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Found 131 results

  1. First of all, I would like to say a big HELLO EVERYONE HERE @ RMS! I have spent countless hours here. I have drank many coffees here. I have been yelled at by my wife like no other for bieng here too much HAHAHA! A huge thank you to all the MODS, Teammembers, and generally awesome people here for your knowledge and courtesy. I am late to the whole "360" mod scene, but not the the scene in general. I'm usually pretty decent when it comes to hacking/homebrew/modding, but i'm always following a RMS guide in the end and i just wanted to say thank you for that! NOW, my stupid issue with LiNK / Unity / JQE360 / Freestyle Plugin (Or whatever)... I had made an account at JQE360 i BELIEVE a little over a month ago (i'm pretty sure when doesn't even matter anyway) Now i understand that all JQE360 accounts were switched automatically to UNITY accounts. I can and am logged in currently on my PC, and my 360 has no issues connecting either. My issue is with the actual "System Link" area of this whole setup. Lets use Advanced Werrrferrr as an example (not too sure of the rules on what "gamez" we can post) ... I turn on my RGH 360. (I had XBDM.XEX loading @ startup, but not anymore. i read that it interferes with LiNK) I have it set to launch FSD3 Rev 775 on 16767 dash (or kernel?) and autosignin is disabled. So i go ahead and launch Advanced Werrrferrr... Go to Multiplayer ---> System Link ----> and i sign in, select a device and everything is good so far. I press the "GUIDE" button, select "SYSTEM LINK" in the Xbox menu, and it shows me rooms. a bunch of players. I press "A" to join a room, and success! now, i press "B" (Or guide, neither matters i think), and select join game. And that is where i am stuck. I can see the active people playing, everything looks good, lightning quick it seems, too! But, i can NOT for the life of me find any games to actually join beyond this point. And this is with ALL of my games, which is ALL of the games lol. I have the latest TU's, i have all my settings set properly, UNITY API Key is valid, XBOX is DMZ because my port forwarding is fukky and doesn't ever seem to work properly. Any help would be greatly appretiated, and again thanks to everyone involved in the scene, i hope to be here awhile
  2. Hello I'm looking for players for system link on Halo Reach.
  3. Hello There is a need to link the call of duty black ops 2 xbox live or you can just install xbox live steal? I apologize for the mistake in the text, I translated it via google translator. thank you for reading.
  4. Hello I wonder if its possible to delete trailers after you saw it i didnot dowload anyone yet, because the are heavy and i didnt know how to delete them if i didnt like it and a suggestion to add a button in the preview lab to let you dowload the trailer and to delete it if you want and another one to let you dowload more images also i think the size of the lab to see the preview images is too small thanks for your time and all the work you put on this and sorry for my bad english
  5. Ok, so I set everything up for link and when I click test, everything passes. When I go to a game, I click guide and go to System link then join a lobby on the same TU. Once I click System Link > Join Game, nothing shows up. I have tried this on BO2 TU18, MW3 TU23, MW2 TU8. Please help, thanks! Note: I don't have any DLC, I dont know if that would matter or not?
  6. Seeking Lithuanian playing through Link. It would be interesting to know whether these people are ---------------------------------------- IeÅ¡kau lietuvių, žaidžianÄių per Link. BÅ«tų įdomu sužinoti ar tokių žmonių yra
  7. HEY, I just got my rgh xbox and i hace fsd3 and when i go to link test it says everything is passed but the only thing with the ports doesnt pass (fail) here is my cmd: http://i.gyazo.com/4b72c2d6644f909a48808721e15331b5.png and here is what the port that i forwoarded http://i.gyazo.com/cc105b27355b913335d6cd009d773c56.png it should work fine but it doesnt work (the ports says fail 2 lines the rest is ok but i cant play link) plz help me i just got it and im very wanna play ty..
  8. HELP! how can i play "Link" without a router i only use internet sharing(cause i only have wired internet connection) always failing 2 verification any help? anyone?
  9. Hello people from liNK, I would like to make a clan on call of duty ghosts/black ops 2/modern warfare 3 so we could be a team. plz contact me: kik: stenvl gmail: goodbetterbesttutorials@gmail.com
  10. hi guys! i did everything in this video to play with LiNK: and everything is ok except that UPNP Enabled Router Not Found and i enabled it on my router settings. what shold i do to make it work i realy want t play on link!!
  11. HI GUYZ I WANT TO KNOW HOW TO PLAY red dead redemption on link coz i am having a bit problem like I started the game join PUBLIC ROOM 1 which has 6 players then i go to pause menu and click system link multiplayer. THE STARTS BUT THERE ARE NO PLAYERS IN THE GAME BUT THE PUBLIC ROOM 1 SHOWS IT HAS 6 PLAYERS i have already tried find a new free roam options but no luck PLZ HELP so plz can any1 help me it would be gr8 and thnx in advance NOTE- i have the latest TU 8 and pingpatch is enabled devlink is disabled
  12. HI GUYZ I REAALY NEED HELP IN THIS ISSUE WITH LiNK whenever i play a game i join the room successfully but the looby is empty no players but when i check the website link.jqe360.com i see many people in that same room. plz help me I PASS ALL TH TEST EXCEPT FOR UpNP router found - failed plz help me guyz will reall appreciate it and i have the latest TU
  13. Chris7S

