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  1. You did by calling all of us rude and whatnot, also, NOVA is NOT dead... we haven't forgotten about Xbox 360... If you don't like us here, feel free to find some other site to visit!
  2. Microsoft aren't leaking them, someone else is leaking them...
  3. http://xebuildtut.xeupd.com it's pretty easy to memorize, "xebuild tut dot xeupd dot com", the hardest part is my domain name i guess, it was meant for "xebuild update" kind of thing
  4. { "time" : "16:27:15.382", "thread" : "0xF9000008", "type" : "error", "filter" : "PasteFileOperation", "message" : "Error: 1117. Failed to copy Dvd:\\sfx\\audio_misc.rpf to Hdd1:\\Games\\GTA 5\\sfx\\audio_misc.rpf" } The above line is what tells you what the error is/was which essentially points to a temporary I/O error, quite often it's caused by a scratch on the the disc or a bad laser
  5. Np, glad you got it sorted It was probably the writing that failed, just, windows didn't know it as there is no verification done beyond what the MMC controller responds with, which was probably that it was a success despite the data being partially mangled somewhere (most likely the write address) which would explain it all... When i checked your dumps you sent me, i only really checked the per-console data, the really important one (fully that is) the other checks i did was to check that the filesystem looked to be OK and that stuff looked to be where they're supposed to be, but i didn't go into nitty gritty detail to check the hashes of the files within the nand etc.
  6. That dashboard is actually very old now... It's atleast 3½ years old...
  7. The video was made on a XDK, not a Retail console, that's why Dashlaunch isn't active and why you see "Xbox Home", the plugin isn't overriding the HUD...
  8. Probably what you need to do is install that R/W kit properly then write a clean image properly... You can send me your Dump + CPUKey and i can tell you what's OK and not within it and/or make a image for you that'll work for your console...
  9. You must've been downloading the source rather then the binary release, the binary release is built as a XDK application (meaning it has a default.xex) download this link: https://mega.nz/#!605FnC6L!NMhKiaTTt_0Nc9zkFgZaPQqTDvsNjlv4Z9iUflgWOw4
  10. You can format your memory devices without them breaking or your jtag somehow stopping to work yes (as long as it doesn't have RGLoader) Doing this however will remove the HDDS of a retail Xbox 360 HDD meaning it will no longer work on a non-JTAG/RGH console
  11. Do a manual update instead, using the method described here: http://xebuildtut.xeupd.com Make sure you read all the instructions... not sure if you have a 16MB or 4GB corona, 4GB Corona's are a little bit special with this method, but they're described there aswell...
  12. The VM image i provided largely contain defaults for everything, security wasn't something i cared about when i made it as it was something i only used when working on libxenon stuff... and since it was a virtual machine very little damage could be done if somehow someone got into it while i had it running without me noticing...
  13. Which are the ones available on gxarena, just more versions then just the latest, the su only one is a link to just the su file inside of the update zip archive
  14. Or you can just tell grub to dump you into a recovery terminal... with that you can just use passwd instead of going the manual way
  15. 1 thread is quite enough thank you... Which script are you talking about? the only one i remember writing is for removing titles from the database which are no longer present on your devices, and this script should work regardless of where you have Aurora installed and should also work with any configured path for games...