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Found 10 results

  1. Hello everyone, i was wondering if anyone have a title update for mercenaries 2 world in flames for mediaID 74EDD6F0 cause i searched a lot and couldn't find anything besides some sites with expired links. i also tried downloading 3 different versions of the game but they all were with the same mediaID so if anyone can help me i'd appreciate it.
  2. Hello everyone, i have some problems to get the title Information Page (Marketplace information / Rating, Release Date, etc.) working. Aurora is not loading any title information since installation. Does someone have an idea how to fix this Problem?
  3. I am a noob to RGH and i have followed all instructions to the best of my ability and my dlc is still not showing up meaning IN GAME (its perfectly visible in the folders. What i dont understand is why will the content not show up on all these pre installed games I have on here. I have refreshed in xm 360 and pressed unlock all dlc so why would none of it be working for pre installed games. I am going to use wwe 2k16 as an example to illustrate my issue. I really want to play the wwe legends mod for 2k14 which is the main reason I got this box. Trying to install that mod is what made me discover this issue and makes me think either I'm just making a dumb mistake somewhere or that this is bigger than me being a noob. If any one can shed some light on this to help me I would appreciate it as I have been at this for 2 weeks now and unable to get any resolution. I can provide screenshots of my pathways as well so that my layouts can be seen to make sure things are setup correctly which I believe they are. Thank you for your help in advance
  4. well.. i must say, this was something that wasn't seen as gonna happen, BUUUUUUUT here is minecraft TU 80.. or 75(official name)? lol.. https://mega.nz/#!mER0CQxa!a7HNCH9t_yH-b84cCP6fVM6EKuCBm9fh-qmenSus7JQ reason i say it wasn't seen as 4j said their last TU, aka TU78 (74 official) was their last as they gave back their dev kits lmao
  5. Some (i don't know how much but every game I tried to update) Title updates won't work I tried to update CoD Bo2 main version was 7 I installed the latest version I think it supposed to say 44 in-game but It kept saying 7 I don't know why I wanted to add DLC but because of title updates won't work I cant I need help or update at aurora should i go back to 0.6 ? but if I go to 0.6 I cant enable FSD plugin HELP PLS
  6. Hello people i want to know how i can fix the problem with Title update in watch dogs? i download the title update from xbuc.net the game MID: 54A95DF1 and then i copy the TU in the folder when start the game this shows that the TU is not compatible because the game was updated in another version i have rgh with dash 16756 and the TU is version 4 anybody knows the solution?. thanks. Attach the default.xex default.rar
  7. Hello. I have here an Official Title Update (Downloaded via my Retail Box) for Far Cry 4: Title ID: 555308CA Media ID: 08BF0610 http://www.mediafire.com/download/r3572gn299d5pd8/555308CA.rar It is packed with WinRAR as RAR5 Archive, so you need latest WinRAR or another tool that can handle RAR5. I was not able to uploade it at Unity (Upload abort with an error after a few Seconds) Greeeds BestNoob
  8. How To Properly Install DLC For Call Of Duty Games 1. Put DLC/Compatibility Pack on Computer 2. Download LicenseCleaner (created by Swizzy) 3. Click on DLC file, Drag it onto the LicenseCLeaner exe and wait for the magic to happen 4. Delete the old DLC file (not the patched file) 5. Delete these letters from the name of the new DLC file "_patched" 6. Transfer the fixed DLC Back into the Proper Location on the xbox(content...002) using FTP, FlashDrive etc 7. Make Sure You Have The Most Recent Title Update Downloaded and Enabled! 8. If Needed Unlock DLC with xm360 etc 9. Personally I had to disable FAKELIVE in dashlaunch for TU3 to work on BO3. 10. Enjoy playing the game, zombies matches can only be joined while in lobby status. (use find lan game) Originally Posted by begallegal1 *************************************************************************** Some important info I have found so far in my testing... **************************************************************************** 1. The game must be launched by a "live" profile or it will error in the menu (you cannot switch to a live profile once in menu, error will occur) 2. You must have an active LOCAL network connected to the console (internet access is not required, I just tested this on a spare router) else you will get LAN connection error in menu. 3. Make sure your xbox kernal is updated, usually not required, but good idea to update if your behind. *This method should work with all call of duty games. add more tips and I will edit the tutorial... **I have attaced the LicenseCleaner Program LicenseCleaner.rar
  9. Excuse me, Can anyone upload The evil within TU #5 for MID 32232f34, The other MID already have #5, Thank you.
  10. Hey guys, I really need help... I downloaded nuketown zombies (COD Zombies DLC) and I saw I need the latest TU and it was 18 but It wasn't able to be downloaded from the xbox (in manage title updated). Then, I downloaded it from JQE360 web site, still not working (and I scanned it and unlocked the DLC!). Then I deleted it... Some days after, it was able in Manage title update. I downloaded it WHOLE of my DLC not working on TU 18, only in 17! I deleted it from the system settings, file manager... What can I do? Pls I need answer...
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