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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, its been a long time since I touch my xbox 360 rgh and lately I have been setting up a fresh start for my Xbox. The problem is I am having problem logging into my Xboxunity account as I forgotten it, I can't create a new account since its tied to my email, I tried resetting my password but it won't show me the username. Can anyone help me?
  2. Hello, apparently I uploaded my custom cover in xbox unity for the game "Minecraft" as I want to use it for my jtag. Aurora only supports covers that come from xbox unity.net, so I couldn't put my custom cover into aurora directly. After making that cover, I learnt how to upload covers into xboxunity, then when I submitted it, it didn't show up into the website or my console. Why is that? Any answers given would be gladly appreaciated! And just so if you guys are wondering, here is the custom cover I made:
  3. Hi. I wanted to know is there any xbox unity users forum or something where we can ommunicate ? Plus my aurora repo browser doesn't show new scripts which i can see being mentioned on this site why is it ? from where to download them ? and how to install mannually ?
  4. World chat to find a people why ready play Xbox 360 System Link right now. We are few, but we are looking for you^^ every person is important. I know a couple chats in Discord, discord good platform for pc, But this is not the concept for Connecting people from all over the world to find a teammates . and other reason is 5 mb file limit in Discord. Join us, yr Welcome^^ https://t.me/xboxunity
  5. Hi, I created an account in xboxunity.net. via desktop. My username is (goaldee), but i am not able to login to site, it keeps on saying Login failed, please try again I checked my mail (inbox/trash etc) i did not receive any verification mail. I want to login & update my games cover art. Please help. Thanks
  6. Hey Team Phoenix, I just joined RealModScene.com and would like to request that if you could make lightweight DLC a downloadable thing through xboxunity.net as it would save the countless hours searching for it, Thanks
  7. HawkEight360

    LiNK Access

    Hello everyone, I need help ASAP. I have TP-LINK - TL-WR740N and I need to Port forward so I can play on LiNK, The problem is when I select "Add new" this list shows up: Service port: Internal port: Ip Address: Protocol: Status: Common service port: --SELECT ONE-- I need to add Start Port [3071] and End Port [3072], What is "Service port" And "Internal port" Is it the same?
  8. Use this thread to talk to other link players about the game. No troubleshooting. Keep the post related to black ops 3 gameplay. Tips: *the latest title update has more players usually *You can only join a game in lobby status *Helpful to refresh in find lan game *Be patient if hosting or joining *Use the game timer to let other know your waiting for more players,ex; start game countdown 10 9 8 7 6 5 stop wait few seconds and repeat so others know your looking for more players Wanted to give a shout out to the 2 guys I played with today. Great game. System crashed when trying to add as friend. We were level 18 almost had all eggs complete, cept egg part! Bimbo_2015 and Carlos... good game! It's pretty hard to get going on zombies due to the fact that we can't communicate verbally or anything. Was fun to get shit done earlier tho. Helps to watch videos or read tuts before playing zombies so you know what to do. I actually used a trainer (God mode) to learn what I needed to do. Then online play is much easier!
  9. Hello Phoenix team would like to know if the long-awaited LiNK v2 aka NoVA will get really this September I heard rumors in matches on CoD BO2 on which clan members (GoD) said the NoVA would come out this month we are waiting, and I'd like you to hurry because many soon moved on to the Next Gen of course I know this isn't easy, I hope it's really more that month and that will revolutionize the LiNK
  10. Excuse me, Can anyone upload The evil within TU #5 for MID 32232f34, The other MID already have #5, Thank you.
  11. hi i use the website xboxunity for the covers and i use sign in to my acount in xboxunity and in my xbox360 console (i dont know why but every time i sign in to the unity acount in my console and go back to my game and go back again to the sign in it sign out... ) and another thing i dont know wahy but i push on the button "push to xbox" and than refrash artwork on my xbox and it does'nt do nothing so what can i do? it says that it moved to my Q (i dont know that is that Q that they are talking about and also where is it..) so thanks in against to the helpers saar
  12. Whenever I try to upload the Dragon Age Inquisition update an error appears, and I can't upload the TU1. It start to update, but 30 seconds after, the upload stops and a red message (ERROR) appears. I try to attach the same file in his tread, and an error appears too. At least I can attach the compressed tu, maybe one of the admin could upload to the xboxunity server. EDIT: Sorry, I recently read that there is a size limit in the server. The TU1's size is 283 MB, and obviously this is the problem. tu0000000e_00000000.rar
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