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    Hello everyone This is a beta release of Aurora NXE - an NXE inspired theme for Aurora. It is pretty incomplete beyond the home screen I am still working on it. you may experience some UI bugs but for general use is great. Features Xbox Logo with Ripples + Glow Animation NXE Stage (Enable RSS Feed on Button Bar option) NXE Font NXE Cover-flow replicating MarketPlace layout NXE Wallpapers - Loading Bootscreen (Default Wallpaper) NXE Sounds (experimental) NXE Loading console rings Animation NXE Panels Background (WIP) Readme + Install Instructions _ /\ _ _ _ _ |\ |\/(_ /--\|_|| (_)| (_|| \|/\(_ |_ . _ _| _ |_)\/ |\/(/_(_|(_| / \| AuroraNXE NXE skin for Aurora 0.7b by jveda Install: Drop files in Aurora Folder In Aurora -> (B) View -> Theme Turn off Animation Choose AuroraNXE CoverFlow Layout Go To Skin Status when Idle - Hide Choose AuroraNXE Skin Go to Display Turn off Profile / Disc Panel (Optional) **Turn On RSS Feed for NXE Stage (Optional)** Modified: Skin: Aurora Header Title 1:1 icon positioning to NXE Xenon Logo + Ring animation Xenon Logo glow animation Profile name + gamer pic / score Reflection Shader tweaks Remove Fluff UI Elements Reposition Game Title Reposition Game Count (<999) Reposition / Remove excess buttons Default Wallpaper Boot Screen NXE Loading Icon bootscreen RSS feed option converted to NXE Stage Visual Elements from NXE Known Bugs: Maybe animations for button(s) or others Panel Sizes ProgressBar Future Enhancements: Correct all animations / transitions Color enhancements to control elements NXE Dash themed pop up panes (IP) NXE Vertical Scrolling (np) NXE Flat Game Covers (?) Optional NXE Base built into skin (Done) NXE Profile Name Top Right. (Done) Xenon Logo Ripples (Done) (?) - even possible? Credits: jveda- Work above - NXE Recreation XUI in Aurora Micro$oft - Wallpapers, Icons, Font, Assets Elena from 360hub - Assets / Wallpapers Enjoy ;) change log: 01 - First Version 02 - Updated Preview Image Adjust button font color Added XenonLogo no rings for now 03 - Updated preview Add XenonLogo shadow Add XenonLogo Rings (!!) Add Profile + Gamerscore display Add start sound 04 - Fixed more animations RSS feed = Optional Stage Image ! CoverFlow now AuroraNXE name Added XenonLogo Glow Tweaked Xenon Ripples Fixed animations for Quick View WIP - Experimental Sound Support Start Sound - Enter Exit Sounds Test- Aurora Swoop anim/sound QV 05 - Boot screen changed to default NXE wallpaper Xenonlogo on Bootscreen Added Loading Icon to Bootscreen + NXE Loading Icon ported over Added some NXE Panel backgrounds Test for green highlights / buttons WIP - Animations Profile Thing top-right bugs with disc Proper Stage Color NXE Backgrounds for Panes Pane UI repositions Header Quickview Title ---------- Please let me know what you think. Follow for updates. Thanks! jveda Aurora_NXE_jveda_05.zip
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    Progress is being made on that front. Not only might you get netISO, but the dev who came up with cci images on the OG Xbox is working on doing that via netISO as well. So compressed 360 ISO/SVOD/GOD support, via network. Initial server stuff is finished, but we need to make something that can be built for embeded devices, so you can install it to your NAS/router....... And we still need to add support for OG xbox games, but since the guy who figured out the compression is working on it, I dont think that is really going to be an issue...... Hell, who knows, we might just add plain iso support for stuff like dvd images as well. lol. I dont think that would really be that hard after the fact. That being said, even if we do get all of that stuff done, there are still other things to address as well. We had plans for the next official release, then life happened, and it would be nice to pick up where we left off there. And with new features come new bugs. So there will be a ton of testing....... I am hopeful we have something interesting by christmas, at least internally. But that is also dependent of peoples time to work on the project, and says nothing about a release timeline. Just that we are trying to find time for the project, and keep it alive.
