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    Hi, LATEST VERSION: 3.1.5b - 6/3/2022 Based on there being some interest I decide to post my J-Runner with Extras here to provide for y'all. So what has it? - Fully working in Windows Vista, 7, 8.x, 10, and 11! No more crashing! - 17559 Dashboard, 3.21 Dashlaunch, and 1.21 XeBuild support - Native FTDI Support (xFlasher and squirt) - SMC+ Support (Super fast glitch cycles without false success resets) - RGH3 Support - Added 6717 and 9199 Dash Support for JTAG, GLITCH, GLITCH2, R-JTAG (THX @SGCSam!) (Supported motherboards only) - RGH1.2, S-RGH, R-JTOP timings added to Program Timing File menu (see picture) - Timing Assistant - Easy Donor Nand Creator - Tweaked XeLL RELOADED: ----- Displays Console LDV ----- Displays Motherboard type ----- Displays serial number for console and board ----- Fixed USB refresh bug - Cleanup the UI in general, loads of usability and quality of life improvements - Loads of various bugfixes all over the place, rewritten code for a more stable experience - DEVGL Build Support (doesn't include any keys, find them yourself) - Bigffs Build Support - AND LOTS MORE! System Requirements: - x86 based Windows PC (i386 or amd64) - Windows Vista SP2 or later - dotNET Framework 4.5.2 - USB 2.0 port for hardware devices Screenshot: Download Release Kind Regards, Josh
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    If you're using my AuroraCrashPatcher, you can safely remove it from your plugins as this hotfix addresses the cause of the crash I wrote the patch for. If you still use FSD, it's recommended that you leave the patch in for now, but it's no longer needed for Aurora.
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    November update is live on auto-update: V3.0.3b: - Added: Default dash selection to 17559 if no saved dash is present - Fixed: Loop between dialogs and installer if Visual C++ Redistributable is cancelled or fails - Fixed: Repeated clicking not ignored while xFlasher is initializing causing application to crash - Fixed: Issue causing Extract Files to cause a crash after files are moved to serial folder - Fixed: Various bugs and usability issues - Changed: XDKbuild check box behavior Enjoy. Small update this time, not had lots of time due to my health. Some more features and improvements upcoming. Kind Regards, Josh
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    Simple Default Dark Skin with Awesome Loading by REZ Dark.xzp
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    Happy New Year everyone! We have worked very hard to bring you J-RUNNER WITH EXTRAS V3.1.0, the biggest update ever. YouTube Demo V3.1.0: - Added: Improved functionality and speed of updater - Added: Improved GUI - Added: Refinements to Nand Info/KV Info panels - Added: Ability to end the session and start a new one - Added: RGH1.2 V2 timings for Slims - Added: Donor Nand Creation and KV Decrypter tools - Added: RGH3 Beta ECC and Freeboot build support - Added: Better drivers for NAND-X and JRP - Added: Improved XeLL Reloaded, built with the newest fixes - Added: Better MTX USB Firmware Utility - Added: Friendly console ID decoding in Nand Info - Added: xFlasher support for Start Block and Length parameters - Added: Improved LibUsb implementation - Fixed: Buggy and broken behavior of IP configuration - Fixed: Nand not being correctly initialized before CPU Key retrieval - Fixed: Improved behavior when setting working directory - Fixed: JTAG XeLL creation issue - Fixed: Device detection issue - Fixed: Update JRP firmware not prompting for hex if nand loaded - Fixed: eMMC read ignoring iterations selected if opened from Advanced menu - Fixed: Tray icon being left in system tray occaisionally - Fixed: Various bugs and usability issues - Changed: Reworked MTX USB Mode - Changed: The program now checks for updates and starts much faster - Changed: Improved spawn location of subforms - Changed: Replaced annoying balloon on startup with taskbar icon Kind Regards, Josh
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    I was stuck in windows 10 nothing worked not WinFF nor other tons of converters i tried, including online ones. Finally i found a way that worked for me. 1- Convert your videos with some "mp4 to wmv" converter because the app below wont open mp4 files 2 -Download and Install "Microsoft Expression Encoder 4" 3- Import your video to Expression Encoder 4 ---> In the right side you'll see Presets ----> Select "VC-1 Xbox 360 HD 720" -----> Click Encode Your output will be somwhere like : C:\Users\...\Documents\Expression\Expression Encoder\Output Just wanted to leave this here maybe someone will find it usefull
