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  1. Thank you so much for taking my request. This is an awesome skin friend. I used it with a black background for an xbox one style look.
  2. Alright I will be waiting for this. I am pretty sure many as well
  3. Thanks for this! It worked like a charm :))
  4. Thanks for this. It's a great skin. I have a suggestion, I think it would be better if the highlight color (whenever we hover to a button eg. in details UI) uses the same color code as the loading screen UI, like bright green. Its because so that it would blend in the xbox feel, there was another skin that had this and it looked good for me. I hope you could do this!
  5. Can I get an alternative link for this? The download link is broken for me.
  6. Hey dudes, for about a week now I have been trying to play L4D2 with the latest title update (6). I have downloaded many of them from different sources, from XboxUnity and some other ones. In Aurora, it appears correctly, it's not corrupted when I check it in NXE, and it's the same media ID, but as soon as I apply it and launch the game, I open Xbox home, I see "TU0" in the lower right corner. I also can't start system link matches due to this. Alternatively, I tried manually applying the title update by replacing the TU files with the real game, however despite this, no good news. Can someone explain this to me? Why it isn't working? Much appreciated.
  7. Over the 2 years I've been making CoverArt for XboxUnity, I'm here to upload the 2 covers I made for my favorite XBLA games, which would be Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition and DOOM. Apparently, Admins and Mods seem to be not that active in Unity anymore from what I've noticed. So this is just like a post to get their attention (I hope it's allowed), If this violates a rule, you may take this post down. Thanks in advance.
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