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  1. The VM image i provided largely contain defaults for everything, security wasn't something i cared about when i made it as it was something i only used when working on libxenon stuff... and since it was a virtual machine very little damage could be done if somehow someone got into it while i had it running without me noticing...
  2. Which are the ones available on gxarena, just more versions then just the latest, the su only one is a link to just the su file inside of the update zip archive
  3. Or you can just tell grub to dump you into a recovery terminal... with that you can just use passwd instead of going the manual way
  4. 1 thread is quite enough thank you... Which script are you talking about? the only one i remember writing is for removing titles from the database which are no longer present on your devices, and this script should work regardless of where you have Aurora installed and should also work with any configured path for games...
  5. It means it failed to save parts of your data on that offset, which probably means you ran out of memory on the USB device you used to dump your nand... try another memory... Also, a single thread is enough
  6. Yes, it's because you have the FSD Plugin setup with "Start + Back" as the screenshot combination... either unload the FSD Plugin or change the screenshot combo
  7. You're probably blocking outbound connections, make sure they're allowed on the ports
  8. It's a known bug caused by a server problem with gxarena, i haven't really brought it up with OVH yet, but essentially they're blocking unknown clients
  9. Nope, it hasn't been fixed, it's simply been restricted... that's not fixing his username visuals
  10. You really shouldn't post your settings.db publicly, especially not if you've setup LiNK, my best guess without looking at the log is that you're scanning a XBE file? There should also be a stacktrace alongside the crash log that helps narrow down the issue
  11. Disable your antivirus software, it could potentially be corrupting the data...
  12. Nope, it's only supported using Xbox 360 HDD's (slim, or phat don't matter)
  13. Sadly, i'm the wrong administrator to talk to, i've added one to the conversation which can help you tho...
  14. Sadly, no, and chances are low that it'll happen as we're looking into possibly moving to a new forum suite
  15. Try unloading the FSD Plugin, that may solve your problem