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Found 65 results

  1. Installing and using FSD3 and Aurora at same time. Does this make complications or is it working fine ? Is a Database (Savegame) integration from FSD3 / FSD2 to Aurora in the future a added feature ?
  2. hi there, i hope someone wlil help me, i am using fsd 775 and i set skin metro, every time i reboot the console it gets back to default. how can i solve this?
  3. Hi. I've been using FSD for a while now, but have recently made a switch to Aurora (which looks great by the way!) but I am having trouble with cover downloading. Covers are downloading alright, but some are refusing to appear, even though I have managed to auto-download them on FSD with no trouble. An example of this is Football Genius. Cover downloads fine on FSD, but on Aurora it remains blank. Synopsis does get populated though. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong, or if I can manually add covers to these titles? ~ Chris.
  4. Hi, Few days ago i reanimated my Xbox, change 3.5' hdd to working one and reinstalall the stuff. FSD 3rev775, dashboard 17150, avatar update, dashlaunch 3.14, xexmenu. It's working, but i have few problems, mostly witch internet. How it looks. When i installed fsd 3rev735, it couldn't download update info and connect to LINK, but game covers an TU worked. I had covers, fsd said there is no TU for BlazBlue and my router was telling me that (which is my Xbox IP addres) was downloading things. Then, i updated Dashboard to 17150 with my 3.5' hdd unplugged. After that, i tested internet connection through NXE, and it connected to the internet (i stop the test before connecting to xbox live, so i hope i'm not banned). After plugging HDD and starting FSD, i could not more pass the NXE connection test. So i think this is good. Xbox have internet connection, but FSD blocked it to prevent banning my console. In FSD things looks the same as before. I can download cover for BlazBlue, check TU, but not download the update info, nor connect to LINK. I have uPnP and DMZ enabled in my router, integrate xbox mac adres with IP, forwarded 3071, 3072 and all other xbox live ports to 3071, 3072 and all others xbox live ports. On xbox i have set everything to automatic, cause when i set up something manual it stops working. My DNS servers are (my router IP). In dashlaunch i tried few network settings combinatios (even ublocking Xbox DNS) and no one were working. I and the internet are out of ideas, so i'm asking you for help. I have Huwaei CPE B593 LTE router. Second thing. I really like weather add-on, but i can't force it to work. I found that normally is not working cause some shit with WorldWeather, but you can change original fsd Api key with your Api key. It should be somewhere in default.xex from fsd, but i encrypted it, open with hex editor and could't find it. Could someone help me with that? And to straight things, fsd weather should works like: 1. Go to worldweather, sign up and get you free api key. With out any information about you location, town or place you want to check weather. 2. In fsd weather setting menu, type you Api key in api key place, then write your town and press check. 3. Now, fsd should find your town, and weather and everyone should be happy. Am I right? Now the content paths problem. I set up them in menu, assigning xbox 360 with xbox 360 folder, homebrew with homebrew folder and so one. And now my fsd is finding snes360 (which is in emulator folder) in homebrew tab. And i don't know why. Maybe is the depth scan problem. I set it to 5, cause on 2 fsd could not find dashlaunch, but i don't know how depth is working, and can't simply undo changes. Could someone help me with this or explain how it works? (i assume that depth level say how much folders in folders should fsd check for xex files, but i'm not sure). I will be thankful for any help with any of this things. I think i will post few more problems in future, cause i like when everything is working, even if i'm not really using it
  5. SkyDucky

    Minecraft issue?

