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  1. Short answer, unless you are a skilled programmer of network protocols, and also specialize in powerpc64 architecture, there probably isnt much you could do to help this project along. What it comes down to is this. For us with the know how to do this, it is a fun project we work on in our free time. The rest of the time we have paying jobs and family to contend with. And that is just the code end of it.... Then there is waiting for feedback from the testers, and then fixing the bugs they find. It is an involved process happening between like minded people all over the world, so scheduling can be difficult. When the team is ready for open beta, you will know it, though dont expect too much from nova's first release, as from what I have seen the first release wont be anything like what was promised, as they spent most of the development time updating the libraries that are currently used in the freestyle plugin, which is a long and involved process.
  2. The console is overheating. Probably time to clean it out, and repaste the cpu/gpu. The thermal compound used on the 360 sucks, and turns into a clay like substance after a bit. Best to replace it with some arctic silver.
  3. Xexmenu doesnt support disc swapping with out a dashlaunch plugin to handle it. Aurora/FSD include this feature in the Freestyle Plugin.
  4. 4GB corona installs are all the same, so it doesnt matter if it is v2, v4, or v6. any 4GB corona video will help. With a rev C, you will need an added crystal for STBY_CLK. Personally I would have gotten the ACE chip, and done S-RGH. Much faster boot times. As for the nand reading, your soldering looks good, so it is probably your card reader is incompatible with the chip. If the console still boots with the ribbon disconnected from the reader, then the soldering should be good.
  5. Best bet is an app on the computer called Serviio. it is a dlna server, but it has device profiles, and will use ffmpeg to convert the files to wmv9 on the fly for the xbox to play natively. Works alright for most videos and music that is in formats the xbox cant read. That being said, ffmpeg doesnt support multithreading or video card accelleration for wmv9 video formats, so depending on the resolution of the original file and the core clock speed of your CPU, it can be unreliable sometimes.... Mainly for stuff past 720p. It works, but spends alot of time waiting on the computer.
  6. Watch a youtube video of a 4GB corona install. This is where J-Runner comes in, as it will make allow you to read the nand. What ever you do, do not format the device in windows. Also, some sdcard readers dont work with the 4gb MMC in the xbox, so if it doesnt show up at all, try a different card reader.
  7. It has been in the last 2 or 3 versions, but moving forward it will be removed as from aurora, hince the stand alone version.
  8. There is really nothing that team phoenix, or any other developer can do to make system link better. System link is tied into the networking API's of the xbox 360. What Nova is attempting to do is remove the HTTP requests to xbox unity(which is slow), and replace it with a socket based system(Dont quote me on this, I am not 100% sure, this is what I have pieced together) possibly using udp packets transmitted over the VPN that ties Link together. There is a lot of complicated changes, not only to the plugin, but also to the server. So really, the end goal will be to add things like messaging, friend finding, etc, to its own singular non HTTP request based system. Think of the current system as a if a middle man were involved. The xbox has to ask the middle man(PHP), then the middle man asks the server(Not really, but this is an analogy) and then the server would talk back to the middle man, who would talk back to you. With linkV2, the plan is to cut out the middle man. This is actually a bad analogy, but with one on one sockets, you get stability, and speed increases. That being said, it still has nothing to do with System Link, as you can do that with a retail console. lol. Also most web servers have alot of unneeded overhead for something like this, so on the server side, it should be more reliable. Just my thoughts based upon what I know. It is a lot of work to create your own network protocols, which is why this hasnt happened yet. FSD was pretty close to done long before the freestyle plugin was introduced to the public, and the main focus is buttoning up Aurora, which from what I understand is pretty much there. Not much more we can ask for in that department. lol.
  9. netflix_rgh

    I bet they could, I doubt they will. Each one of those apps are different. You would be better off attempting to make trainers, that will skip the live checks, and releasing them for each app, and each update to each app. You can apply the trainer from aurora. Might make sense to add an autoload for trainers to the trainer menu, if you were going to do something like that though. The beauty of that is that anyone can make a trainer, and there are some videos, and other information on it out there.
  10. netflix_rgh

    Make sure xhttp is enabled, and make sure livestrong is not enabled. those would be the first things I looked at..... assuming this actually works, as I have not tested it.
  11. If you can't figure it out by looking at the pictures, then you need glasses. That being said, you only soldered half the required connections on the nand read board. Lol.:)
  12. Pictures would be helpful. That being said, not all card readers work with the Xbox.
  13. Personally, I would dump 5he Excel stuff into a sqlite database, as it is faster to pull information from. C# can use the sqlite call included with my chest manager. You coul also add ftp support to the plugin for easy uploads. Just my thoughts.
  14. That works also.
  15. You can modify the DB, and achieve what you want.