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    Hello everyone This is a beta release of Aurora NXE - an NXE inspired theme for Aurora. It is pretty incomplete beyond the home screen I am still working on it. you may experience some UI bugs but for general use is great. Features Xbox Logo with Ripples + Glow Animation NXE Stage (Enable RSS Feed on Button Bar option) NXE Font NXE Cover-flow replicating MarketPlace layout NXE Wallpapers - Loading Bootscreen (Default Wallpaper) NXE Sounds (experimental) NXE Loading console rings Animation NXE Panels Background (WIP) Readme + Install Instructions _ /\ _ _ _ _ |\ |\/(_ /--\|_|| (_)| (_|| \|/\(_ |_ . _ _| _ |_)\/ |\/(/_(_|(_| / \| AuroraNXE NXE skin for Aurora 0.7b by jveda Install: Drop files in Aurora Folder In Aurora -> (B) View -> Theme Turn off Animation Choose AuroraNXE CoverFlow Layout Go To Skin Status when Idle - Hide Choose AuroraNXE Skin Go to Display Turn off Profile / Disc Panel (Optional) **Turn On RSS Feed for NXE Stage (Optional)** Modified: Skin: Aurora Header Title 1:1 icon positioning to NXE Xenon Logo + Ring animation Xenon Logo glow animation Profile name + gamer pic / score Reflection Shader tweaks Remove Fluff UI Elements Reposition Game Title Reposition Game Count (<999) Reposition / Remove excess buttons Default Wallpaper Boot Screen NXE Loading Icon bootscreen RSS feed option converted to NXE Stage Visual Elements from NXE Known Bugs: Maybe animations for button(s) or others Panel Sizes ProgressBar Future Enhancements: Correct all animations / transitions Color enhancements to control elements NXE Dash themed pop up panes (IP) NXE Vertical Scrolling (np) NXE Flat Game Covers (?) Optional NXE Base built into skin (Done) NXE Profile Name Top Right. (Done) Xenon Logo Ripples (Done) (?) - even possible? Credits: jveda- Work above - NXE Recreation XUI in Aurora Micro$oft - Wallpapers, Icons, Font, Assets Elena from 360hub - Assets / Wallpapers Enjoy ;) change log: 01 - First Version 02 - Updated Preview Image Adjust button font color Added XenonLogo no rings for now 03 - Updated preview Add XenonLogo shadow Add XenonLogo Rings (!!) Add Profile + Gamerscore display Add start sound 04 - Fixed more animations RSS feed = Optional Stage Image ! CoverFlow now AuroraNXE name Added XenonLogo Glow Tweaked Xenon Ripples Fixed animations for Quick View WIP - Experimental Sound Support Start Sound - Enter Exit Sounds Test- Aurora Swoop anim/sound QV 05 - Boot screen changed to default NXE wallpaper Xenonlogo on Bootscreen Added Loading Icon to Bootscreen + NXE Loading Icon ported over Added some NXE Panel backgrounds Test for green highlights / buttons WIP - Animations Profile Thing top-right bugs with disc Proper Stage Color NXE Backgrounds for Panes Pane UI repositions Header Quickview Title ---------- Please let me know what you think. Follow for updates. Thanks! jveda Aurora_NXE_jveda_05.zip
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    Here's a skin for Aurora that I'm surprised hasn't ever been requested, especially given the Xbox 360's backwards compatibility with Xbox Classic games. Further improvements will be looked into towards the foreseeable future. Collaborations are welcome! Current version: v1.1 Previews Recommended cover layouts to use for your enjoyment with this skin: * Ribbon * Stand Up What's included: - Looping Ambience BGM (It's not random like the OG Xbox so you'll hear the same BGM on loop every 5 minutes, but it should be unnoticeable enough to not ruin the immersion.) - Animated & looping background - Custom SFX (Currently has a few SFX for basic button presses & game transitions. Special thanks to jveda & their AuroraNXE skin for the sound references) - Custom wallpapers (Based off the colors from UnleashX, put them in your Backgrounds folder at Xbox360\System\**Wherever Aurora is**\User\Backgrounds & choose from one of them in the Background option from the B button menu. They will not display on this particular theme but it's a trade-off.) - Windows XP style Aurora boot screen tweaked by me (IMO, it meshes very nicely with the skin as a startup.) To-Do List: * Replace the static wallpaper with video background (Animated frames can be done but I don't seem to have good luck with them as they always seem to crash at some point. These two skins made by @TRK_UNIT suggest that video backgrounds are possible to implement) Done! * Try to add more sounds to make it more authentic * Modify the UI to make it feel more like the OG Xbox such as the fonts & color scheme * Fix any issue or bugs present in the theme (Currently Animations are not working & accessing it will bring up the corrupted background texture ) Click on the attached file below to download it. Original Xbox theme v1.1 for Aurora v0.7b.2.zip
