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  1. I'm having the same problem now, all of a sudden. I was on 0.5b, everything worked fine. I did not have my profile signing in automatically since my GF has a profile too. As long as I was logged into my profile when I set games as favorites it would save them. Now it isn't. I tired updating to 0.6b, still won't save. I set my profile to sign in automatically, and it still won't save favorites. It's driving me insane.
  2. Guess not, not sure why though as I set it to always load when I first set it up, and it is still selected. Oh well.
  3. It is now, not sure if it was then. Not sure what I did but now they aren't showing up as disconnected anymore.
  4. I'm having issues with my games being available. I've added the paths in AUrora to my games on my NAS and it downloaded all the assets. After a reboot however none are available and their location is listed as disconnected. My NAS is still on the network on the same static IP address. What can I do to get my games to show up and stay?
  5. I'd like to see an option that would refresh the info without messing with assets. Sometimes I need to replace the default.xex file with a different version and right now the only way for Aurora to know about the change is if I rename the game folder, delete the game from Aurora, and then rescan the path. Not exactly the easiest way to go about it.
  6. That's what I'vce been doing, was hoping I was missing an easier way. I'll see about making that request.
  7. I like to use trainers a lot when playing games on my console. Unfortunately sometimes trainers are made for either a different Media ID or even once in awhile a different Title ID than what I have. When that happens, I try and track down the correct default.xex for the trainer. However, when I transfer the new default.xex to the game folder, Aurora doesn't realize there is a new Media ID and/or Title ID so the trainer won't show up in Aurora. What is the easiest/quickest way to do make Aurora realize there has been a change? Is there an easy way to remove the game from Aurora without deleting the game folder so I can just rescan the path? Just rescanning does nothing.
  8. The TU3 for Bulletstorm doesn't work. The version I have is MEDIA = ID 1D93E609 TITLE = ID 454108EF. I've tried downloading through Aurora, as well as manually, and every time I launce Bulletstorm with it activated, I get a message saying version mismatch and that the game has been updated to an incompatible version and kicks me back to Aurora. I don't know anywhere else to download TU's so I can't try a different one. Playing the game without it activated doesn't cause this issue.
  9. Hmm. I'll have to go through my games, as I know I have a few more multi disc games that I only have one disc for. Thanks.
  10. I do, and thought about that. I tried checking the option to show hidden titles, but it didn't work. I assume it is only for manually hidden titles? Is my only option to show multi disc titles and then manually hide the multi discs? I can deal with it, but it would be nice if it could detect if a multi disc game only had one disc available and didn't hide it.
  11. Actually I didn't edit the TU, I edited the DLC, I forgot. I must have disabled the TU in Aurora on accident, as I noticed it wasn't enabled. It wasn't actually applying the update, even though a dialog pops up saying as much. It now is working.
  12. I added a few new games the other day, and Aurora found them as expected. Added two more today, nothing. Deleted the path and added it again, nothing. I even made a new path directly to one of the game's folder, still nothing. Any ideas? For reference, the games in question are Dragon Age Inquisition (2nd disc) and Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor (also 2nd disc). Both appear just fine in FSD.
  13. While I do like the automatic Title Updates, I do have one problem. I edited the TU for BO2 so I could use DLC that was patched out in the later TU's. When I launch it from Aurora, it downloads and uses the unaltered TU. I have to go into FSD and launch it from there in order to use the modified TU. Is there some way I can exclude BO2 from downloading and using TU's but let all other games?
  14. Nobody? It started showing new games added to the drive but none of the original ones. Now after starting FSD without the first drive plugged in, I had to re-add the path to it, but now none of those games ever appear in the list either, no matter how many times I choose manual scan. What the hell is going on?
  15. I ran out of room on my external drive so I plugged in another with a few games on it and set the path and FSD loaded them fine. Next time I boot FSD I go to play one of the games from the second hard drive and find it missing from the list. I go to check the paths and find it isn't listed anymore, so I fix it, and even select the manual scan button. The status shows it did scan the new games but when I enter the library the games are still missing. I tried restarting FSD as well as shutting of the xbox and turning it back on, and while the path is still present the games are still missing from the library. And yes, the scan depth is correct. So I have to boot the games through file Manager. Any ideas how to get it to read them again?
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