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  1. The only way to do that is to hack into Microsofts software systems and grabbing whatever they used there... even so, we wouldn't even tell you how to do it if we had tools of our own that could do it as the only reason you're looking for this is to either play on Xbox Live without buying KV's of others, or to make money off of selling them to others
  2. We did a server upgrade which made the old version of the forum incompatible, as a result we had to update to the new version which the old skin isn't compatible with...
  3. Of course they are set software side... but... it's not just change the value - presto, it may be issues with the framework(s) used and other things... i'm not sure exactly where the issue is, but... it's been brought up in the past...
  4. 1 thread is enough thanks!
  5. No, because xell effectively reboots the console... when you do that, you lose the data... nothing is maintained in memory when libxenon software boots on your console
  6. Depends on your router, google for "port forward" and your router name/make/model... It can be done using utility scripts already...
  7. Yes, this is possible... Mupen64-360 is a libxenon homebrew, it can't even use the romlaunch feature of Aurora... Other then that, not sure... some emus may have autoboot a specific filename
  8. It will likely never be possible, unless you make a folder for each rom and have the emu autoboot said rom...
  9. It means XeLL Crashed, you need to have the full elf made during the compilation to tell exactly where it crashed and why... Most of these are caused by USB memory sticks etc. so try removing those, try removing anything you don't need... http://forum.homebrew-connection.org/index.php?topic=144.0 <--- you can find it here
  10. What´s going on with System Link? I can´t seem to find about this thread

    1. Swizzy


      We're working on it, incase you didn't notice the whole site has changed completely...

  11. You are not using the installer from these versions, you're using a older installer... also, posting your question ONCE is quite enough
  12. It gets the name from xbox.com normally actually
  13. English please?
  14. It's something with the exact timings