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  1. If you are really struggling to get this working, I can sort it out for you (I live in the North West, so you would need to post the console to me). Send me a PM If you are interested.
  2. I don't think XBLS is supported here. This is probably the reason why XeBuild 1.13 was delayed - it wasn't designed to help people like you run XBLS.
  3. OMG - I feel like a douche right now lol. Thank you for pointing that out Swizzy and I apologise to the OP for my mistake. It was just a blip, honest .
  4. Let me try and decipher what you are asking. Do you want to run a 16537 game on a 16747 kernel? I don't think it is possible (at least not without some modifications to the XEX). If the game was compiled using the 16537 SDK, there isn't much chance of it running on a lower kernel.
  5. Have you actually installed DashLaunch?
  6. BL4K3Y

    Dashlaunch 3.12

    You shouldn't see that on a normal JTAG/RGH console. This version of DashLaunch was designed to be compatible with kernel version 16747. DashLaunch won't work on a dev kit, so if you are using a dev kit with 16747, that's why you are getting an error.
  7. You can modify the XBE to change things like the game's title, ID, region, etc.
  8. Set the Default line to UsbMu:\. It sounds like you have formatted the USB stick with the console to create an XBOX 360 storage device (USB Memory Unit).
  9. Older iXtreme/LT firmware won't boot XGD3 discs. I know plenty a few people who use LT firmware to play legal backups (they make 0800 rips and patch them with ABGX).
  10. What if he wants to play on XBOX Live with his legal backups?
  11. The tutorial can also be found in the JungleFlasher download (look in the Documentation folder). You will need to use a PMT (Pogo Mo Thoin) or a Probe 3 to extract the drive key/Dummy.bin from your drive.
  12. BL4K3Y

    Nand-X Drivers

    If you can solder, the rest is easy. Swizzy and others have written comprehensive tutorials which are very easy to follow .
  13. Has BT got NAT restrictions in place? Have you tried manually port forwarding? I'm with TalkTalk broadband and I can use LiNK without any problems.
  14. An XBOX 360 DVD-ROM reads at 12x speed as far as I know, but older firmwares had the option to change the read speed (ix1.6 - ix1.61 if I recall). However, an older firmware will not boot XGD3 originals or backups, so this isn't really an option. A hard drive will have much quicker load times than reading from a disc and since you have an RGH console, you have the option to install games to a hard drive and play without the discs.
  15. BL4K3Y


    Your best option is to find someone who can pull the component from a slim motherboard. I think that component is an inductor of some sort.
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