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  1. Login to Unity error: An error has occurred in obtaining APIKey. Please try again later. LINK test: In F3 LINK and Unity login works fine.
  2. After update to 16756 and back to 16747, Aurora connction to Unity not working. F3 works fine (connecting to Unity), Dashlaunch works fine. Delete Cache, reinstall Aurora and not works. Any solution? I made a stupid thing updating to 16756...
  3. Divix

    LiNK in Aurora

    In Aurora LINK support
  4. Divix

    Link players LITHUANIA

    Super Ką dažniausiai žaidi?
  5. Seeking Lithuanian playing through Link. It would be interesting to know whether these people are ---------------------------------------- IeÅ¡kau lietuvių, žaidžianÄių per Link. BÅ«tų įdomu sužinoti ar tokių žmonių yra
  6. Hi, i have a same problem. Solution : 1st you need creat a game (host), when people join to you and its works great, when your game end (very important that somebody connect to you). When you go back to main game lobby and CAN join to another host. This is works for me. Everytimes when you go to LiNK you need creat the host and when you can join to another. Good luck.
  7. For Battlefield i think need something like Nexus emulator like on pc, but needs mod for xbox.
  8. Find solution... (COD:MW3;BO2) 1st need creat game (be a host) when game end and can join for everybody.. unknow wtf but it works
  9. I don't know what happens but now works (ports 3071,3072) for 4 matches in a row. I play COD:MW3. I can normaly join to host. But at this time again no works.... I don't know... Maybe host is from my country or something like that, but works perfect 4 times. Mystery....... And http://www.canyouseeme.org/ show me what 3071,3072 or others ports is blocked (Error: I could not see your service on 86.xx.130.xx on port (3071) Reason: Connection refused) only WEB port works 80. WTF....
  10. I will try play with Xlink kai maybe this is works
  11. Maybe. I will wait new F3 release, maybe this is be fixed and if not i 100% know that is my router, internet problem.
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