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Found 7 results

  1. Game error reporting Error Unable to join game session 其他游戏也是如此。 我的地区是中国。网络中国电信 我的英文很差
  2. Hello everone, When i start up Call of duty Black ops 2 zombies and open Link it doesn't find any zombie players. Multiplayer works fine but zombies doesn't. And it's not that i am having bad luck at finding people because it happens everytime at different moments of the day and i even can't ever find anyone when i join a specific zombie lobby. Is there a way to fix this?
  3. Hi all i have had Black Ops for ages and long before i got my Jtag. I have all the DLC's for the game from Xbox Live which i got before to mod. I have the first 3 working but i know the Moon map and the waw map are not working at all. all the DLC's are unlocked and are visible if I check them in aurora and in the default dash. Also I have check contpatch is enabled in Dashlaunch. I have also tried deleting all the content for the game and then reinstalling it and nothing has worked....any ideas would be great help.
  4. Please help.... ive got the first 3 dlc's for call of duty black ops on my jtag and they run beautifully... but the 4th and 5th are not working....i used horizon to inject them into my system and i am running on tu 11 which as far as i know and have seen on xboxunity.net it is the latest tu for the game....any help or suggestions would be great Thanx guys
  5. aviaviv

    Black ops I DLC

    hey everyone, so i checked some videos in youtube of the black ops I DLC before many time but i still cant find the file to download them for my Jtag. So, can someone pls send me those files? It will be very appreaciated. BTW, i know to download them to xbox, just copy the link here to the files.
  6. Hey guys. I got some problem with my black ops 2. I played Black ops 2 in sigleplayer perfectly but on LiNK it's impossible. When I try to join the game on link It crashes. "Fatalcrash intercepted" I don't know what is the problem... I hope you can help me out! I'm using the latest FSD and Dash lunch.
  7. I've been trying to log into your servers to play for about 4 days now. First It was that my internet conection aparently didn't work I fixed that by changing my default DNS servers to Google public DNS after that the connection part worked like a charm. (I linked my console and tested the connection, My plugin is updated aswell devlink off pinpatch on ) But now I updated my TUs and tried to join a room and everthing is fine except the part were I close the menu to enter multiplayer and system link(in Black Ops) and nothing shows I refreshed the screen and still nothing. By the way is it possible to host tournaments? Like a MVSC 3 tournament if I were possible that would be awesome because as it happens I have a little videogame shop here in Mexico and I would like to make one that would be great for business like to have them play against each other in a eliminatory fashion and however turns out to be champ gets half my end. Thats my idea but I don't now if that is technically possible so I turn to you.
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