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  1. thanx for all above i have deleted the games from the physical HD but they are still there in FSD games list so how to reomve these games becoz i wish there was some option like delete all games xbla etc........... tq
  2. hi all first of all , thanx to all of this great forum and the legendary FSD team...i got a small question , hope u can help me i am using FSD since since abt more than a year , and all over this year, i have installed & deleted hundreds of ISO Xbox 360 games and thousands of XBLA & indie games...therefore my games list is of astrononomical number e.g. in indie i got a list of 1000 games while xbla abt 200 games and most of them are been deleted manually from the HD so can u help me , how to reset my games list so it can be restored like a fresh install ( zero games ) tq
  3. bro thanx for input the problem is that my internet is like this i only got a LAN spot , that i can use a LAN cable to link to my PC & xbox i have no control over the IPs or other stuff any idea ??t tq
  4. hi all thanx in advance for this nice release i have done all the things that u asked for i updated my dashboard & FSD and when i try to test , i got this any idea tq
  5. bro where i can find this file SysExt: folder thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  6. help after update my xbox stuck here http://40.76.my/Malaysia/tutorial-xbox-360-repair-manual-trader1-0901-14-trader1@12.jpg
  7. Hi all Just a question How to customize background in fsd 3.0 like a want a picture of my own and not from provided pix . Tx
  8. Hahahaahahhahah I mean xbox I was having a drink while typing Thx
  9. for me FSD is the best apps i ever install in ps3 i like it to be like fsd 2.2 without welcome screen that`s all
  10. such a genius yeah i know that , i have no warranty since morethan 2 years sigh........
  11. hi all i just installed FSD 3.0 and it`s nice and much sleaker then the 2.2 but i found this issue that every time i start the console i got this welcome screen and for me , my xbox is still under warranty , and the previous owner asked me not to install any kind of update until i ask him .LOL but i installed it and it`s nice so how can i remove this welcome screen ? tq
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