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    Greetings! I've been toying around and made a Retrowave-styled skin based on Skin Elegant by Srealmoreno. Features: animated background animated loading screens background music Retrowave.xzp
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    I saved not a lot of skins for aurora and wanted to share with you. The skins are not mine, I am not the author. also, these are not all skins from the forum, but only selective ones that I liked If you are too lazy to look for a skin suitable for you, here is a download for you. I don't claim authorship, and I won't be working on bag fix, so this is just a collection for people who don't want to search for a downloadable collection like me. I hope to improve someone's life) Good Luck! 02 zero two(phut hon).rar AstrOS_02.xzp Dash EN-US.xzp Default.xzp ElegantXbox10YearCelebXian07.xzp Material by x1024.cfljson Material.xzp Material_2.xzp Pack_Skins_Aurora_0.7b-20220924T105306Z-001.zip Particles.rar Resident evil 2 remake.rar SteamOS++.xzp SteamOS++_noNotif.xzp SteamOS++Phoenix.xzp SteamOS++Phoenix_noNotif.xzp SteamOS++Phoenix_Transparent.xzp SteamOS++Transparent.xzp The Last of Us Part II.rar The Last of Us Part II_v2.rar The Witcher 3.rar XboxXP.xzp
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    A new version has been uploaded with all of the current locales hardcoded - you can find the new version here: https://github.com/XboxUnity/AuroraAssetEditor/releases/tag/v1.3.3
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    Hi, LATEST VERSION: V3.3.0 - 7/2/2023 Based on there being some interest I decide to post my J-Runner with Extras here to provide for y'all. Core Features: - Fully working in Windows Vista, 7, 8.x, 10, and 11! No more crashing! - 17559 Dashboard, 3.21 Dashlaunch, and 1.21 XeBuild support - Native FTDI Support (xFlasher and squirt) - SMC+ Support (Super fast glitch cycles without false success resets) - RGH3 Support - Updated Program Timing File menu - Easy Donor Nand Creator - Cleanup the UI in general, loads of usability and quality of life improvements - Loads of various bugfixes all over the place, rewritten code for a more stable experience - AND LOTS MORE! System Requirements: - x86 based Windows PC (i386 or amd64) - Windows Vista SP2 or later - dotNET Framework 4.5.2 - USB 2.0 port for hardware devices Screenshot: Download Release Kind Regards, Josh
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    I wrote a basic script that should accomplish this. Let me know if there are any issues. https://github.com/jrobiche/xbox360-aurora-scripts/tree/main/DeviceIDUpdater
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    I've decided to release this update now, it's been ready for quite some time, i just didn't feel like uploading it anywhere until now... so... here it is below you'll find the readme/changelog the update is attatched to the thread... As with most of my other tools, it is open source, this hasn't changed since v1.2... the code is however not included with the download, instead you can find it here: https://github.com/Swizzy/XDK_Projects/tree/master/Simple%20360%20NAND%20Flasher Simple 360 NAND Flasher v1.4b BETA.rar Simple 360 NAND Flasher v1.4b_Italian BETA.rar Simple 360 NAND Flasher v1.4b_Portuguese BETA.rar Simple 360 NAND Flasher v1.4b_Russian BETA.rar Simple 360 NAND Flasher v1.4b_German BETA.rar
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    Xbox 360 10-Year Anniversary Skin by Xian07 With transparency all across the dashboard. Elegant and clean design + fonts. Fully tried and tested, no bugs as of now. Compatible with Aurora 0.7B Screenshots: (Had to compress images to post hence shit quality ) (If you want the best animation effect like shown in the screenshots, use these settings or just tweak them to your preference :P) Download: ElegantXbox10YearCelebXian07.xzp (Mirror: 1:AnonFiles 2:PixelDrain) Credits: Based on a skin by Srealmoreno. Thanks.
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    Greetings! I've been toying around and made some xbox one inspired boot animations. This one is with Xbox One startup sound: bootanimchq-1.wmv And this one is with original Xbox 360 startup sound: bootanimohq-1.wmv With Xbox One startup sound and Microsoft logo: bootanimchqm-1.wmv With original Xbox 360 startup sound and Microsoft logo: bootanimohqm-1.wmv Haven't tried them myself yet, so let me know if it works fine.
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    Added the Avatar. No major changes. This is still the original Aurora default.xzp but with the avatar. It is offset for a reason. I did have a version 1 afew years back I uploaded to another group but avatar was far to the left screen. but never uploaded it anywhere else thank god😅 as recently I noticed when running props with my avatar it will cut out of the screen & the scene wasn't large enough & it looked weird when running props but looked nice with just the avatar. Lmao I have tested this v2 version extensively with large prop animations & everything seems to work fine within that scene & not cut out of the scene. So now all avatar prop animations will fit & work along side your avatar. Why it's offset to the right of the screen. https://drive.google.com/file/d/12xtQebsvROtXA1taqf3ywq_qfRLRlAKZ/view?usp=drivesdk
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    SKIN AURORA 0.7b2 [v2.0] FINAL RELEASE | XBOX 360 Jtag/RGH - YouTube At 1000 Likes on one of my videos there will be a link.
