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  1. I'm not impatient and Yes informing you that many are migrating to next gen I'm asking a question guy found her one way dde impatient I'm sorry I didn't mean to make that question be in this sense.
  2. Hello Phoenix team would like to know if the long-awaited LiNK v2 aka NoVA will get really this September I heard rumors in matches on CoD BO2 on which clan members (GoD) said the NoVA would come out this month we are waiting, and I'd like you to hurry because many soon moved on to the Next Gen of course I know this isn't easy, I hope it's really more that month and that will revolutionize the LiNK
  3. Hello I come here to ask if it is possible to trigger the GunCraft game system link option because he has the option system link and and LiNK not support 'd like to know if you have to be a chance to put this game in LiNK .
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