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  1. Hi. Is there a public API for xboxunity.net?
  2. Hi. I'm interested in learning about the various folders and files you can find on an Xbox hard disk, in particular those in the Cache folder. I know that the files starting TU are title updates, but there are also files starting GT, TT, XT, and TK, among others. The TK files are usually 2788 bytes. Has anyone analysed these different files and what they might be storing?
  3. Hi. If I visit https://xboxunity.net (note the S) rather than http://xboxunity.net I get warnings from my browser saying that the certificate is not valid (it's only valid for realmodscene.com). Can you give xboxunity.net its own certificate?
  4. Regarding the profile chooser that can be set to open on startup, it would be great if it could remember the last profile that was chosen and place the cursor there. This would be like the Nintendo Switch profile picker.
  5. Thanks. Sorry about picking wrong subforum. Arguably the non-alphabeticalness is a bug (as I can't see why anyone would want any different) so correct for this sub, but I agree the other two are suggestions. Thanks again.
  6. Is there a way to find out what the latest TU is for a particular game? Please note that I mean TUs as released officially by the game developer/publisher, or by Microsoft, not what the community uploaded on xboxunity. I was wondering if there was a way to search on xbox.com, or a hidden API or something.
  7. I agree that just ripping the individual games is a good fix, and has a slight game loading speed advantage as you don't have to go through another menu system to pick a game. On the other hand, it can sometimes be a loss to do thongs this way, as you may miss out on a pretty menu with nice background music, say. And it can be hard for non-techy users to know what to do. So it would be great if there ever was a nice fix for making multi-game discs "just work", whether it's some kind of automated patch to the default.xex, or something fixable in Aurora, or even a "one-click" item in Aurora which could be run on these problematic discs to install them in Content/00000 etc.
  8. I am very appreciative of the profile choser that you can optionally show on startup. It makes the console much easier to use for multiple, non-techy, users. But I have a couple of problems. Mist importantly, the list isn't sorted alphabetically by profile name - it seems to be sorted by creation date or (probably) internal ID. Profiles are sorted by name in NXE. Secondly, only four profiles show up before needing to scroll, which seems slightly low (I have five profiles on my box). Can the window height be increased, or the item height decreased? Maybe this is themable - I haven't checked. Lastly, the location for the profile is shown with a techy-looking pathname which is offputting to non-techy users. Would it be ambiguous if you just abbreviated to, say, "HDD" etc., or showed an icon for HDD etc.? Many thanks for your hard work.
  9. I'm a believer in the "release early, release often" mantra, so I vote for a release soon, even if not all new features are implemented.
  10. It took me a while to notice it as it's quite subtle, but there's a little series of dots in the bottom-right which seems to indicate which disc is which out of a set. It might be something that can be made more obvious with themes.
  11. I realise these are 0.1 releases, but I was considering them "major" as they are quite far apart and have quite a lot of new features in each. I was advocating maybe four or six releases a year, with just one or two new features in each. Same number of new features per year, just drip-fed. I realise, though, that some things are connected and features A, B and C can't be released until feature D is completed. I also appreciate that this might be more work. But frequent, smaller, releases can be a good way to get rapid feedback. All the best to the developers.
  12. Although I respect the developers wishes whether or not to go closed source or open source, I do wish the source was open. I doubt there really would be multiple forks out there causing confusion - as you say, there are limited people out there who do Xbox developing. But open-source means projects can live on when their creators lose interest, and can encourage a release-early-release-often model, where new features are introduced in minor releases rather than waiting for lots of features in a new major version. Open source is the norm in the 3DS scene, and progress there has been rapid.
  13. Thanks. How strange. Maybe there's more than one version of the disc.
  14. By the way, Far Cry 4 doesn't work after doing iso2god either, at least when using the original disc layout (gives same disc read error after creating the content folder). Again, I don't know why. Maybe it might if you extracted the files, made the manipulations, converted back to iso, then iso2god again, I don't know as I haven't tried, but if you're doing that you might as well keep it extracted. Regarding my use of the word "unzipping", I'm talking about games like the Wolfenstein: The New Order, which creates the content folder "on the fly" when you run the disc by extracting archives or doing other manipulations of files from the disc. The user cannot simply workaround by copying a folder called "Content" into Content/0000000000000000/etc. In fact Far Cry 4 is like that, as you'll have seen.
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