    So, I recently have been having trouble. Maybe its my dash, but I just updated and everything. I can't get the newest title update. By that I mean I have the "pre-release" of Title update "19" (which is actually 22 or 23) it has none of the new features, just the space for them there. which was the update before hand. Any help with this? Am I the only one???
  6. XBOX Slim Trinity Dashboard : 2.0.16547, latest Xebuild and Dashlaunch (through Jrunner). FSD F3 rev775. Have now encountered this behaviour on 3 Trinity XBOXes (2 at my shop, one at a colleague's). Symptom : after glitching the XBOX (using latest jrunner) and flashing Xebuild nand everything works fine. Can go into Xell and shut it off with power button, no problem. Can get into Xebuild dash (2.0.16547) and all is well as well, can shut it off with power button without problems. Then FSD is put onto the internal HDD. Once rebooted FSD is entered without problems, can play for hours, XBLA, full games, the works. When it's time to shut it off, it doesn't matter if it's done via a push on the actual poweroff button or via the menu, the XBOX will keep its fan going and the green led on the powerbutton will keep pulsing. This will go on forever, even after 45 minutes. I know there is a cooldown period but this is usually around 10-30 seconds. This is not a fluke. It happens EVERY time when the XBOX is turned off (or at least when that is attempted). Only remedy is to tap the power button twice and then keep it pressed until the XBOX turns off (actually a forced shutdown). Apart from this not being a fluke in this particular XBOX, it can be reproduced with every Trinity I get here (or at the colleagues site). Fun fact, when FSD is removed from the HDD the shutdown procedure works as it should. Have tried the following : - reflash with the same updflash.bin (via Xell AND via SPI programmer) : no luck - create clean nand in jrunner to rule out smc config problems, then use that as basis to create new Xebuild version. Flash that to the xbox : no luck - run FSD from USB : no luck Things to be noted : - there were no bad blocks - it never happens with Corona motherboards - I don't recall this happening on dashboards < 2.0.16537 - It's not just me. It's no installation error. Everything works fine as long as FSD is not installed. Hope someone can acknowledge this behaviour and/or even offer a fix for it, because this is extremely annoying.
  7. hi i'm need help. i have a problem with the aurora and freestyle (fsd) my xbox updated to 16747 and dashlaunch 3.12 and everytime i want to play in the systemlink\unity with multiplayer after three or four minutes i don't found any rooms or people. and more problem if i want to update any games the games start update any stopped after a few seconds what should i do??
  8. Hi, I understand that this question may already have posted and answered several times already. Unfortunately, I can not find the answer that will fix my problem. My system is on F3, RGH. Before, my console's time and date automatically updates whenever I hook up to LAN. I then encountered a fatal crash error several weeks back and now I never get it to auto update. I am sure I'm hooked up to the internet since game covers for my new downloads automatically updates. Please help me figure out what's wrong and how to fix this..
  9. hi all i just installed FSD 3.0 and it`s nice and much sleaker then the 2.2 but i found this issue that every time i start the console i got this welcome screen and for me , my xbox is still under warranty , and the previous owner asked me not to install any kind of update until i ask him .LOL but i installed it and it`s nice so how can i remove this welcome screen ? tq
  10. Hi! I'm using FSD3 (Great job guys, much love from Hungary) and my problem would be the following: When I go to COD:BOII in Games, I choose Title Updates, then I press Download TUs, it downloads them (pretty slowly tho, using wifi (~35kbps)), after that, I press to activate the latest (TU6), I enter the game to play multiplayer via System Link, but the SysLink panel shows me I have TU0. What I've tried so far: -Download TU6 manually, place it in Cache, and let FSD find it -> FSD didn't find it -Delete the complete Cache folder, download all TUs again -> Didn't work either -Activate TU5 -> Game still says TU0 Is it possible I have a wrong game version? Help is really appreciated, since on TU0 there's like 15-20 people only, and I'd like to play with the rest 160. Waiting for your helpful replies, Adrn_
  11. Cycle - The Minimalistic Skin early mock-up from my new project - based on an unreleased xbmc skin XBMC Skin
  12. 1)Go here http://covers.jqe360.com/ 2)register 3)add login info to FSD in settings 4) Enable Custom Cover Downloading 5)search for cover you want on http://covers.jqe360.com/ 6)press Install to Xbox 7)reboot xbox or just restart fsd and cover will be downloaded
  13. Guest

    DNS problem , official Dashboard

    Hello , i just unistalled fsd from my xbox (cause it was regulary freezing ) I deleted everything on my inner Hdd1. Then i tried to connect to xbox live (i never done that before ) and when it tests connection to internet , it shows a DNS problem ... Is it an FSD issue ? Or smth else ? Can somebody help me ? (sorry for bad english)
  14. Hi there, I've ripped my games "hunted the demons forge" & "Tomb Raider (2013)" for my rgh slim. For any reason both games starting in french. My box is configured to be english, great britain (I'm in germany, but I don't like german translated games due to the quality of translation). Even if I change settings to german/ germany the games are staying french. All of my other games are starting with english language (or german if I change setting). The first screen of Hunted (the Bethesda disclaimer) loads in english and after 2 or 3 seconds it switches to french... Can anyone help me out here? Is it possible to "tell" fsd a start configuration for each game? Best regards Rashka
  15. BJONESH03x