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    I saved not a lot of skins for aurora and wanted to share with you. The skins are not mine, I am not the author. also, these are not all skins from the forum, but only selective ones that I liked If you are too lazy to look for a skin suitable for you, here is a download for you. I don't claim authorship, and I won't be working on bag fix, so this is just a collection for people who don't want to search for a downloadable collection like me. I hope to improve someone's life) Good Luck! 02 zero two(phut hon).rar AstrOS_02.xzp Dash EN-US.xzp Default.xzp ElegantXbox10YearCelebXian07.xzp Material by x1024.cfljson Material.xzp Material_2.xzp Pack_Skins_Aurora_0.7b-20220924T105306Z-001.zip Particles.rar Resident evil 2 remake.rar SteamOS++.xzp SteamOS++_noNotif.xzp SteamOS++Phoenix.xzp SteamOS++Phoenix_noNotif.xzp SteamOS++Phoenix_Transparent.xzp SteamOS++Transparent.xzp The Last of Us Part II.rar The Last of Us Part II_v2.rar The Witcher 3.rar XboxXP.xzp
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    I used this skin as part of my tutorial on adding BGM to Aurora skins. Check it out! For those that want to have the Xbox 360's Avatar Editor BGM with this skin, I have made it available for you to download. NXE_with_BGM.xzp
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    Progress is being made on that front. Not only might you get netISO, but the dev who came up with cci images on the OG Xbox is working on doing that via netISO as well. So compressed 360 ISO/SVOD/GOD support, via network. Initial server stuff is finished, but we need to make something that can be built for embeded devices, so you can install it to your NAS/router....... And we still need to add support for OG xbox games, but since the guy who figured out the compression is working on it, I dont think that is really going to be an issue...... Hell, who knows, we might just add plain iso support for stuff like dvd images as well. lol. I dont think that would really be that hard after the fact. That being said, even if we do get all of that stuff done, there are still other things to address as well. We had plans for the next official release, then life happened, and it would be nice to pick up where we left off there. And with new features come new bugs. So there will be a ton of testing....... I am hopeful we have something interesting by christmas, at least internally. But that is also dependent of peoples time to work on the project, and says nothing about a release timeline. Just that we are trying to find time for the project, and keep it alive.
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    Dark Theme Ultimate.xzp Dark Theme Ultimate (No Music).xzp
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    A little pack i compiled to stylize your Aurora. I hope you find something you like! Background.zip
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    @jveda Can I just say how fantastic this skin is! As someone who has always liked 'stealth' or 'tasteful' mods, be that in game consoles or cars etc, I've always gone for something that increased the original functionality of a device but not at the cost of it looking OEM in design. for those reasons this skin feels perfect! I always loved the original blades and I didn't dislike the NXE menu, but the final menu MS put out just never sat right with me as something I enjoyed navigating or interacting with visually. with an RGH 360 Aurora and your skin, I think I've found the perfect balance of increased functionality (playing game backups) whilst keeping an OEM looking interface! the subtle xbox loading animations/icons are just perfect. I'm not sure if it's limited to just my install, but I did find a graphical glitch in a double loading bar on the title update page if you scroll between title updates when one is downloading - it seems to use the default animation and I'm guessing a newer one? I'd love to see this skin fully polished as much as possible, I'd happily make a small donation towards the project in hope of keeping your momentum up to really make this something special. Thanks!
