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  1. which details screen? and this list you are talking is list of rms i have? and whats the difference from other emulators?
  2. hi thanks everyone i managed to work the trainer. but tell me what is that aurora autolaunch for emulators means? ithought its for launching roms like 360 games but i cant understand this feature
  3. the link in your sig realy helped me @gavin_darglider @cry-j i cant work this trainers thing i have created a folder in aurora called trainers and i put in it folder fifa15 that has a trainer in it and still not recognized
  4. hi, i am using aurora 0.4b and i am tryin to understand few things: 1) how do i install trainers for games? 2) how do i install emulators and roms? i think i read something that says there is autolaunch for roms i doenloaded a package with about emulators and i dont understand what to do with it.. so if someone can explain me what is that autolaunch for roms and how to work with it i will be very pleased. thanks
  5. hi there, i am trying to edit my library with gadabama 3.2 i have made a connection to my xbox hdd via ftp samba, everytime i try lo select the fsd folder it disapears and i need to resellect so i cant select it at all. can someone help me with that? thanks
  6. ok so can you post me a manual or some tutorial to do this?
  7. so in what way i can download title update to my game on disc?
  8. i think you are onto something. you sure that if i download the title update and than run my dvd it wont enable the title update to the disc? because all it does it puts the title update on cache maybe its ok to do this like this. is there a way to check in game what title update i use? and say its not working how do i do title update dvd games?
  9. hi there, i am not sure i am on the right place but please help, i am wondering what is better to use to extract games to my jtag, i used two methods: 1)xbox image browser 2)iso2god i want to save space and i wonder what method is better? i have noticed that if i use iso2god i cant run the games through neighbourhood is that wrong? and another question: is there a way to add to my game list games that i have on dvd so i can manage title updates for them through the fsd dash? i mean without extracting them to my hdd (i understand that i need to play through dvd but i just want them on he list) thanks for helpers.
  10. hi there I want to remove a game completely from my hdd is there a way to do this? I'm afraid that if I go to the file manager and delete from there it won't remove it completely, maybe it will leave content files or something. So there is a way?
  11. Thanks it all got ok. Thanks for the quick reply
  12. its metrostyle 4023, and i set it through skin settings. now its weird it started to keep the changes but the acount is always signing out when i reboot.
  13. hi there, i hope someone wlil help me, i am using fsd 775 and i set skin metro, every time i reboot the console it gets back to default. how can i solve this?
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