this...
  15. R-JTAG - Did I fry it?

    0022, that sounds familiar as being a problem with the resistor(s) near CPU_PLL_BYPASS, check that there are no bridges there