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    Update - NXE QuickView Switching + Sounds, QuickView Title / Header
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    my made unique skin aurora. free download. check on video description thanks for watching preview bellow
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    Hi, LATEST VERSION: V3.3.0 r3 - 1/3/2024 Based on there being some interest I decide to post my J-Runner with Extras here to provide for y'all. Core Features: - Fully working in Windows Vista, 7, 8.x, 10, and 11! No more crashing! - 17559 Dashboard, 3.21 Dashlaunch, and 1.21 XeBuild support - Native FTDI Support (xFlasher and squirt) - SMC+ Support (Super fast glitch cycles without false success resets) - RGH3 Support - XL HDD/USB Support - Updated Program Timing File menu - Easy Donor Nand Creator - Cleanup the UI in general, loads of usability and quality of life improvements - Loads of various bugfixes all over the place, rewritten code for a more stable experience - AND LOTS MORE! System Requirements: - x86 based Windows PC (i386 or amd64) - Windows Vista SP2 or later - dotNET Framework 4.5.2 - USB 2.0 port for hardware devices Screenshot: Download Release Kind Regards, Josh
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    Noticed there wasn't a tutorial on adding music to the skins made for Aurora or the knowledge of it is scattered around random threads from some time ago. For those looking to add custom BGM tracks to their skins, I'll explain the process. You'll need: * A good ear & eye * A PC running Windows 7 or better ( Using a Mac or Linux? Then grab a Virtual Machine program such as VMFusion or VirtualBox & install Win7 or higher. ) * An Audio Editor ( We'll use Audacity as it has binaries made for Windows, Mac, & Linux. ) * Xuitool ( Part of the Microsoft Xbox 360 SDK which has the Xbox 360 Neighborhood, this is also why you need Windows to run this. ) * XZP skin file for Aurora, extracted somewhere ( For this tutorial, I'll use this awesome NXE skin made by jveda which didn't originally have BGM & put all the extracted stuff on my desktop. You can still follow along with your own skin & path. ) * Your custom music track that you want played on Aurora ( I will use the Xbox 360's Avatar Editor BGM. ) - Step 1 - Download Audacity from its website & install it. We'll come back to using it later. - Step 2 - Get the desired track you want as Aurora's custom BGM, audio format doesn't matter as long as Audacity supports it. - Step 3 - Start Audacity, then import your track. Drag the file to the audio editor's window or click File > Import > Audio & select your track. You should have it successfully imported. - Step 4 - This is where your good ear & eye is needed as you'll be editing & testing your music track many times until you feel it not only loops seamlessly, but that it also feels right. Make sure the project rate is set to 44100Hz. Once you are happy with how it sounds, move on to the next step. - Step 5 - Export your track from Audacity by clicking on File > Export > Export as WAV. Name the track whatever you want & save it wherever you want. [To make this tutorial easy on us, we're going to name it "song.wav" (Without quotes.) & on the desktop. IMPORTANT: You must export the track in 16-bit signed WAV format! Not 32-bit signed, not 24-bit signed, not 8-bit unsigned! Once your file is exported, you're all done with Audacity. Proceed to the next step. - Step 6 - We're now going to extract our XZP skin via the XZP Tool. The XZP files should be automatically associated with the tool once it's been installed, so you can just double-click on your XZP file to bring the program up with the contents inside shown. Otherwise you click on Open & point it to your skin file. You will then see a list of files & how they're structured. Click the first file on top (Usually Aurora_FileManager.xur), then while you hold your SHIFT key, go the bottom last file & click on it. If done correctly, you will have all the content files highlighted. Create a folder to put all the files in, then drag them out from XZP Tool to there. Any folder name will work as long as the file structures