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  1. That is never going to come. I have asked.
  2. In order to use the rom browser, you have to have the core in an emulator path. then when it shows up in the coverflow list, hit y, go down to the icon below the play symbol, hit right D-PAD button, and then hit A. Games should show up in that list.
  3. Does it only freeze in aurora? I had similar issues that had to do with power_mode settings on my jasper. Had to adjust the smc config, and it stopped doing it. The other issue I have come across is a bad USB Wifi Card, that would also freeze my system. These issues will effect the system in game, or in aurora, so if it doesnt happen outside of aurora, then this isnt your problem.
  4. I am fairly certain translations were done in skin in FSD, so you will have to find a Russian skin. The translation files didnt come until Aurora. If I were you, I would switch to aurora, as it is faster, more stable, and has pretty much everything FSD does, plus some.
  5. While I agree that any real hacker finds their own information, I dont get what this has anything to do with aurora.
  6. I am fairly certain that xbox 360 allows games to use more than 8mb of ram, considering the the models for a single character take up probably at least that. 3D mapped structures, and objects, especially player/monster objects are running all sorts of variables in the background, and that doesnt include the visuals. Now, I would understand 8mb for the HUD, but for a game. Hell, duke nukem 3d required a minimum of 8mb of ram, but recommended 16, and that game runs flawlessly on the 360, and doesnt even compare to most 360 games, as far as resource usage. I dont know where you are getting this information, but I would bet it is wrong.
  7. Take it from someone who has it already, it is impressive, but there is still one major feature that needs to be finished... Though that feature shouldn't make any difference in the skin. Other than that it is down to translations.
  8. Your welcome. Though the programmers deserve 99% of the credit.
  9. I personally have never tried multiple external drives, but I do know that you can have up to 2tb internal, and 2 tb external, for a total of 4TB. That doesnt include what you can do with connectx, which will give you as much space as you could possibly have, but also requires the HDD to be in an external computer.
  10. Possible, yes. Probable, no.
  11. I have no control what happens on Xbox Unity, but this is a known issue, that maybe one day will be fixed. it is due to the email verification not sending the email for you to verify account creation.
  12. Indie games can be a pain in the ass. lol. With aurora 0.7b, you will be able to set dashlaunch settings on a per game basis. Might help with your problems.
  13. No one will post links for pirated software on this site, at least in the open forum. what you do in PM is out of our control.
  14. That video doesnt even show everything. lol. There have been more new features finished since then. lol.
  15. Here is a pack I put together at the beginning of 2015. There is no information for the actual trainers in it, and it hasnt been updated. That being said, it is a good starting point for people who want trainers, and dont have any. While I am releasing this, I wont guarantee that all of them will work with the latest TU's, and offer no support for the trainers included. Have fun. Also, since I copied this off my xbox, none of the trainers are labeled, and are all in folders based upon TU's.