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  1. First off, change launch.ini, and disable fatal shutdown, and enable fatal reboot. Then when it crashes, it will go back to aurora. This is a fatal crash, due to a corrupted file somewhere in the game. There is nothing we can do to help, other than say make sure fakelive is disabled, as this causes issues with some games.
  2. It is fatal crashing, which means there is a corrupted file in your ISO, or something wrong with the title update. Might see about finding a different copy of the game, as most of the stuff you find online is not ripped properly. if you can find the game on disc, and the disc is in good shape,i would start there. Also, try disabling the title updates, and see if that makes a difference. The biggest problem with rips online, is that people truncate the image, so it can be burned to non overburnable discs.
  3. Try searching, I put an to date version of j-runner download link on this site, that works with windows 10. Swizzy released nand-x drivers that work with windows8/10 on this site also.
  4. I think this was a request for a skin. That being said, it is really easy to make this modification to a skin, infact I believe that felida did a video tutorial on just this.
  5. Team FSD doesnt exist anymore. lol. The remaining team members are all members of Team Phoenix, and you are right, they are not supporting Freestyle Dash anymore. This guide is kinda dated, considering you dont need horizon with the latest kernels, for starters. lol. Really all you need is a flash drive with a launch.ini file, assuming the image was built with dashlaunch. lol. That being said, Team Phoenix are actively developing Aurora, so that is whats up there. I do agree, that Aurora is better, and just as feature full, if not more, now that it has LUA scripting. And the next version brings in features that were never in Freestyle Dash, and brings back avatar/avatar image support, as seen in the teaser image from Maester Rowen. I cant go into detail on the rest. Long story short, a bunch of new things to look forward to, The DVD panel from that image is impressive to say the least, and there was never anything like that in Freestyle Dash.
  6. And all of that has been done 1000+ times. lol. Really late in the game to start a youtube channel on Xbox 360 modding. lol.
  7. That means the script on the server for that is missing. There is an easy enough way to test that, and that would be to pull the URL from the script, and put it in your web browser. if it works there, it is a problem with the xbox, if not, it is a problem with the server.
  8. PC tools might be for douches, but they do the same thing. lol. They also make the kiddie scripters feel like big men on campus, so yay for that. lol.
  9. There is no way to prevent people from using mods on their xbox. So no matter what you do, you will need to "disinfect" everone elses xbox, and remove their trainers. That is not going to happen. Unfortunatly, there is no reporting system on who is using mods, and who isnt, as alot of them are written as dashlaunch plugins, and not aurora trainer plugins.
  10. Have you ever considered it was the wrong timing file for the chip type? there are RGH1.2 files for the Ace/DGX and there are timing files for the Coolrunner. They use different xilinx chips, on the chip, so require a different timing file. If RGH1.2 doesnt work, try switching for an ACE chip, and do S-RGH. There are always other options.
  11. The compatibility packs are not on this site, as that is piracy.
  12. Some of your soldering looks sub par. Chances are that has something to do with it. Also, are you sure you are flashing the right timing files to your coolrunner? There are files for the ace, which would not work on a regular coolrunner, as it uses a different xilinx chip.
  13. What is your point, that I replied on another forum?, Yes, it was me, and I stand by what I said, if you sent it to me, I could probably get it to glitch in a timely manor.
  14. Try copying the new updflash.bin to a flash drive formated to FAT32, and starting xell with it inserted. It should flash the new image, assuming this isnt a 4GB corona.(Which I am assuming it isnt, as you were able to dump the nand via xell/browser)
  15. Some people dont want a text editor programming for them. lol. I dont trust anything that will "Fix" code for me. As for the coloring, api detection, notepad++ does that. Also, it is an old trusted app, that I know works when I need it to.