are unchanged. For my example. I will name my folder NXE_with_BGM as that will soon be the skin's name. - Step 7 - Now let's look inside our folder, it may or may not already have a sound folder. (Mine has one, only for SFX though.) If it does not, then create a new folder. Name it whatever you want, but I suggest "Sounds" (without quotes) to make it easier on you. Once it is made, drag your WAV file exported from Audacity & slide it in that folder. - Step 8 - Open the Xbox UI Authoring Tool. Close out the XUI1 template as we are not making a skin for Aurora in this tutorial. Make sure you have the Aurora Elements extension installed to enable the modifications of the skin files. Download the script from the Aurora website & put it anywhere you want. I made an Aurora folder in Xbox 360 SDK folder & extracted everything there, so the path looks like C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Xbox 360 SDK\Aurora. Once the tool is up, check if the extension is installed by going to Tools > Options > General > XML Extensions. If it's not there, add it & then restart the program for it to take effect. Our focus is going to be on the Aurora_Main.XUR file inside the extracted skin folder. Let's first rename it to "Aurora_Main_OLD.XUR" (Without quotes) as it will act as a backup file. We will delete it later once we're done. Double click the Aurora_Main_OLD.XUR file & you should see a window open inside the program. You can't modify anything in the XUR format, so you must save it as a XUI file. Do that by clicking File > Save As... & name it Aurora_Main_XUI.XUI. Keep that saved in the skin's folder for now. - Step 9 - You now have the Aurora_Main_XUI.XUI file you recently saved. It will look the same as the XUR file earlier, but this time you'll be able to modify it. The top left area where it says [XuiCanvas] is our focus. Click on Aurora, then go to the Application Layer. This is the place where our music will be added. Now look to the left side where there are various tool icons & hover your mouse towards the Windows 95-looking speaker, that is "XAudio Sound" which is what we want. Click on the speaker icon & your cursor will turn into a crosshair when hovering over the skin preview area below the keyframes. Go ahead & click anywhere you want in the gray rectangle or skin preview, placement does not matter as it will be invisible once the skin gets rebuilt. You'll notice a new group was created called XuiSoundXAudio at the layer area. In Properties, you should also see ' XuiSoundXAudio : XuiSound : XuiElement '. - Step 10 - Now we'll get to finally adding our track! So click on the recently created XuiSoundXAudio group & go to Properties. You can change the ID name to whatever you want, but if you want to make it easy on yourself, I suggest naming it "BGM" or "Music" (Without quotes.) Scroll all the way down while in Properties until you see File & Volume. By default XuiTools leaves the File area blank & doesn't know where your custom track is. At File, click the three dots near the empty white box to bring up the file browser. Find the folder you saved the WAV file of your track to (In this example, it's in "Sounds") & select it. It has now been added to XuiTools, you should see a path made of your selected WAV file near File. Something like "\Sounds\song.wav". Also by default, XuiTools sets the music volume at -12.000000. You can change it to whatever you want, but anything lower than the default may result in the music being too quiet. If you already made the track quieter on Audacity, you can just set it to 0.000000 or still change it. Since I already edited the track, I'll have the volume at 0.000000 Make sure that 'Play' is enabled in the State area & check the "Loop" box so that it will keep playing your track endlessly from start to finish. Otherwise it will only play once & never again until you return to Aurora. Now let's check if the BGM plays in XuiTools by previewing it via File > Preview (F5). If everything was set up correctly, then you should have your track playing on loop which means it'll play on your Xbox 360! Once you got confirmation, close out the preview. If stuck on full view, change the