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  1. is it possible to use GaDaBaMa with Aurora via FTP?
  2. hm... far to easy^^ thanks a lot
  3. hey guys, can anyone tell me how to access "the old" webui? 192.***.***.**:9999 does only load the new one (or nothing if the f3plugin is unloaded) Phoenix, you say the "old" website is still in F3... how do I get access to it? I do need to manually ad some covers/ descriptions and there is no way with the new one. Thanks in advance! Rashka
  4. Hey Guys, thank you for the really great update. The "Push to xbox" on the unity websitedon't work for me. I've tried this with retroArch360 without succes. Is it possible to manualy add custom covers? best regards Rashka
  5. I love this! pls activate dlc with the next release. and if it is possible: give us an option to change the background. Would be perfect if we could use simple jpg for background without modifiying the theme. Best regards Rashka
  6. As I wrote above, i've set my language to english, my location to great britain. The game also stays french if I change my settings to language german, location germany. [Edit] Tomb Raider: Fixed. The "bigfile.english.XXX" was corrupt. I've done a new extract from the disc of my brother and now it works Hunted: I've downloaded the whole game and ripped it. Looks like it has 124KB more then my original disc rip, but it works with all languages. [/Edit] Best regard Rashka
  7. Hi there, I've ripped my games "hunted the demons forge" & "Tomb Raider (2013)" for my rgh slim. For any reason both games starting in french. My box is configured to be english, great britain (I'm in germany, but I don't like german translated games due to the quality of translation). Even if I change settings to german/ germany the games are staying french. All of my other games are starting with english language (or german if I change setting). The first screen of Hunted (the Bethesda disclaimer) loads in english and after 2 or 3 seconds it switches to french... Can anyone help me out here? Is it possible to "tell" fsd a start configuration for each game? Best regards Rashka
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