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    Dash Launch 3.21 in god format Advantages of use: - easy access in the my games tab - fewer clicks to get to the app - velocity - storage in the content folder God Version by MathuwsGamerMW My YouTube Channel: https://youtube.com/c/MathuwsGamerMW All credits to the authors of the tool DOWNLOAD CLICK HERE
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    Gentlemen, V3.1.5b is now available. This is a minor servicing update for V3.1.5. V3.1.5b: - Added: Proper support for high DPI displays - Fixed: Snapping/resizing issues on high DPI displays - Fixed: Some dialogs did not fit all elements on high DPI displays - Fixed: Duplicate directory creation issues - Fixed: Minor bugs in the platform Kind Regards, Josh
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    Good day gentlemen, V3.1.3 is now available! Please note that this version no longer supports Windows XP. I may planning one more final bugfix release for Windows XP users, however it will not contain any new features and have unsupported functionality stripped out. V3.1.3: - Added: Correct folder picker instead of legacy tree picker - Added: Improved GUI - Fixed: Error if COM port is in use - Fixed: Donor Nand Creator did not allow 512KB SMC Config to be used - Fixed: Incorrect handling of xefolder during nand manipulation - Fixed: Glitch availability should be checked by CB not dash - Fixed: UI scheduling bug causing out of order operation - Fixed: Kernel version list not sorted numerically - Fixed: Bug with Trinity BB (XDK) handling - Fixed: Various bugs and usability issues - Changed: Preparing the platform for future updates - Changed: Hard OS floor is now Windows Vista SP2 or later (dotNET 4.5.2) Kind Regards, Josh
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    Didn't mean to offend. Difficulties in translation and the desire to achieve justice as quickly as possible made the conversation look like insults and assaults. I believe that in normal communication with a normal translator, you and the rest would not have been impressed by my ignorance. I explained as best I could, with the help of Google translator. Even reading past messages, he already translates completely differently every time he enters the site. Well, of course, I hope everyone understands that the program should not do what is not expected of it at all. That's all. I apologize to everyone. I'm not evil. It's temperament, and haste.
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    Hi guys, I want to end support for Windows XP in J-Runner with Extras and make the hard floor Windows Vista. Windows XP is just too different from all newer versions of Windows. In addition, we want to use Visual Studio 2022's new tools and can't do so because he does not suppport dotNET 4.0 developer pack has been dropped. If anyone has a LEGITMATE reason that you want XP support to stay, please say so within the next few days. Note: "I want to use my 20 year old laptop" is not a legitimate reason. Get a newer machine or stick with 3.1.2. Kind Regards, Josh
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    My pleasure, thanks for reporting it! Happy New Year! Kind Regards, Josh
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    Defect Report Xbox 360 model / Corona v2 You turn on the Xbox and the Xbox cooler instantly goes to 100% After starting Dash, after a few seconds the cooler speed returns to normal, but the temperature shown in CASE/MOBO is above 200°C 🌡️ - It is not a defect in the thermal paste - It's not ksb defect - No GPU defect ---------------------------- After a search I didn't find any information so I started looking for a way out of the problem. 😥 Solution to the problem After an analysis on the board we found these 0r resistors that make the communication, after a long time of use they lose their contacts thus losing communication and presenting the Case / Mobo defect shows a temperature above 200ºC🌡️ 👇👇 you must use a good flux and weld the 04 resistors again If any of them are open or varied and you don't have a resistor to replace you can simply make a jumper and check the contact between the points After doing this, as you can see in the image below, the Case/Mobo temperature will be shown again normally without claiming overheating . 👍 I hope that somehow this publication of mine has helped you to solve this problem in a simple way. 👍 Everything you need is above, but if for some reason you want to see my video solving the problem the link is here https://youtu.be/NuWe_KmWAJo 👆 Thanks for the encouragement : - Josh Davison - Leandro Br47 - StelioKontos - Mattie - FabricioMG ( they are amazing people that encourage me to do amazing things , thank you ) .