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    Here is the latest AURORA 0.7B.2 USB version. AURORA 0.7B.2 USB.rar
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    Was casually fixing friend's Xbox360 and suddenly translated Aurora 0.7b to Ukrainian Briefly checked for any mistakes, but if anyone see something wrong - let me know. Дякую, всім добра. UA-UA 07b.xml UA-UA 07b.xzp
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    I'm not sure of the best way to get the Title Name at the moment, but I can try to help with the other questions. For the tray state, you can use either Aurora.GetDVDTrayState() which returns the following (this does not match the DvdTrayState in Enums.lua): 0 if tray is Open 1 ??? (possibly if tray is Error) 2 if tray is Closed 3 if tray is Opening 4 if tray is Closing Or you can use Dvd.GetTrayState() which returns the following (this matches the DvdTrayState in Enums.lua): 1 if tray is Closing 2 if tray is Open 3 if tray is Opening 4 if tray is Closed 5 if tray is Error For the media type, you can use Dvd.GetMediaType() whose return value matches the DvdMediaType in Enums.lua
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    Aurora is a great piece of software but I'm one of those people who likes a stock look on their modified console. And we all know that NXE was the best 360 dashboard before MS started changing it with those awful tiles So I've been playing about with Aurora Coverflow Layout Editor and have managed to create this: It's a bit of a hack - CLE doesn't seem to officially let you have your library only appear on one side so I cheated and just pushed the other side off the screen entirely 😂 It's still WIP and needs a little tweaking but overall, I think it comes pretty close. The left and right motion works great. However, I don't know if it's possible to use the vertical controls to change categories without changing how Aurora works underneath. The above screenshot uses the avatar from @KiwiMeoWii but I'd like to understand from them how we can tweak that. I don't think the original NXE dashboard had the avatar in this position but it's still how I remember it, so I'm going to have it present on mine. The layout and background from this are attached in this thread. I'll keep working on this to improve it! Xbox 360 NXE 2 by LeoG.cfljson
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    A fully working version of freestyledash3 without any issues downloading covers(uses the cover api of xboxunity) or throwing random exceptions. Screenshots: Known issues: - weather api isnt updated and therefore wont work - LiNK isnt working If you find any new issues or want to fix the weather api for some reason contact me and ill give you the updated source code or fix the issue. I can't just fully publish the source code for legal issues. fsd3.zip
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    I wanted to have a Windows XP style boot screen for Aurora so I made one. It has both dark and light, just change the "Alternate Splash Screen" option in the skin menu. This theme just changes the Aurora loading screen, so if you have a theme you already like, feel free to extract the XZP with XZPtool and just copy AuroraLoading.xur and the Images folder (no overwrites) to your preferred theme. XboxXP.xzp
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    Have just donated too 👍 Thanks for what you do and hope to see some more!
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    Do you enjoy Aurora? Enjoy playing on LiNK? Enjoy XboxUnity? If you answered yes to any or all of those, you better get a post in this thread!! Since I have been holding on to my donation for the Phoenix team until I could do something cool with it,,, Here is the deal... for every person that posts a thank you message to the Phoenix team in this thread, I will personally donate $0.25 to the team (max $25.00 {100 people} for this round) if you'd like to make your own donation to them you can do it HERE As a thank you from me, to everyone for showing their support,,I am sharing my first "semi-complete" HUD theme for use with Aurora With info and base files from gavin_darkglider HERE (creds to him for the file processing work, The "Aurora Home" text, and the base aurora icon) I have built on his work to create this modified HUD for everyone to show off their Phoenix / Aurora support!! Here is a list of changes from the stock HUD Custom "Aurora Home" button text & base Aurora icon - gavin_darkglider Custom Game info scene and text relocation - begal Custom "Phoenix" and "Aurora" logo's in hud - begal Custom Green temp gauges when signed in - begal Custom color/design Icons that change color/design when button is in focus - begal (prob more im forgetting, that's what happens when you get old kids LOL) System Link Button Focus (notice icon change) File browser (more custom colored icons) Install to Plugins\HudScene\** **be sure to backup your original files if necessary before overwriting them** HudScene_Aurora_Custom_begal.rar NEW VERSIONS JULY 4, 2015 This new V2 uses the "glow box" visual used in the default Aurora skin HudScene_AuroraGlowVersion_begal.rar This V3 combines the "glow box" visual as well as a turquoise(ish) home tab (I was able to easily match the temp guages color to the Aurora color code, but coloring the hud tab was done by changing the color write flags so it is not quite the same as the aurora color but I thought some people may still like it so figured id share it as well, I did it this way because to my knowledge only the outline of the tab can be colored using other methods ) Turq home tab_Aurora glow box game scene.rar Thank you to all the devs and site staff that make all this possible !!!!!! begal
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    Runs in aurora. Just never fully finished it. This is the front end of it.
