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  1. I installed (sqlite-netFx40-setup-bundle-x86-2010- and it worked perfectly. Visual C ++ 2010 I had already installed on my PC. thanks Swizzy !!
  2. yes it is there, bad still insists the error appears.
  3. I can not use the software or the FTP (Aurora Asset Editor) always get the following message "There was an error.log for more information" [05/28/2015 04:03:33]: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: Could not load file or assembly 'System.Data.SQLite.dll' or one of its dependencies. Could not find the specified module. File name: 'System.Data.SQLite.dll' in AuroraAssetEditor.Classes.AuroraDbManager.GetDbTitles (String path) in AuroraAssetEditor.Controls.FtpAssetsControl. <GetAssetsClick> b__13 (Object o, DoWorkEventArgs args) tried to solve the problem using the DLL-files Fixer bad not resolved, someone would have any tips to resolve this error? I'm trying to run the program in windows 8.1 x64
  4. solved the problem! uninstalled and installed the aurora.0.4b again, and the game ran the disk 2, correctly.
  5. finished the disk 1 dead space 2 the game crashed and did not start the disc 2 automatically how do I fix this? in Freestyle 3.0.Rev775 Disc 2 starts automatically have any way to run two disk without having to reinstall the Freestyle 3.0.Rev775?
  6. example: My kernel is 16747, it is possible I record a nand as a kernel below, eg 16537 and apply to the game. only one doubt on my part!
  7. Thank wrathss, that way it worked was after a solution for days!
  8. the error happens when I use (Push to Xbox) more resource increasingly distorts the cover. aurora tried reinstalling but did not solve the problem! I looked at the resolution of the cover ( enemy front .cover 3) in xboxunity.net. 3240x2115 resolution is wrong is not the standard 900x600?
  9. whenever I try to modify the box art this error occurs in the enemy front! sorry for my english I'm Brazilian!!!!
  10. personal that's a bug in 3.0 because none of freestyle tus me down freestyle by 3.0 work? they only work if I put them by the horizon, anyone know if this is some bug in freestyle I use my xbox slim 4gb internal memory
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