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  1. Thank you irishdave and JPizzle! Everything is working perfecty now I'm just curious why it couldn't update normally, like every other game? Thanks again!
  2. Yup, I have tried manually installing the TU. How do you manually scan for new content though? Thanks!
  3. Hey, I'm currently trying to update GTA V on my JTAG console. For some reason, FSD have never allowed me to update GTA V (Just GTA V though). It just says when I go to Manage Title Updates, (No Updates Available). It hasn't really been a problem until I wanted to install the two available DLCs at the moment. I have tried downloading the latest Title update for GTA V from XBUC.com. I installed(placed) the title update into the Cache, still, no change. It did how ever disappear from FSDs File browser when I went to look for it. There is something different about GTA V though compared to my other games. GTA V was the first game I installed, I must have not had Dashlaunch installed on the system at that time. I know this because when I went to run the game, Xbox Live asked me to update the game. I was quite tired and didn't think about it. So I accepted. I believe this is my problem. This is the only difference I can see between all the other games I have installed. I have found though, if I use a modified default.xex and an update.rtf, GTA V works with the DLCs. This is the link to the video if it helps "It's not the best tutorial, just to keep in mind" Also if you are curious on why I just don't use this mod, it's because it makes driving strange in the game. (It's the purpose of the mod) but I really don't like it. Here are the questions. Are you using the default skin ? - No, but all of my other games update perfectly. (I'm using the latest Dream Theme) Are you using the most recent kernel and dashlaunch ? - Yes, I'm on 16547, Dashlaunch 3.11 and Rev 775 Did you cold boot (power console completely off and then back on again) ? - Yes, no change Have you tried deleting the plugin, cold booting, then re downloading the plugin update and cold booting again ? - Yes, (kind of) I have deleted GTA V off of my console (Just the game, not the Installed content from disk 1, DLC or Game save) Have you checked settings to make sure LiNK is enabled ? -Yes, LiNK is working like a charm. Have you tried re linking your console with your JQE360 account ? -Nope, because other games update fine. Have you installed the missing avatar/kinect data ($SystemUpdate) ? - Yes I have Have you checked your dashlaunch settings (pingpatch on, devlink off) - Yes, those settings are correct Are you running the latest TU ? - Nope, this is my problem. Are you running any other plugins? If so disable them (dashlaunch plugins like xbdm.xex) -Yes, I'm running xbdm.xex, RPC.xex and another one for real time poking testing. (Can't remember what is it called though). Again, all other games work fine with updates though. Is there a space in your jqe360.com username or in your gamer tag ? If so remove it. - My account connects to my console properly without any errors. Have you tried resetting your link.jqe360.com api key and then re linking you console with your account ? - Nope, didn't believe that it was necessary. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Pokeastuff
  4. Hey guys, Does anyone happen to know if WatchDogs will support system link? Thanks
  5. Oh okay, that sucks.... Thanks anyway!!
  6. Hey guys, I was just wondering if there is a way to start a GTA V Room in LiNK? Thanks Pokeastuff
  7. Hi, I have just install FreeStyle Dash Rev 775. Default skin is activated. When I insert a disc into the console, FSD freezes and I have to restart. I'm also not able to boot back into the FSD if the Disc is still in the DVD drive. Is this a FreeStyle Dash Problem or a problem with my R-JTAG install. "The Disc Drive works in the normal Xbox 360 Dashboard though" Game: MW3 Console Type: Jasper 16mb Thank you Pokeastuff
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