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  1. Does the file have to extracted from the ISO Or can I use iso2god to convert it? Also where is in HDD1:\ or is it just in the that part with the rest of the folders,? Thank you guys Thank you people for your guidance!! It's finally loading!!
  2. I've used Iso2god to convert the Iso image Then I transfer it to my Xbox like all the other games and I click on disc 1 and I get a error saying its scratched ect then I click on disc two and its saying I need a online profile to use this one Can someone help me as I want to play the game Thank you In advance
  3. Well their is no one around here that can do it! I live in the uk near Braintree I've looked all over the guides for the xbox and I think the person who I bought it off didn't set it up properly so I want someone to sort it all out! Thank you fella
  4. Is there anyone I can send my xbox to? That will update my Xbox and sort it out but someone who Is trusted?
  5. Ow? It wasn't up to date because I wouldn't let me open it It also had no option to update it! I've over written the files:/ how do I update it now? I've only opened a game not started to play it
  6. Hmm why isn't it working then What I'm going to do is update my dash launch Do I delete the dash launch folder on my xbox and put the new one there and then go to exe menu to open and install dash launch I've updated dash launch and it's still not updating This is what ive tried and now the files are there and aren't get deleted
  7. Is this update to get the avatar items working because I know I done an update ages ago to get mine working? If so how do I uninstall it to get the latest one working? Thanks Buddie
  8. Right the last bit off the guide with the USB that I can't seem to do! I've tried with two different Usbs and tried it with one or two off these $ everytime I plug it back in to my computer the files are gone The other thing is do I need dash launch for the update to work as I haven't fixed my dash launch yet
  9. Ahh ok but still the system update folder I put on there isn't there anymore and I haven't deleted it Also I haven't updated dash launch I'll have a go tomorrow thank you for you're help
  10. Fsd is loading now! The log Is called launch [settings] Noupdater = false That's it
  11. On thwart last bit off the guide I can't get it to update I put the files on the root of the usb and it doesn't work I've tried it with $ or with two of $ these Also when I out the usb back in to the computer The files are gone and there is a log that just say Now update = false?
  12. I don't know also I can't get on to my fed dashboard
  13. I've updated it Dash version 2.2 Rev725 Kernel version 2.0.17150.0 Dashboard 2.0.17150.0 And now dahs launch isn't loading
  14. Just received the wireless adapter I bought I'll be having a go tonight to do the xbox
  15. I used modio to transfer it because I've lost my wifi adapter for the Xbox and my friend said he will try to find his for me! I'll try the step above also I really appreciate this!
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