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  1. Do other games work? Your emulator might be corrupted, or your copy of the game.
  2. Its not loading because it doenst exist. so there is nothing to remove. Aurora tries to load it on boot, but if it is not there it adds a note to the log saying it cant find it. it is not required for everyday use, and only comes in handy for debugging scripts, or other aurora based problems, other than that it just sits in ram, wasting space, that could be used for other stuff. It does not come with aurora by default, just like the coverflow editor dll. It is stuff you can add on to extend certain functions for development. If you continue down the log you should also see issues about cfeditdll(Coverflow editor) and smbdll(Not released yet, might not be mentioned until 0.7b, I dont know off the top of my head, I would have to check). Also, the log is telling you where aurora is looking for it: "Failed to load game:\\Plugins\\NetDbgDll.xex" so if it did exist and was creating issues, which it doesnt, you would erase this file, with what ever method makes you happy(FTP, FileManager, Horizon, XexMenu,etc.)
  3. If your console is not a trinity, then the internal storage space is part of your actual nand. So the chip could be bad, so while you can read from it, you might not be able to write to it. I would convert the console to a 16mb nand. and try again. that is a lot of work though, and there is no point in updating dashlaunch if you dont update the nand. there are no new features in the newer builds, other than making it work with the latest kernels.
  4. Avoid the beta versions, as there arent any official xebuild dash versions that I know of for beta. SU is all that is needed to create a dash, if you already have xebuild. I would start by flashing xell and finding out what CB you are running, then I would check the CB to dash chart(Used to be on TX forums, but I havnt checked in a while), and then build a donor retail nand for that dash, then create your glitch nand(Latest dash) out of the donor retail nand.
  5. Added Pcsxr 2.1.1 to OP.
  6. netdbgdll.xex is an optional plugin, that isnt included with aurora by default, so this is normal.
  7. I didnt really read the guide that was posted, more skimmed it. lol. The jist of it was that the guy needs a donor nand, that will boot via RGH2. Considering when the guide was written, the information is dated at best. lol. That being said, there is still a bunch of good information, and what I said, is exactly what I would do to create a donor nand for a console. It is about covering the bases, as each CB is different, and that can effect the booting of the console, in my experience.
  8. The guide also says that 14717 is the latest dash, which is before 15574, so at that point in time the points I make here had no merit, as the cb hadnt been updated to stop the xor attack that used to be used to create xell images.
  9. Who said anything about flashing the nand. lol. I said create a stock image for the dash version that was on the console when it was modded, so when you create your new image it is built against the proper CB version.
  10. True, assuming grub is set up to allow you to access the recovery terminal. I actually remove that option from all of my builds, as I never use it, then I add a password, so people cant modify the kernel cmd line. And since I didnt set up that enviornment, I didnt know if there was a recovery console option, so my solution was more of a will work every time solution. There are other ways to do that also, such as chroot, but I figured editing a txt file was easier then walking someone through the chroot process, and then having to reset the environment.... You get the idea.
  11. It isnt about xell, it is about the CB version included with the hacked nand. If your stock dash was pre 15571, then the CB is different, which means you need to build your hacked image against the correct CB. I was helping someone else on the forum, who had a similar problem, and J-runner was building against the wrong CB.
  12. It depends on the ISP, but most will allow you to connect to games, but not host the games, without port forwarding.
  13. Wow..... Linux hacking 101. lol. I am assuming you are running this in a virtual machine, but if not the process is basically the same. So..... you will need to edit the /etc/shadow file. to do this you will need a livecd of some sort This is dumbed down a bit, but a little googling and you should figure it out. This process requires root access, hince the livecd. 1.) boot off the live CD 2.)Mount the root partition of the virtual HDD, should be /dev/sdaX(Where X is the partition number 3.) create a new password hash "openssl passwd -1 4.) copy the hash that is produced. 5.) replace the hash for root in /MountPoint/etc/shadow should look something like this: root:$1$SI4dvHLr$lLh8jESjtJ0jrHJIQtQJz1:17243:0::::: Fair warning, the example hash here is a blank password, and not an actual password I would use, sorry to those hackers out there who would try to use it to access my stuff. 6.) Then save and exit. 7.) Unmount the partition 8. reboot without live cd, and login with new password
  14. You create your kernel with xebuild, those are files that are required for that, but most builders come with them. That being said, those files have nothing to do with dashlaunch, as it runs after the kernel loads. For what it is worth, I always use the SU file from the official update.
  15. The j-runner I released has all of the files for all of the dashboards. Might not include all of the SU........ files from the official updates, but that is an easy fix. Also, it depends on your CB version. So if it was hacked before 15574, you cant just build the latest dash, but would need to build a retail 14719 image, then create your hacked image with that. The retail image wont work on the console, assuming you dont have the KV for that console, but you can use it to create an 17511 image that will work on the console.