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  1. 0022, that sounds familiar as being a problem with the resistor(s) near CPU_PLL_BYPASS, check that there are no bridges there
  2. It shouldn't no... but, it's been a while since i worked with Xbox 360's, so my memory might be wrong...
  3. Sounds like you potentially spilled some solder somewhere
  4. There's little to no point in developing such a app for android, XGD2/3 are Xbox 360 specific, they're somewhat similar to ISO-9660 iso's, but with a different offset for the root filetable... There are plenty of these tools available for windows, mac and linux tho... Exiso is one such example
  5. "502 Bad Gateway" means the connection to the internal server isn't working as it's supposed to, which is basically due to the SQL database which is under heavy load (more then the current server can handle at times), the SQL Server feed both the forum and LiNK, LiNK users often feel entitled to just hammer the server when they can't connect (they'll attempt to force their way in which ultimately results in a worse experience for everyone else)
  6. Doesn't let you change names, description etc. all it does is let you change the image data (covers, icons, banners)
  7. They contain the DLC name, but, given the ID, the name of the game could be looked up aswell (the TitleID the DLC is for is in the DLC package)
  8. It shouldn't be too difficult...
  9. That's because it's not possible... why are you even connecting it like that?! If anything you have to configure your computer to act as a bridge, not a secondary router
  10. Just because it wasn't published for everyone to see doesn't mean he didn't share it with his friends in the scene, for example i already knew about this before this post was made, and i don't know dave, a friend of mine mentioned how i could get hold of my savegames... originally the filemanager wasn't even available without a hack itself... Besides, with news coming out that there are exploits that don't require you to be a rocket scientist even if patched already means those that feel like they have nothing to come with might try stupid ideas they might have which in the end may prove to be exactly what we need...
  11. That's exactly what it means, and it's a way for hackers to stay "safe", disclosing information about exploits to the public before the company has been notified and given a chance to fix it means the hacker that found the exploit can be held responsible for damage caused by the exploit...
  12. It'd be doable with that, there would need to be a database on your local machine tho... (unless we make it read the information from the file itself, we can do that aswell)
  13. Isn't that DLC for the Walking Dead game? if so, it needs to be in the appropriate folder, in the appropriate folder structure with the appropriate name (not the name of the game, but a hash of sorts)
  14. You would need the original ISO if you'd be planning on using it with iXtreme (flashed DVDDrive) otherwise you'd need the launcher XEX (the one that's useless for you right now)
  15. Yes, and no, it would make no difference for TU's... the TU's are applied to the default.xex inside of the XBLA package