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  1. larvey

    Claw Machine Port

    Ill be sure to give this a go - good work 😀
  2. Howdy all! I am looking for the complete file sets for the Maximus Lizard 360. I tried doing Wayback Machine on the download links from the original source, however they didn't work. See original page here: http://cfwfileset.blogspot.com/ Does anyone have a copy of these? I am trying to get a big archive of 360 bits together however these are a little harder to come by. Once archive is complete, I am going to upload to Archive.org for future preservation.
  3. I got fed up with the stupid eBay fees, so set up a website to try to counteract the 15% of fees I'd have to pay 😁 I've been selling on eBay and my website for a while now, I've been an eBay seller since 2013. All my consoles are professionally refurbished inside and out, using the correct parts, wiring method and timing files. I also have a discord server where I can help you if you get stuck. Here is my shop link: Harveys IT Discord link: Discord I only sell inside the UK at the moment as overseas postage is a bit more and can't insure it. IMG_6609.MOV
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