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  1. http://f2h.nana10.co.il/to5ci8ckvgfa here is the video (you need to download it) i just didn't know how to upload without the website
  2. o.k it will take about 10 minutes to upload the video...
  3. ok so about the console i sign in and it ok but it doesn't stay in how it need to look - i mean if i sign in and go back after 5 minutes for exmple i need to see the username and password or it will be signed in but i will see only the user name ? (if you didn't understand i will try to explain in other words...)
  4. (first my english is not so good i'm in 11th grade... so my grammer is no so good... so excuse me ok so if i push on the "push to xbox" twice at different games so it will take 5 minutes for each push on after another ? (if it's work like that to if i push cover for "skate 3" for example in 10 minutes ago so it's need to work after pressing on refresh art work? and about the console - you need to sign in in the unity website and in the console so then i sign in my console it says that it signed in Successfully but after i go back to the sign in it Automatically signed out... (so why is that ?) and when you said the Q it's where it stored (so where it stored?- i didn't see where the Q is... and what do you mean when you say that they downloaded by aurora..? (i ask a lot of questions (sorry) i'm just new at this things i usally just play my games in my xbox..)
  5. hi i use the website xboxunity for the covers and i use sign in to my acount in xboxunity and in my xbox360 console (i dont know why but every time i sign in to the unity acount in my console and go back to my game and go back again to the sign in it sign out... ) and another thing i dont know wahy but i push on the button "push to xbox" and than refrash artwork on my xbox and it does'nt do nothing so what can i do? it says that it moved to my Q (i dont know that is that Q that they are talking about and also where is it..) so thanks in against to the helpers saar
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