    LiNK Issues

    So everything is set up perfectly and the System Link option isn't available in the dashboard menu. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  14. BJONESH03x

    LiNK Issues

    Hey I'm really new to the RGH thing just did my first one set everything up (dash launch, xex menu, fsd, and so fourth) and I got around to setting up the internet portion for LiNK, did the port forwarding and all the jargon, passes both UDP and TCP on both ports (3071, 3072) setup and linked my RGH with JQE360 (passed) Ping patch is enabled DevLink is disabled, I can download cover art, get weather updates, however when i go into a game like Modern Warfare 2 or Ghosts and go to the System Link Menu it comes up but shows zero users, i get an error when trying to make a private room, and on the last tab under user all the information there is blank, any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  15. Hey guys. I got some problem with my black ops 2. I played Black ops 2 in sigleplayer perfectly but on LiNK it's impossible. When I try to join the game on link It crashes. "Fatalcrash intercepted" I don't know what is the problem... I hope you can help me out! I'm using the latest FSD and Dash lunch.
  16. I Really respect team FSD for making a beautiful plugin i.e. LiNK .... I love it soooooooo much But can I know that when will the link update with messaging optio release cuz i've made a friend in cod mw3 and i really wanna chat with him while playing ... But the sad part is I dont Have the headset so any ideas of rough date of release ?????
  17. Reinis Pilka


    Hey. i have RGH console i think but anyway i have been trying to do this for a while. In the setting menu i have the plugin LiNk on and all the requirements passes and everything i try to play online black ops 2 but every time i go into the system link where i press a to connect to server it boots off and does a restart. i have the latest Title update for the game.. Could the problem be that i need to update my dashboard? Or somthing else? Please help (
  18. Hi guys so i'm new to the rgh scene and i am having problems understanding how to set up Link the only part i got stuck on is here what do i put on global port range and on base port range?
  19. HelloI have a problem , have someone give me a light on this.I have the rgh and the system link game without any problems playing with people from mexico brazil etc . I think games and people everywhere connect, the problem is that some friends of my own city, even with my same internet service provider is UNE ( Live in Colombia ) , also have rhg and play without problem.But when we play together does not leave us , we enter the halls and see you there , but to create items we can not see , touch us join the game of someone who is in a room and there if you can see but by the game, and we are looking to enter the games directly to us.if it helps , we have the latest freestyle dash with the last , as we have the same operator are local ips 192.168.1.x , 5mb bandwidthYesterday , we saw not our games and entered play in a third party was in japan and play there but it is very rare that we connect to japan and not between the same cityThanks in advance for the help
  20. So I wanted to play in link for freestyle I did everything till I tested it and then Data port says:port:1000 TCP:fail. UDP:fail Broadcast says:same as data What is the problem? Should I add a port into my router Is this a JTAG username and password problem?
  21. I made a FB Group to organize the LINK, XBSLINK, Xlinkkai Gamers!Its boring to just join a cloud and play without knowing the opponent!If u want to play some games with others, just join.
  22. Hey guys, I was just wondering if there is a way to start a GTA V Room in LiNK? Thanks Pokeastuff
  23. Hello guys, i'm trying to play Halo Reach with LiNK but can't update my game. I downloaded the TU, applied it, but then when i try to join a lobby, it says i'm still at TU 0 (instead of 1). I'm installing my game with ISO2GOD. Title ID: 4D53085B MEDIA ID: 61F099B6 The Title update (which I already tried to download from other sources), is TU_16L622R_000001K000000.000000000008D.
  24. Hi, I followed several guides on the internet to setup my xbox to run LiNK. I created the account, and forwarded the ports on my router. The test for LiNK passes all except for UPnP (which is not the problem, since i forwarded the ports manually). The Xbox has a static IP assigned by the DHCP. When i log into a game (I tried D3, F1, and SR4) I press the Guide Button>System Link and all the Lobbys, and the users shows up. So I select one, and when i try to search for a match/game it says it can't find anything. I also tried to create one on my own, but no one joins. I tried with populated Rooms, like 30-40 ppl, but no games show up. Any help is appreciated! ##Edit## I think i solved my problem. I disabled UPnP in the settings and it worked. Since i mapped my router without it, i needed to untick the option in FSD.
  25. Just opened my Ts3 Server for the Games!for now its capabale of 32 Persons, for now i cant get a license, its just closed to get for now. Just download ts 3http://www.teamspeak.com/?page=downloadsclick on 32 bit Client for 32 bit windowsand of course 64 for the windows with 64 bit running system.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S32AGZdY5yAclick on connect, choose ur name and put the adress in server adress,done.ur ready to talk!Im just at the start and will make more slots for more users of course in future!just join and have fun ;)here is the adress: realmodescenegame.ts3dns.com
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