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  1. xyzmods website offline

    is back online now sorry for the long wait
  2. NoVA is Coming or Not Coming

    Mate its because this question has been asked and answered so many times now they getting sick of seeing it, if you had had a read of the site you would know this already Sent from the race car behind ricky bobby.
  3. Need Help Making A Gta 5 Mod Menu (Rgh/Jtag)

    Mate if you don't even know where to begin then i can pretty much say that you have not got the skills to make one you will meed to learn a hell of a lot just so you could even understand what people were telling you, and know one will have the time to walk you through it step by step Sent from the race car behind ricky bobby.
  4. You have posted the same question in 3 different threads, please stick to 1 thread You will need to reflash your console with correct kernel and a flash tool like nandx etc Sent from the race car behind ricky bobby.
  5. My Aurora dont see games .

    Instead of highlighting the game folder and setting path, go into the games folder and then set the path Sent from the race car behind ricky bobby.
  6. [Aurora] New Ideas For Aurora/LiNK

    Only way you see this happen is if you do it your self, seems you are an idea man lots of words and want someone else to do the work i suggest you start learning Sent from the race car behind ricky bobby.
  7. [Aurora] New Ideas For Aurora/LiNK

    Well speaking as trainer maker can say doubt that will happen we need threads on the forum so bugs and such Can be ironed out also it brings visitors to the site and give devs rep etc, also would take a lot more work for the trainer devs and to be brutally honest i don't want any extra work, Sent from the race car behind ricky bobby.
  8. edit vehicle mass..speed etc

    You would extract the files you need from gtav rpf files with liberty v tool then edit them to your liking and then inject them back into to rpf, Or you can search out the values you find on the extracted files on the xbox360 and poke them to your liking, there are a few ways it can be done i just mention 2 Sent from the race car behind ricky bobby.
  9. Move the game to a different folder or rename the folder with file manger then delete the game in aurora, then put the game back and rescan Sent from the race car behind ricky bobby.
  10. Windows 10

    Just installed got to say quite impressed kicks ass off windows 8 and is a little faster than win 7 in tests i done so far Sent from the race car behind ricky bobby.
  11. Title update install does no require a tut, tu that are longer in length than 16 chars long and have a decimal point go into your cache folder and the smaller tus go into HDD/content/0000000000000000/GameTitleId/000b0000/here Ps 000b000 may be wrong in the path cant remember off the top of my head Sent from the race car behind ricky bobby.
  12. No TUs found

    Get with the times mate fsd is no where near as good as aurora Sent from the race car behind ricky bobby.
  13. Game extracting and copying help!

    Try adding. ".iso" to the end of the file no quotes and try extract it with exiso.exe,, If that does not work try adding ".rar" or ".7z" to the end of the file and try extract with winrar and 7zip Sent from the race car behind ricky bobby.
  14. GTA 5 TU problem

    Does your console boot straight to fsd or do you start fsd from xex ?If your console boots straight to fsd then you have dash launch installed if your console does not boot straight to fsd and instead boots straight to nxe eg original dash then chances are its not installed. Either way you can still choose second option i mentioned as it will work either way. why not just download dashlaunch and install it, as if you have already got it installed it will get updated and if not it gets installed, win, win. there loads of tuts and such explaining how to install should be one on here if you look, if not google is your friend just google dashlaunch install tutorial i sure one will pop straight up. You can download the newest version of dashlaunch from this site or from homebrew connection site
  15. [Aurora] Network Configuration Utility

    it can be opened from aurora by home button on controller, you req pretty pointless if you ask me. Sent from my fingers