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    Download: xeBuildGUI Topic adjusted ! Dr.Gonzo
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    😀 cOz presents us with a new version of DashLaunch, now supporting the new 17559 Kernel and earlier versions. . . ******* V3.21 - add 17559 - minor bugfixes ******* https://bit.ly/32SCCsL 👆👆👆 ******* special thanks ❤ cOz / RubensYama . 👦 Thanks for keeping the Xbox 360 scene alive ✌ dash_launch_v3.21.zip
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    A Little over a week ago i released Aurora Asset Editor v1.0, now i'm back with a new version for you, the new version features FTP support aswell as the ability to load/convert FSD's .assets to Aurora, i also added support for grabbing assets from xbox.com and xboxunity.net same as Aurora does (when it comes to images atleast) If you need information on how this application works, check the original release thread: http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/5282-aurora-asset-editor-a-graphical-editor-for-auroras-asset-files/ for more information Here's a changelog of what has changed since v1.0: Here are some screenshots of the new features in action: AuroraAssetEditor_v1.1.rar
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    I made some changes to fix the Locale issue the Title ID search I made a PR to the github repository, but idk how active they are so no idea when/if the changes will get merged https://github.com/XboxUnity/AuroraAssetEditor/pull/3 AuroraAssetEditor.zip
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    Skin Aurora 0.7b Here I leave you the last Skin that i elaborate, style Xbox one X. Changes made: -Change of interface -Change of colors to the buttons -Change of icons -Now you can see the name of the profile with a DVD inserted -Change animation to notification -Sound in notification -Change of interface in details of the games -Change of quick view -Change of color to the effects. -Enimation of home style xbox one x (there are two, you can choose it in alternative start) -Default layout with some changes for the theme. -Change of theme background -Avatar in the beginning with Scena bigger for animations are not cut -Among others Link: https://mega.nz/#F!kCw0nTbR!ZAg2ZrYRFZv_FfgvSQirSg Dash EN-US.xzp Dash Spanish.xzp Theme of skin and layout "Dash" By: Srealmoreno Captures:
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    Hi guys! I recently started to create a mod for simple 360 nand flasher! The mod adds the ability to choose a drive and folder to read\write to\from instead of only using the files in the XEX folder I would be really happy if y'all can give it a spin and send me some feedback This is just the start so your feedback would be greatly appreciated! Link to github
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    [Skin] Aurora 0.7 b.1 nexusha - On twitch Download: https://disk.yandex.ru/d/aCE0DdbME02HKg
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    What are all those DECRYPT_INFORMATION.html files doing in there? Also some have duplicate subfolder, like 354807DD, 434D0806, 445407D1, etc... Also, 55530879 contain a "rom" folder with "3.0.8-nAa-03_ST15.img"? 485507D1 contains "alcatel-onetouchmanager-2-2-1305-2155.exe". Not sure what 5553085D contains, rupi and ogg files??? *edit* I've cleaned all useless files and added missing trainer from Inkenet's 2018 Trainer Pack. Also removed the minecraft TU. only 45MB now. Aurora Trainers 578 Pack [clean].rar
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    My friend, Firstly, the problem with disabled network card is not reproduceable. There is a check in the application to skip the update sequence if the auto-update XML retrieval fails. So you must have something else on your machine causing this! Maybe its a bug due to a foreign language? Instead of being angry and demanding to remove updater, you need to share information in order to find the issue, because on my machine, there is no issue. See for yourself: https://youtu.be/oKADCI_P8Kw Second, if you want to make some conspiracy like that the program is sending things, then decompile the program and show me where the program sends anything to any server. I have not added any protection to the code. The program tries to download an XML auto-update file from the server. It then compares its internal version to the version in the XML download. Then if the user presses Yes on update, it downloads the Delta or Full zip from the site depending on the minimum delta revision property. You can verify this all yourself by looking at the code. It does not send anything to any server! So please, do not try and tarnish the application for no reason. If you are worried, go decompile and look for yourself! I don't hide anything. Kind Regards, Josh
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    This is a collection of all the trainers that I have managed to collect in the past and in the present scattered around the web grouped in a single collection of 578 trainers Aurora_Trainers_578_Pack.rar
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    @Cerial_iQ Reproduced. Fixed in next ver. Thank you and Kind Regards, Josh
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    @Cerial_iQ Cannot reproduce: https://prnt.sc/7panikqy3g-v Send your nand please. It will block it if your CB is not RGH1-able. Kind Regards, Josh
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    Hello @Octal450 In the J-Runner Pro Github the user laotoulyh said that in the latest version it was not possible to create xebuilds for rgh1 for jasper, I checked it in the latest version of J-Runner with Extras, and the same bug is also presented. https://github.com/X360Tools/J-Runner-Pro/issues/3 Thanks for your attention Salu2
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    Latest version is now available: V3.1.1: - Added: Support for PicoFlasher by balika - Added: Updserv v3 - Added: Ability to create RGH3 XDKbuild images - Fixed: Various bugs and usability issues - Changed: NandPro version for Corona Kind Regards, Josh
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    @SnakeDante Try replacing the 'Plugins' folder inside your Aurora directory with the one included in the official download at http://phoenix.xboxunity.net/downloads/Aurora 0.7b.2 - Release Package.rar. Reboot, then check the update screen and it should show everything up to date. @moses_373 @yongbi not abandoned, no. Releasing an update with NetIso is the plan, just realize we all have bills, jobs, and for some of the team, families also, which obviously impacts how fast things happen here.
