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  1. Cycle - The Minimalistic Skin early mock-up from my new project - based on an unreleased xbmc skin XBMC Skin
  2. chee5y

    Skin Ideas

    Loading Scene Main Scene Gamelist Scenes Banners instead of Icons Trailer Scene Screenshots Scene Utilities/Option Scene SystemStatus Scene works globally StorageStatus Scene works globally Guide Button hitted in FSD1.2 with working F3Plugins
  3. Thanks for that, but a little update on F3 with enabled trailers would be much nicer than this tool. cheers chee5y
  4. ...FSD1.2 Have worked on some skins especially for FSD1.2 Picked up some old styles and created some new ones Every Section (xbox360; xbla and so on) has his own cover boxes and cover headers multiple gameviews in one skin without changing stuff and more
  5. chee5y

    Coming Soon.....

    Statement from The Sanchez after my question if he know something: "Not really. He was building a new skin and I was going to help with concept and design, but his console died. The last time I chatted with him he has given up on it, because he doesn't have another console."
  6. Hi I´m looking for someone who can update the old indexer for fsd 1.2 to work with the current ms database. I need it to setup a selfmade arcade cabinet with preview videos. Also it has his existence authority it was/is a great dash. Any help would be appreciated
  7. chee5y

    Coming Soon.....

    Teasing Teasing not Releasing - A TeamFSD philosophy
  8. Hi rms user After a long break from the scene I've decide to revive all of my old skins and bring you a couple of new unreleased skins. I'm starting with Tranquility2. FreeStyleDesk, Xeon and others are following soon. Here we go Tranquility2.1 F3 Rev.775 Download Tranquility2.1 ... FreeStyleDesk 3 diffrent desk themed gamelist 2 list views and 1 wallview beta status Download FreeStyleDesk ... ... StarKiller Preview Download StarKiller Preview Commands: Do not press A on Xbox360 tab LT for menue RT for status popup ...
  9. chee5y

    Coming Soon.....

    I hope you still work on this skin, murf!!!
  10. hi and big thanks for f3 but... are there coming updates like enabled gametrailers? Will the sourcecode given to puplic in the near future? Is someone still working on f3/rxe? how can we get the coverflow to work like in the rxe announcement videos (wallview)? please give me some clarifications - it hurts in my heart if this was the last version
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