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  1. How did you installed watch dog?
  2. Thanks, I'll try those programs, the Xbox back up creator throws me a access denied error when I try to open the watch dog iso disc but it did work with other games I have on my pc. thanks
  3. How do I turn them into xex formar?
  4. Do you have to transfer both iso files to your xbox hard drive before doing this procedure? Or do you have to turn them into GOD format first?
  5. yo tengo telecable, ees mexicano? de que parte de mexico yo soy de tampico
  6. So I've been searching youtube and I found out that I need a switch (I guess I could use my router to but I don't want to mess with complex configurations) and that I simply conect all my xboxs there and the one that's acutually gonna host the game would be the uplink and for that I would requiere a cross over cable. and then I would simply log to a system link supported game and voila right? here's the youtube video I saw
  7. I'll look it up thanks. You wouldn't happen to know about a comprehensive tutorial on how to do that would you?
  8. I can just simply log into system link in one of my consoles and host a game room and just log my other consoles to there? Doesn't that require internet connection?
  9. I have my consoles connected to a TP LINK router with etherhnet cables should that suffice to host a game on my lan that's all I really want
  10. And how would I do that ? Connect consoles with each other ? I think that would be a lan party right? but I don't know how to configure it. What does it take for a game to be on system link?
  11. Thanks man, I sure will do. And what about the tournament? I have 5 MB for internet speed do you recommend I connect my 4 consoles with that speed or should I upgrade it ?
  12. Update: Now I can see the rooms on system link but still can't join the first time it said my connection time out and the second and third times it said it crashed it said fatal crash intercepted damn it
  13. I've been trying to log into your servers to play for about 4 days now. First It was that my internet conection aparently didn't work I fixed that by changing my default DNS servers to Google public DNS after that the connection part worked like a charm. (I linked my console and tested the connection, My plugin is updated aswell devlink off pinpatch on ) But now I updated my TUs and tried to join a room and everthing is fine except the part were I close the menu to enter multiplayer and system link(in Black Ops) and nothing shows I refreshed the screen and still nothing. By the way is it possible to host tournaments? Like a MVSC 3 tournament if I were possible that would be awesome because as it happens I have a little videogame shop here in Mexico and I would like to make one that would be great for business like to have them play against each other in a eliminatory fashion and however turns out to be champ gets half my end. Thats my idea but I don't now if that is technically possible so I turn to you.
  14. I can`t log into any room I select the public room and then I press b and go to multiplayer and system link to log into a match and nothing happens everthing stays blank all of this in Black Ops II of course
  15. How do you host a game? Can you host a game room for any game you have? Do you need a pc or something?
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