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  1. All dash users and gamers I wish to all of you good luck in New year and best progresses in games with best achievements. And also I wish good luck to team who works with our operating programs and the best ideas and best progress in programming. HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!
  2. I understood thank you QuattroGam3r for information.
  3. Hi there people. Week ago I uploaded english version of the game to my hdd. And few days ago I got a russian version of the same game with the same title id. I deleted the english version with the file manager and upload russian. And on the Aurora's desktop I got two covers of the same game. I know that I can delete the game tools menu. But maybe we can somehow cteate some code or what we need... If we delete folder with the game by file manager,then the cover deletes automatically. Because the people who know this sistem worser,can delete the new game from tool menu and if they dont have backup, the game will be lost.
  4. People if i cant set up upnp because i have router by phone galaxy. Is that the problem ? I see public rooms in link but when i press search lan servers it dont show nothing. Help me with that. Thank you I mean that with black ops 3. Sorry people i figure it out. I just have bad wyfy signal lol )))))
  5. I deleted retro arch. I have it only because i love metal slug )))
  6. All games works normal. And now I see all covers.Yesterday i download all covers and all is super. Cover view in aurora is better than fsd. Only problem is with retro-arch I like some neo geo games but all times i have problems with rom's load. But all other works normal. And i think , now i dont dont need that format fix )))
  7. I afraid to do that ) because i sit in prison and download games by android . 1 game 1 night. And if i broke something that will be fatal eror )) File manager from usb hmm... that will be something like manual defragmentation ? But i have only usb stick 32gb where i shoud copy all my files? Because on hdd i have about 500gb
  8. Swizzy hello. I do exactly like you say. And it works. Thank you. I deleted data folder and move aurora folder to hdd1: folder. Before i keept aurora in hdd1:/apps/aurora. So now we can say PEOPLE IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS WITH COVER PREVIEV IF YOU DONT SEE THEM. TRY TO MOVE AURORA FROM DEEPER FOLDER TO UNDEEPER )))) all my problem was because i didnt try do that Swizzy sad before.
  9. I set up show all in quickview and in theme options also choose quickview. I dont remember rhat was by defaul or i set it. I tryed many combinations but nothing (((( maybe i shoud download aurora again but old delete ?
  10. Can you please explane me what i must to do with that?
  11. Today I tried to set up scan depth 4 and something goes wrong. Because after it i could not to restart Aurora. But when I looked up at desktop I saw 1 cover/title it was Diablo3 . This game is first in my content 16 zeroes folder. I saw Swizzy's lazy stack then i tryed to reboot my box. And when I lounch Aurora again. I saw the same problem,titles not found. What is wrong with it I dont understand. Maybe script is important?
  12. Okey thanks for your support. If i will find the problems kernel ))) i will post it emidiately.
  13. It can be because i didnt set aurora as default boot? I lounc it from fsd by xex.
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