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    Hi folks,AutoGG 17559 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Sp0MoeUDyplmIEiHsM6gQhS_mhF9-DWX/view I hope it helps, scanned with Virustotal also, see link below. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/343b8a7d988df64fbf8c3559717a4e0e0a69b1cd890e4c141d759ad88809b5a6/detection
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    Hey all, scoured my old harddrives and found my tate skin. This was made way back in the day for v0.4b so it might need a lot of reworking. Grab it quick. https://easyupload.io/u7s6n5
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    190 в 1 тренере XBLA 179 в 1 Сохраните редакторы 400 игры Игра Aurora Trainers pack 603 - 2018 Treners xyz 150 игра 360haven treners 54 игра Программа XPG_Chameleon_v1.30 Программа XYZProject V0.1.9 Программа XYZTrainer V2.1 + 600 траншеекопателей https://disk.yandex.ru/d/g-zjrL2jsceF2w https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1DPQgVGkSmo85J03Re14zgE1DhwmyXEbQ?usp=sharing
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    It's finally released! Jenom, a Clean and Simple Skin for Aurora. Original Skin: Jenom.xzp Dark Skin: Jenom-Dark.xzp Dark-Blue Skin: Jenom-DarkBlue.xzp Dark-Blue Skin Version 2: Jenom-DarkBlue(version 2).xzp Dark-Blue Skin Version 3 (Aurora 0.6b): Jenom-DarkBlue(version 3).xzp Coverflow: Jenom by x1024.zip After install and load the skin press "Back Button" to open the menu and select the button with monitor icon, and go to "Theme" and Select "Jenom [x1024]" Cover Layout for better looking. For best look disable Animate Background Thank You for support and Liked my skin.
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    I Ported this Claw Machine to Xbox 360 to Show the 3D side of Unity3D on Xbox 360 Download Link: https://mega.nz/file/IK4EAKSR#VLWAaE_CgcGSm8f_1BidIECx8ezQmCcittEjHXEFq2U
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    Skyrim PC Mod Conversions for JTAG RGH Xbox 360 - Seeing that ririe & puss2puss shared their collection here, I thought I'd do the same, if it's OK. As there's still a small interest in this, I'm sharing the files to those who want it, don't want the hassle of converting & play the mods at once. Almost all stuff, except replacers, are packed as DLCs for easy transfer & management, just be mindful of proper load order. My collection was made over a substantial period of time & is now vastly huge, so providing a list is kinda hard. Although, the shared folder links are pretty much set-up to be easily browsed - broken up into more folder categories for quick searching. Readmes & credits included in the links. I also cannot do any new conversions or grant requests as I don't have my xbox anymore. *I don't claim these mods as my own creations nor do I seek profit. I just converted them to work on a modded JTAG Xbox 360 & sharing the fun to anyone interested. Mod creation credits belong to the proper mod authors. For more info on a particular mod, just google particular file's description, which are generally labled properly, & just visit the original mod's page.
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    I wish the admins and ourselves to have good health and a long, meaningful life. Our lives cannot be the target of a joke. Every Life Matters! --- The latest update from Aurora means the survival of the XBOX 360. Many can continue to play and gain happy minutes of play. THANK YOU TO ALL DEVELOPERS! Don't leave us alone! --- Currently, the xbox 360 rgh is the largest "free" game console platform. It would be nice if some companies could see this business opportunity. Our many investments in the console, accessories, games mean that it can’t be indifferent or unnecessary for us. But most valuable: the gaming experiences we’ve gained so far, which we sometimes like to relive. And the new consoles or the 4K give too little compared to that.