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    Simple Default Dark Skin with Awesome Loading by REZ Dark.xzp
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    This is an animation ive put together for those who like original with a hint of pepper Bootanim Glitch.zip
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    Josh Lineberry developed an "Aurora Asset Manager Script/Ultimate Xbox 360 hard drive database setup/modding tool" - he posted several YouTube videos of the tool. It seems it would solve what your looking for. I haven't seen the script on the GitHb, or available for download anywhere but is definitely some great work. If Josh reads the forum, hopefully he'll release the script to the community, I hate having to manual update the UUID in the database when upgrading HDDs, especially with the new XL HDD capabilities for 16TB drives.
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    Xbox changed the way that the links work on https://www.xbox.com/en-US/Shell/ChangeLocale so the locale can no longer be parsed from just the HTML I think the easiest solution would be to just hard code the locale list. I'll try reaching out to Swizzy to see if this is an ok solution In the meantime, I built a version with the en-US locale hard coded and attached it to this message If you want to build it yourself, download the source code and insert the following line between lines 71 and 72 of XboxAssetDownloader.cs ret.Add(new XboxLocale("en-US", "United States - English")); AuroraAssetEditor_v1.3.2_en-US.zip
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    What are all those DECRYPT_INFORMATION.html files doing in there? Also some have duplicate subfolder, like 354807DD, 434D0806, 445407D1, etc... Also, 55530879 contain a "rom" folder with "3.0.8-nAa-03_ST15.img"? 485507D1 contains "alcatel-onetouchmanager-2-2-1305-2155.exe". Not sure what 5553085D contains, rupi and ogg files??? *edit* I've cleaned all useless files and added missing trainer from Inkenet's 2018 Trainer Pack. Also removed the minecraft TU. only 45MB now. Aurora Trainers 578 Pack [clean].rar
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    Thank you so much for taking my request. This is an awesome skin friend. I used it with a black background for an xbox one style look.
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    @jveda Can I just say how fantastic this skin is! As someone who has always liked 'stealth' or 'tasteful' mods, be that in game consoles or cars etc, I've always gone for something that increased the original functionality of a device but not at the cost of it looking OEM in design. for those reasons this skin feels perfect! I always loved the original blades and I didn't dislike the NXE menu, but the final menu MS put out just never sat right with me as something I enjoyed navigating or interacting with visually. with an RGH 360 Aurora and your skin, I think I've found the perfect balance of increased functionality (playing game backups) whilst keeping an OEM looking interface! the subtle xbox loading animations/icons are just perfect. I'm not sure if it's limited to just my install, but I did find a graphical glitch in a double loading bar on the title update page if you scroll between title updates when one is downloading - it seems to use the default animation and I'm guessing a newer one? I'd love to see this skin fully polished as much as possible, I'd happily make a small donation towards the project in hope of keeping your momentum up to really make this something special. Thanks!