windows to Cascade style & click the red X mark on the corner where it says XUI. Well done! You now have a working BGM track that loops! But we're not done yet, we are close to the end though. - Step 11 - Now we're ready to save the changes & will convert our XUI file to XUR with the new information added. Go to File > Export As Binary, then save the file as "Aurora_Main.XUR" (Without quotes) to your skin folder. You're all done with XuiTool, so go ahead & close it. Go to the folder now & make sure it is not moved out of there or put it in one of its subfolders, your skin will not load on the Xbox 360 console if that happens. Then delete the Aurora_Main_XUI.XUI & Aurora_Main_OLD.XUR files from the skin's folder as they are not needed anymore. If the skin doesn't work, we can just simply convert that newly made XUR file to XUI & convert the XUI file to XUR again after modifying it. - Step 12 - Once you have the new Aurora_Main.XUR file nested in with the rest of the XUR files & you have your specific music track saved in that folder that you pointed XuiTools towards, we will rebuild everything in that extracted folder back to an XZP file. If you want to change the skin's display name & values on Aurora, you can either use the Skin Meta Generator program or open the skin.meta file with a text editing program like Notepad++. Overwrite the old skin.meta file if you updated it so that you don't mistake it as a clone of the older skin. Open XZP Tools again & click on the Rebuild button. Then have it point at your skin folder. I do not think the version matters, so pick whatever one (In my example, I selected "Version 1".) Then click OK to rebuild the XZP skin for Aurora, it will be done once the status say 'Ready' & the newly built XZP file appears. Double check that everything's OK inside by opening the newly built XZP file in the XZP Tool. There should be your new music track in the package file (In my example it would be named "Sounds\song.wav" with Sounds being the folder it's in & song.wav being the custom BGM track itself.) - Step 13 - Okay! Now it's time to turn on our Xbox 360 console & try our new skin out with the BGM track. You can either transfer the new XZP file to the 360's HDD via USB, FTP, Ethernet, or FATXplorer. Regardless of your method of transfer, send it to Aurora's Skins folder, where the default skin is saved. Once you're in Aurora, press the B button on your controller to bring up a menu. Go over to the Skins option & select the new skin you made. You'll likely need to restart Aurora for it to take effect, so either Restart or Reboot the Xbox 360, or if you've set Aurora as your default dashboard then just hit the Guide button & simply select Aurora Home from the quick menu & answer yes. - Final Step - Aurora should now load again after the console has been rebooted or restarted. If you've managed to follow the steps laid out in this tutorial, you should now have your very own custom BGM track playing on the Aurora dashboard & on loop. Congratulations!!! Now you can listen to your jam while you're exploring every nook & cranny of Aurora! Give yourself a pat on the back for putting it all together!
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    This is based on the work from Srealmoreno Features: Added the loading screen from "Xbox One X" to "Transparent theme" Skin from Salvador Real. Updated Xbox logos with higher quality ones. Modern background. Updated "about" logos. Colored loading icons: Green I (Soft), Green II (Bright), & White. Xbox 360 Dark Theme Updated - Green I.xzp Xbox 360 Dark Theme Updated - White.xzp Xbox 360 Dark Theme Updated - Green II.xzp
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    Howdy everyone I've been hard at work creating my first full theme for Aurora and I'd like to share it with you all! --- Screenshots Alternate (Dark) Splash screen: Light (default) Splash Screen: Home screen with looping animated background: Game Details: Use this option to enable the Dark themed loading screen: System Menu: Settings Menu: File Browser: Game Browser: Loading spinner: Overscan options: --- Details Skin size: 7.3 MB (when extracted) Download: CP2077 [JMD].rar Enjoy!
