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    DashLaunch 3.13?

    Well on another site I have found a supposed official release of the new XeBuild(1.13) with the latest DashLauncher (3.13). Just decided to ask here where I trust more people's opinion if this is actually an official release like the thread author claims. For those that need it here is the link I am talking about http://www.xpgamesaves.com/topic/114784-xebuild-113-and-dashlaunch-313-released/ Just because they claim the official team worked on them doesn't mean it is actually true. Just wanted a little clarification.
  2. Okay well I ended up with a bad NAND flash and now my console won't boot up. I know that I have to reflash it but since I cannot boot into Xell I need to connect to the modchip and do it that way. Now there are multiple cables but I want to make sure I get the correct one the first time. Here is a picture of my modchip as I purchased the console already RGH'd I don't know the exact chip. From the picture below can someone tell me what Modding setup I need to reflash the chip.
  3. Poi

    LiNK in Aurora

    Awesome now I can switch to a new dashboard. Thanks for the reply.
  4. Okay so first of all if this has been asked I am sorry I did a quick look and didn't find it. Onwards to the question. I am considering changing from FSD to Aurora and the main feature I use in FSD is LiNK. All I want to know before I switch is this. Is LiNK supported in Aurora or is it planned to be supported in the near future?
  5. I only get my DL files from here so..... Although it is now fixed so it can be closed.
  6. Okay so first I have tried this using both 3.08 and 3.12 and when I go to any of the paths and hit A to select any of the paths it completely freezes the console (yes I have waited.... after 30 minutes and nothing changing I assume it is 100% frozen). Is there some simple thing I am doing wrong? Or should I give it a longer wait time to scan drive (250 GB Microsoft HDD) Info Specifics: Board: Falcon Flash: Falcon Type: Glitch Kernel: 2.0.16747.0 SOLVED SOLVED SOLVED Okay for future reference to those who may run into the same issue here is how I got it working.... Install old version of DashLaunch (F3 installer I used came with 3.02) Then transfer DashLaunch 3.12 inside installer folder and run Default.xex it will prompt an update and bam. Everything was working.
  7. Poi

    FSD Launch.ini help

    Thank you Swizzy I went with the literal path. Looking at my Hdd it was listed as Hdd1 so that is what I put into the path. I will fix this and get around to running 16747. Thanks to everyone who provided answers.
  8. Poi

    FSD Launch.ini help

    Thanks Begallegal I had tried to install DashLaunch 3.12 but got an error message stating that 16756 is not a supported kernel. Any chance you have skype and could help me out ?
  9. Poi

    FSD Launch.ini help

    No I was trying to get help from a friend at another site and he added it in something about having it help with Xbox 360 neighborhood. But that is a problem for another millennium.
  10. Poi

    FSD Launch.ini help

    I got Power via the original Launch file which had a little text bar stating something like "If you want this to launch when powering up via the power button on the front Power=". Anyways the results are the same when it is Default instead of Power.
  11. Okay so I am close to being at wits end with this. I have my Launch.ini set up as shown below. Now I have double checked the paths and they are correct. Yet when I power up using the power button on the front of the console it boots into the regular Xbox 360 dashboard. I can only assume that somewhere in my Launch.ini I have made probably an insanely simple mistake that is just driving me crazy. Could someone please show me where I went wrong?
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