    LiNK Issues

    Hey I'm really new to the RGH thing just did my first one set everything up (dash launch, xex menu, fsd, and so fourth) and I got around to setting up the internet portion for LiNK, did the port forwarding and all the jargon, passes both UDP and TCP on both ports (3071, 3072) setup and linked my RGH with JQE360 (passed) Ping patch is enabled DevLink is disabled, I can download cover art, get weather updates, however when i go into a game like Modern Warfare 2 or Ghosts and go to the System Link Menu it comes up but shows zero users, i get an error when trying to make a private room, and on the last tab under user all the information there is blank, any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  16. Personally, I would like to help, I have a problem some time in my FSD and can not solve. What happens is that when you have no connection to the internet, is there no cover on top of the game and the game is extremely slow without the ability to play, sometimes even locking the FSD. However, when I connect a LAN cable, everything returns to normal, function normally. And the more bizarre still is that everything is slow again when I use WIFI to connect the XBOX. Is there any explanation for this? I use the FSD 3.0 rev 775.
  17. Hello all. I have a falcon rgh 2 xbox (with latets kernel ,fsd etc) and i will change my 60gb hdd to 250gb hdd. I want to ask 1)If i copy the folder with my gameaccount,savegmaes,dlc's,tu to pc with the program content manager and then with the same program open and paste it to the new hdd if it will work? 2) Do i have to copy the flash,hddx folders from the old hdd to the new one? Thank you in advance
  18. Hello everybody! I have been reading and trying to understand how to work out my problem for months but i should have made a post on a forum from the beginning; I'm useless with these thing. Please HELP if you can! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I have an Xbox 360 and I've been running Freestyle Dash 3 for about a year without a problem. I live in a remote location and it is my only source of entertainment when its raining. I paid for someone to install FSD (Freestyle Dash 3.0) on my 1TB Seagate HD and I was able to download new games and convert them from their iso file and then put them on my external hd. I could play them when I started my xbox with this external hd plugged into the front usb. it was a simple thing but my External HD somehow just died (overheated maybe..) and I'm now left with a useless machine. I now have a brand new 1TB external HD and I would like to just reinstall this FSD (Freestyle Dash 3.0) system again and start playing some of these video games! I have no clue what xex menu is, I've read into it, but it seems like everything I read is too complicated for me. I read alot of things about connecting my xbox to my computer and things like that but I run off of a generator and there is only wifi in the town centre. The guy who set me up originally did it so quickly, I just don't want to travel back to the city again and pay for the service.. If someone can give me an easy to understand step by step instruction of what to do, I would be greatly appreciative. I have the freestyle.iso on my computer.. I can download things that I need. I just don't have a clue what to do! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have a macbook pro and I can boot into Windows 7 and OSX, so steps in either operating system are appreciated! My Xbox 360 is as it was before the external HD crashed, so I shouldn't have to do anything with it.. Kind regards, J
  19. My games description shows "Not Available" When i tried to Refresh Artwork Its automatic right? Though i know about the FSD UI, i dont use it It's because i cant connect my computer and xbox Need Alternatives Please
  20. Hey guys, maybe one or the other user knows my nickname from 360hacks.de. But this isn't the topic.... I developed a tool named FSB about 1 moth ago and released it on 360hacks.de With this tool everyone can creat easily your own skins... Until now the tool hasn't english support and now it has it . Requirement: Net Framework 3.5 changelog: v4.0 Full changelog (with the old versions) is in the rar package. Current versions tested on: -Win 8 Pro 32 Bit -Win 7 Home Premium 64 Bit -Win 7 Ultimate 64 Bit -Win 7 Ultimate 32 Bit -Win XP Pro Sp3 32 Bit Bugs: -no bugs(I think...) if you find a bug please tell me about it feedback is desired FSB GUI 4.0.rar
  21. i have a (i believe) problem where i am unable to rip discs after repeated attempts. they simply fail at 0% or whatever other percentage, but when i play them frmo the disc itself, they play fine. the disc surface looks clean and undamaged. i don't know if it is even a problem but wanted to throw it out there for people who may have similar issues, and hopefully a solution.
  22. I am trying to copy the FSD folder to my internal storage via xexmenu but I am failing to do so. I have 4 GB Jtaged with dashboard 2.0.16202.0 HDD0 does not shows up in xexmenu, only usb and the flash memory is visible. I never installed FSD on it before. I tried doing through FTP, but couldn't because the software named WS_FTP LE does not shows HDD0 even. I also tried putting the installation file of FSD through horizon. I copied the file through storage, just the way we install xexmenu, but then again during installation it fails because it does not detect the HDD to be installed in.
  23. Hey community, i'm new here and glad to be here great forum ! I have found it at my way to update my FreestyleDash. I had version 2.2, a friend has made me my JTAG Box. Now, i have updated my Xbox to Version 3 rev735 and as good as anything works. I have not used DLC until now. I have read a many tutorials and i think i have done all right... There are two DLC for MetalGearSolid Rising. There are unlocked and region free. The game and DLC. The game has the newest TU, downloaded in the F3. And it is active. I have try to download it manually but it has not changed. This is the directory where the DLC's are: "OnBoardMUContent00000000000000004B4E080A00000002" I must have done something wrong, but i dont know what. I hope anything else can help me. greetings
  24. I was wondering does FSD(RGHed Xbox) support hdd with NTFS file system? I only have one HDD and so I am unable to experiment with that. Can someone share some insight...
  25. Hi Guys. I've a young one who adores her xbox 360, particular the Simpsons Game (360 version and the xb orginals + M\Craft). We have all orginal copies but with a Free60 all the games are backed up on her xbox console. No hassle of swapping Disc. Shes not a fan of the forced Dashboard update (metro), I know I can take it back to NXE but that means her fav game "M/Craft" wont work. I'm going to get her used to Freestyle Dash (Thats the plan), but the settings button, can that be removed, hidden or even locked. We all know what kids are like, Don't touch settings, first hing they do, settings... I wouldnt have a problem her playing in the settings only it has one downside.. Fan Control. The only protection I can think of for her to use FSD is to child lock the "Settings" button. Any ideas, thanks
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