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    no. rgh1 was gligli rgh2 was team xecuter. r-jtag was team xecuter rgh2+ was team xecuter r-jtag+ was team xecuter DGX/RGX was team xecuter rgh1.2 was 15432 s-rgh was 15432 project bunny?(rgh2+ clone) was 15432 r-jtop was drschottky That being said, I know 15432 reversed all of the methods, and no one really bothers with r-jtop, as it is a more complex process that isnt needed.
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    The latest Aurora update, v0.7b-2, officially fixes the crash when downloading title assets, so you may safely remove AuroraCrashPatcher from your launch plugins at this point. I will be archiving the GitHub repo and officially retiring the patch. If you use FSD, you can continue to use the patch; it detects if Aurora is updated and disables itself for the session if that is the case, so there shouldn't be any side effects from leaving it on apart from the known issue of running classic games. My recommendation is to simply make the switch to Aurora if you still use FSD, remove my patch, and enjoy a simpler life. I want to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you who helped test the patch in the early days when I first wrote it, provided feedback, and helped share it among the community. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. ~SK()
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    Absolutely nothing. This fixes an issue with how trimming strings is handled, that was causing a fatal crash when downloading covers. This build also fixes a race condition in the logger class, but since most people dont care about that, it wasnt really worth mentioning. By definition Hotfix releases are only bug fixes at best.
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    Genesis Plus 360 V 0.18 Beta RUS for The Last of Us
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    here is pcsxr 2.1.1b patched xex file with old osdmenu combo(back+start) default.xex
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    EDIT : The file is avaible to download at the end of this post. 😉 Hello ! I'm back for the final version of my skin and some screens of it ! So, It's a Auroa 0.7b.1 skin for a Xbox 360 in my Astro City Candy Cab. I've just change the boot screen of SteamOS skin (using Astro City logo), and the background main screen (using some video game logos) I want to credit mrknorton for the original SteamOS skin I've work from, and Felida who helped me change the meta screen. The visuals : Loading Screen. Screen used : Main Screen. Backgroud used : This skin for Aurora 0.7b.1 avaible at the bottom of this post. Enjoy ! ------------------- Below, the WIP ------------------- Hello ! Since I saw all the possibilities offered by Aurora and the tools put in available by the team, it made me want to contribute (modestly) to the group: I decided to make a small skin customization. To start with something simple, I decided to take my skin favorite (SteamOS, by mrknorton) and modify its loading image and its back main plan. My Xbox 360 being in an SEGA AstroCity cabinet, the theme was all found! So I started working on the background. I was looking for a neutral result, not too invsid, but we can guess the references to the video game: Then I worked on a loading image that could refer to the AstroCity. I made several proposals ... ... I even test an other font, but nothing really good ... ... I tested all that, and I realized that my loading image was not the right size (too small). So I redid the image that I liked most to the right size and edited a new skin meta ... and there, it does not work. Aurora does not want to load my skin. Well, as I changed 2 things at once, I will break down my progress by first testing with the loading image at the correct size, and once validated as working, I will do it again skinmeta. I'll let you know what happens next ! The file is avaible to download ! ⬇️ AstrOS_02.xzp
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    Octal450, In the future, I will not help in testing, I used it for a personal matter. Perhaps if you need to rebuild your nand once. And so it completely slipped out of my head that I should thank you for your work and common cause. Sorry. Thank you for everything. Health and joy.
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    No problem. That stuff happens I will update you as soon as I have a fix available. Your testing and feedback would be appreciated. Kind Regards, Josh
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    This is not the job of J-Runner with Extras... plenty of tutorials on how to connect Spi there Josh
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    Here we are..... ix16_Benq_0800.rar
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    My halo skin. If any one wants it. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-Ct8emmWjkk4qrVNSgBEgSBhCzHoRX2K/view?usp=drivesdk
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    ok so i have an XBOX RGH and i use aurora dash but sadly xboxunity doesnt have a title update for alien isolation so i downloded the title update from another site and coppied it to my usb thumb drive how do i install it to my aurora dash and enable it
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    What do you mean by "fun setting"? are you speaking of fanspeed? if so; no Use Dashlaunch installer and set target temps instead
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