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  1. Could you be more specific I really didn't understand anything
  2. I have downloaded the witcher 2 and the game was only 11 file like this after I extracted the rar file It had this only file and the screen shots after that I thought of trying to play to see it will work ( I usually know that you must have a default.xex fileo be able to play it) please check picture one. The second problem that when I tried to transfer it to try if that only file work I moved it to a xbox configured which had like 16 gigz for xbox and 16 gigz for pc but it keep telling me that the file is too large and its only size is 6 gigz check pic 2. So please help me in what o do to extract if it can be extracted and have the deafult.xex file or sending it using the flash memory that I have got I asked in xbox360iso but no one helped so please try to help me and thanks!
  3. Can you please give me all the skins I should and disable in dashlaunch as I have this this problem in FSD also so I think its from dashlaunch Edit : please give me all the settings I should enable and disable in dashlaunch
  4. When I set my paths everything works but when I want to download covers none appear but when I press X on the main menu and select title appears the games show with its icons but on the main menu no covers appears each game with no cover text ion it. P.S. Sorry for my bad english.
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