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  1. HelloI have a problem , have someone give me a light on this.I have the rgh and the system link game without any problems playing with people from mexico brazil etc . I think games and people everywhere connect, the problem is that some friends of my own city, even with my same internet service provider is UNE ( Live in Colombia ) , also have rhg and play without problem.But when we play together does not leave us , we enter the halls and see you there , but to create items we can not see , touch us join the game of someone who is in a room and there if you can see but by the game, and we are looking to enter the games directly to us.if it helps , we have the latest freestyle dash with the last , as we have the same operator are local ips 192.168.1.x , 5mb bandwidthYesterday , we saw not our games and entered play in a third party was in japan and play there but it is very rare that we connect to japan and not between the same cityThanks in advance for the help
  2. we use both TU 13 call of duty, in my xbox passes all test udp / tcp'll try on my friend's xbox although he also can play with other people, and if we join the game of someone else can play together
  3. clarify've tried creating a particular room in which the type and I see the link but neither can see the games of call of duty black ops I think even I those of the
  4. my xbox connected to link without problem and I can play but I can not see the games of a particular friend.my xbox connected to link without problem and I can play with other people, but I can not see the games of a particular friend, this friend lives in my same city so it should not be a problem since I play with people from brazil, germany and other countries.the only thing I can think is that my internet provider has the 192.168.1.x network of my friend is 192.168.0.xany advice should I change something in the configuration tanks
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