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    SKIN AURORA 0.7b2 |Vidéo Background Nissan| XBOX 360 Jtag/RGH - YouTube
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    Lips Party Classics Four in One (EN) =================================== This guide will let you have all the songs included in the four Lips games available in Lips Party Classics so that you can run it on an JTAG/RGH Xbox 360 and not need to having to switch disks to access the songs included on the other disks. You will first need to own the EU versions of the Lips games: - Lips (EUR) [Disc 3] - Lips Number One Hits (EUR) [Disc 10] - Lips Party Classics (EUR) [Disc 13] - Lips I Love the 80s (EUR)[Disc 17] These specific versions are needed for this hack to work. To know which disc each game is you can check the LPS.xml file that is available in the "lps" directory on each game disc for the DISC_INDEX line. <DISC_INDEX>10</DISC_INDEX> in the file would indicate that it is Disc 10. We will use the title "Lips Party Classics"as a base since this is the last version to work with many wired microphones as I understand it. Follow these steps: 1. Make a temporary folder on your computer and extract the contents of "Lips.4.in.1.zip" here. 2. Copy the content from the Lips discs to the folders matching it's disc number. - Files from "Lips (EUR)" goes into folder "3" - Files from "Lips Number One Hits" goes into folder "10" - Files from "Lips Party Classics (EUR)" goes into folder "13" - Files from "Lips I Love the 80s (EUR)" goes into folder "17" 3. Now run the scripts to create the "Lips 4 in 1 (EUR)" version. - If you are on a windows PC you run "Pack_Lips_4in1_WIN.bat" - If you are on a Mac you run "Pack_Lips_4in1_MAC.sh" - If you are using Linux you run "Pack_Lips_4in1_LIN.sh" 4. Copy the folder "Lips.4.in.1.EUR" to your modded Xbox 360 and run the game. It should now show all 160 songs of all four games and you never need to switch discs again. If you have any old save games for Lips on your Xbox 360 you will need to delete them to make this hack work properly as the game saves a cached list of all songs to the save file. CAREFUL! If you have any DLC you do not need to delete that. Only the save file. Hope you like this and have fun singing! Lips.4.in.1.zip
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    Skin green color to Aurora 7b/ 0.7b.2 r1655 Download Layouts Aurora.rar
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    Зібрати за допомогою Language Pack Compiler. Однак мені довелось склонити його з Github(https://github.com/XboxUnity/AuroraLanguagePackCompiler) та скомпілювати самостійно у Visual Studio. Скомпільований бінарь в архіві. Але якщо не довіряєш випадковому .exe від випадкового типа з інтернету - в компіляції нічого складного. AuroraLanguagePackCompiler.zip
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    hi is there already a fix for this. i have a trinity slim but i cant open the emulator and i cant also open xell but the console boots just fine. how do i fix this?
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    Howdy everyone I've been hard at work creating my first full theme for Aurora and I'd like to share it with you all! --- Screenshots Alternate (Dark) Splash screen: Light (default) Splash Screen: Home screen with looping animated background: Game Details: Use this option to enable the Dark themed loading screen: System Menu: Settings Menu: File Browser: Game Browser: Loading spinner: Overscan options: --- Details Skin size: 7.3 MB (when extracted) Download: CP2077 [JMD].rar Enjoy!
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    Looks good. Yeah you need to extract the xzp into xur then you can start to do what you want & make the skin your own
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    I have no words and spectacular, finally a skin worthy of being called a skin would be the most beautiful skin without discussion hoping that you will have the time to complete it and publish it and if possible also add the avatar on the home screen. It would become the default skin on all my installations of rgh that I'm selling
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    To achieve perfection, if possible, the speed of the animation movements should be corrected
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    Awesome work! Glad to see this working 😀
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    Hi guys! I recently started to create a mod for simple 360 nand flasher! The mod adds the ability to choose a drive and folder to read\write to\from instead of only using the files in the XEX folder I would be really happy if y'all can give it a spin and send me some feedback This is just the start so your feedback would be greatly appreciated! Link to github
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    Thanks for keeping the Xbox 360 scene breathing, thanks Mattie, StelioKontos and everyone in the team involved, thanks for the effort and the amazing work ❤️
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    Guys I have such a question, as you understand from the title of the theme, I would like to add sound to the scrolling of the cover layouts, how can I achieve this.
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    Yeah dude i know i also took one from my Xbox 360 but it was pretty big I couldn't upload well here is the password remmigiosh@modnetwork.net
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    TITLE ID: 4D53085B MEDIA ID: 566C10D3 TU: 1 By AxR, Tested by me only in single player, might work for lan party?? no guarntees Cheats: God mode Inf Ammo/No Reload Inf Grenades Inf Sprint 4D53085B.zip
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    Aurora is way better and it's far more stable it's also being updated so hopefully in the near future it will have everything that FSD has, and way more. FSD is good but it's very laggy sometimes especially when you have lots of games. Plus FSD servers are down. I still see many people still use it, but the end, everyone's opinion is different. You can't just say Aurora is not good, it's like insulting the team who made it. I'm not a developer, but I know it's not easy to make a dash like Aurora.
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    Awesome little app. I was just messing with it, and when I get some time I will see what I can do with it. I love how it updates on the xbox the moment you change a value.
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    Is there any step by step turturals that's shows what tools you need all together to make Skins. Thanx for the tools keep up the good work.
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    thanks men i have a warranty card so i hope that the shop i bought the xbox from will fix it.
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