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  1. ozgur106

    GTA 5 TU problem

    using fsd ...i have not any idea about dashlauch i am using or not how can i recognize it
  2. ozgur106

    GTA 5 TU problem

    how can i update to aurora
  3. ozgur106

    GTA 5 TU problem

    i am not usıng auroro ...aurora is beta right now am i wrong.... working with classic fsd dash 3.0
  4. ozgur106

    GTA 5 TU problem

    i have registered to xboxunity how can i see the media type or ID and how can i upload the TU and cover to xbox which folders ??? thanx for answers
  5. ozgur106

    GTA 5 TU problem

    after pressing Y button for tu dowloading no tu files comes to screen
  6. special thx swizzy by the way... gta5 install : dvd1 and dvd2 exiso extract then dvd1 content to xbox hdd1 content 000000000 folder , dvd2 directly to xbox hdd1 games ? is that correct
  7. downloaded again but still error i already tried with older ver. still same error which ver. should i use and where can i find it newer version tried again same problem could you pm the latest dl link which ver of exiso should i use
  8. failed extract 1 , not an iso image .... but it is iso complex ver. of gta 5
  9. gta 5 disc 2 gives error while extracting with exiso.... help !!
  10. ozgur106

    BF Hard Line

    ok roger that...... exiso is enough.... disk 1 extract with exiso copy the content file 454109E0 to hdd1 content folder then extract disk2 with exiso and copy to hdd1 games folder overscan min 3 then play .....
  11. ozgur106

    BF Hard Line

    there is no content folder on xbox ? i am using arcade edition with 500gb disc please tell this progress for dummies Put disc 2 in your xbox 360 folder, with exiso ?????
  12. eventually which disk must be extracted by ıso2god or exıso ? when you got multıple dısc games ! for example bf hardlıne gta5 wolfensteın 4 discs... thanks for answers
  13. then we dont need ıso2god for example gta5 open with exiso Hdd1:\Games\gta 5 - DVD1 Hdd1:\Games\gta 5 - DVD2 this configuration is enough for playıng gta
  14. Still no cfw for 4004c 2b Super Slim series why ????
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