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    This is an animation ive put together for those who like original with a hint of pepper Bootanim Glitch.zip
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    190 в 1 тренере XBLA 179 в 1 Сохраните редакторы 400 игры Игра Aurora Trainers pack 603 - 2018 Treners xyz 150 игра 360haven treners 54 игра Программа XPG_Chameleon_v1.30 Программа XYZProject V0.1.9 Программа XYZTrainer V2.1 + 600 траншеекопателей https://disk.yandex.ru/d/g-zjrL2jsceF2w https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1DPQgVGkSmo85J03Re14zgE1DhwmyXEbQ?usp=sharing
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    A Little over a week ago i released Aurora Asset Editor v1.0, now i'm back with a new version for you, the new version features FTP support aswell as the ability to load/convert FSD's .assets to Aurora, i also added support for grabbing assets from xbox.com and xboxunity.net same as Aurora does (when it comes to images atleast) If you need information on how this application works, check the original release thread: http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/5282-aurora-asset-editor-a-graphical-editor-for-auroras-asset-files/ for more information Here's a changelog of what has changed since v1.0: Here are some screenshots of the new features in action: AuroraAssetEditor_v1.1.rar
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    I like Aurora but the only thing missing is ui sounds. I tried to make skin with ui sounds myself but I just can't wrap my head around it for now. Could anyone make this come true? I think many people would love it
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    Xbox 360 10-Year Anniversary Skin by Xian07 With transparency all across the dashboard. Elegant and clean design + fonts. Fully tried and tested, no bugs as of now. Compatible with Aurora 0.7B Screenshots: (Had to compress images to post hence shit quality ) (If you want the best animation effect like shown in the screenshots, use these settings or just tweak them to your preference :P) Download: ElegantXbox10YearCelebXian07.xzp (Mirror: PixelDrain) Credits: Based on a skin by Srealmoreno. Thanks.
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    Was casually fixing friend's Xbox360 and suddenly translated Aurora 0.7b to Ukrainian Briefly checked for any mistakes, but if anyone see something wrong - let me know. Дякую, всім добра. UA-UA 07b.xml UA-UA 07b.xzp
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    Run this Aurora script: https://github.com/jrobiche/xbox360-aurora-scripts/tree/main/DeviceIDUpdater
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    Gave this skin a little facelift for those still using it but wish it caught up to the present time. It has been updated to celebrate 20 years of Xbox & now has looping BGM music! BGM music is the Original Xbox Demos Main Menu, it has been extended from the original source. Still works on Aurora v0.7b.2 & no issues have been spotted. Also made one without the BGM for those who prefer silence. Click on one of the files below to download them. ElegantXbox20Year_with_BGM.xzp ElegantXbox20Year.xzp
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    Skin Aurora 0.7b Here I leave you the last Skin that i elaborate, style Xbox one X. Changes made: -Change of interface -Change of colors to the buttons -Change of icons -Now you can see the name of the profile with a DVD inserted -Change animation to notification -Sound in notification -Change of interface in details of the games -Change of quick view -Change of color to the effects. -Enimation of home style xbox one x (there are two, you can choose it in alternative start) -Default layout with some changes for the theme. -Change of theme background -Avatar in the beginning with Scena bigger for animations are not cut -Among others Link: https://mega.nz/#F!kCw0nTbR!ZAg2ZrYRFZv_FfgvSQirSg Dash EN-US.xzp Dash Spanish.xzp Theme of skin and layout "Dash" By: Srealmoreno Captures:
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    Thank you so much for taking my request. This is an awesome skin friend. I used it with a black background for an xbox one style look.
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    probably a virus in the files. No reason to not post the files here instead of having you jump through hoops and send dms for passwords.
