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  1. the 0.6 Translation is about 90% ready from ages but i was cought in life and did not finish it, once 0.7B released i well try my best to translate it, if not i may be able to finish the 0.6 translatION IN A WEEK OR SO
  2. Hi All; i am Happy to announce the Arabic Localization for the Latest Aurora 0.5b, This release was tested by My friend Ali Khayat from Iraq, and here is The video of it in action (support His Youtube Channel, it has a lot of useful info for you) And here is the Link for Arabic Language: Aurora 0.5B Arabic Language.rar Thank You All for the Support and to my Friend Sakka for his translation and tool to support R2L languages. if you find any issue with the Translation, feel free to contact me
  3. Arabic Language for the latest 0.5b will be available soon, it is almost ready
  4. Great Work Bro, Thanx I am really happy to be part of this release and Thank you Swizzy for your support, it is really looks nice and other Revisions are expected for the Arabic Language
  5. no hurry Buddy as long as i know it will be added
  6. Great i see you added the Luanch DVD option any chance for RTL Languages?
  7. i will make sample translation for the main interface and find the font i used before if i did not deleted it, thanx swizzy
  8. the thing is Arabic letters are attached to each others, someone before sent me a Skin for FS3 with arabic but we needed to change the font also. i will check and see if it works, also Arabic language is universal and it is one language for all Arabic speaking people, so one flag will do
  9. Hi Swizzy do you think Arabic Language can be imported easily?
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