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    Here is the latest AURORA 0.7B.2 USB version. AURORA 0.7B.2 USB.rar
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    Greetings! I've been toying around and made a Retrowave-styled skin based on Skin Elegant by Srealmoreno. Features: animated background animated loading screens background music Retrowave.xzp
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    skin based on star wars with a compilation of images of the saga skin.xzp place the file in the following path: / HDD1 / Aurora / Skins Layouts includes a custom file so that the covers look smaller and you can enjoy the best aspects of skin that you can see on the image 3DA post . path: / HDD1 / Aurora / Media / Layouts StarWArSkin.rar I apologize for my bad English and my domain if I made any error in the publication of this work
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    Hello all. I made a translation for Aurora 7.0b to polish language. The translation is done 100%. Maybe someone will use it. File: PL-PLv3.xzp CRC-32: a0aa1aee MD4: e952eb6c075d72d8f00a26de8cbf59ba MD5: b89568d3857ca19259caded7c56a61fe SHA-1: 966d42441d85261eb89ede1659b42ef23336c151 File : pl-PL piterk.dat CRC-32: 3c94a636 MD4: 3eb44b6ed30a12b4f506b4437c4d3bef MD5: e4a5502cc36b0237ce9e743232b5fbd5 SHA-1: 1f05707bdd3090ffd2c467cf7084c1e88044b480 File: PL-PL.xml CRC-32: 40725723 MD4: c6f4c2d1126c860df9b0f59034b7e1c9 MD5: 9b50089029ad12691fc6c4e20f769261 SHA-1: 35b4dd5fe360aec73b35686dc691879b3e39da88 pl-PL piterk.dat PL-PL.xml PL-PLv3.xzp
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    Coverflow WheelArcade diseñado por mi para Aurora 0.7B Xbox 360, espero sea de su agrado WheelArcade Default: WheelArcade Default by adriancaz.cfljson WheelArcade WebOS: WheelArcade webOS by adriancaz.cfljson
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    The User Doom from obscure gamers board has reported Code execution on Xbox One Boot Rom, before anything is loaded. How he get access to the Boot Rom is currently not known. More information will follow in the Future. Source: nitter.poast.org
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    This is my Remake Skin from Retrowave Hope u like it 🙂🙂🙂
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    How's the progress? Can't wait for the new update
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    Great background, can you post too with removed the anniversary only to have standart xbox 360, anyone absolute top theme, i will use this on my console, respect to all modders for beautiful themes
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    The option requires a key and I cannot redistribute that legally. You will need to find the devgl files yourself and install them to the program to use that option. Kind Regards, Josh
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    This is sick! I am working on a similar skin which feels like the native Xbox Experience but the fixed mapping of navigation buttons makes it really hard. The coverflow capturing all controller events when selected makes some navigation literally impossible. I went as deep as to explore auroras scripting with lua but haven't had to time to dive in further. A small doc writing down your experience and hickups on the way would be helpful to others trying to create skins. Awesome work here, keep it up!
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    Aurora has a script that removes duplicates can't remember what it's called. But you can download that script from within Aurora itself. The devs state to use a fresh install of Aurora & not to download from an old existing Aurora version etc. As you could get issues. Don't copy n paste over your existing Aurora files. Delete your old Aurora files & push over a fresh Aurora v0.7b.2 folder etc
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    from 2.0.8 to 2.1.1b https://mega.nz/folder/cFtGARzY#AotFxCPgfdAMt98nzxksyA
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    Thanks for keeping the Xbox 360 scene breathing, thanks Mattie, StelioKontos and everyone in the team involved, thanks for the effort and the amazing work ❤️
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    Yeah dude i know i also took one from my Xbox 360 but it was pretty big I couldn't upload well here is the password remmigiosh@modnetwork.net
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    😀 cOz presents us with a new version of DashLaunch, now supporting the new 17559 Kernel and earlier versions. . . ******* V3.21 - add 17559 - minor bugfixes ******* https://bit.ly/32SCCsL 👆👆👆 ******* special thanks ❤ cOz / RubensYama . 👦 Thanks for keeping the Xbox 360 scene alive ✌ dash_launch_v3.21.zip
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    Game: Bankshot Billiards 2 TitleID: 584107EC MediaID: 00000000 BaseVersion: ? Version: TU3 (TU#3) Bankshot_Billiards_2_Title_Update__3.zip
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    So I originally made Spread a while ago but decided to revisit it to fix things and add new stuff. V2 is the same original look but now includes all extra views which I had never finished. I also based a couple of views off of Rising Phoenix. Spread was originally designed to go with the S.H.I.E.L.D skin by Sm0k3 Tr4c3r, but feel free to try it out on your favorite skin as well. Unzip and install to Aurora/Media/Layouts/<file goes here> Enable by pressing "B" then tab over to Theme and Select Cover Layout Spread V2 by Quattrogam3r.zip normal
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    Anything I can do to help contribute! So much is done here for free for everyone that it's the least anyone can do if they can't code, do hardware, or make skins. I know a bit about the electronics side also so whenever I see someone in need of help I'll put my two cents in when its useful.
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