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Found 14 results

  1. Heya, folks! Many thanks to this forum and the devs of various homebrew stuff here! Got a lot of useful information here that helped me to RGH-mod my first Xbox 360 (and first game console in general, yeah I know, kinda late for the party). So, it appears that TU4 for Rock Band 3 which hosted on Unity is corrupted. For some reason there's two of them (TitleUpdateID 21727 and TitleUpdateID 21618) but both of them have hash 470E718DF5EF08812F62B95D8B06A53CAE967969 and equal size 5353472. If you try to download any of them through Aurora you get "The TitleUpdate download hash did not match server. Discarding..." in the logs no matter how many times you try. I've tried to download them through browser but they appear to be the identical with each other and with already downloaded by Aurora. I've tried to manually place them in place where game can load them and still no luck. So, I've searched the web for a different source and found one on the digiex.net, downloaded and placed at Xbox and Aurora finally showed it at "Installed" tab in the game info! I compared this third file with others and it seems slightly larger (5365760). And finally I tried it with game and in showed at the HUD that TU4 is loaded and that means that the last one is correct. I also tried to check file's hash manually but it's either not SHA1 (even it look like one) or Aurora generates it by mixing file data with something else. Dashboard version: 17559 Aurora version: 0.7b r1622
  2. I downloaded all the dlc for call of duty ghost and also the latest title update and also the compatability packs. But when I open the game it keeps saying I need to go to xbox live to get additional content but my xbox is jatg can someone help please.I also don't know how to implement the compatability packs.
  3. I have been having a problem with F3 and using Title Updates. When I download them through F3 and turn one on, sometimes it won't work. I will get out of my game check the Title Update manager for the game and it will say it is on but I can't get it to work. Even if I check the System Settings and go to storage it won't show the Title Update. I have even tried adding my own Title Updates and it will end up deleting them. Right now I am playing Forza Horizon mostly when this occurs because everytime I go into the game I have to get out because it doesn't load up the Title Update even though the Title Update manager says it is on. Usually when this occurs I also get a duplicate of the Title Update to appear which is really strange. So far I have had this problem with every game that I have played. I am on the 16202 dash with the newest F3 update. I don't really need help with this because I can deal with it but it is frustrating and just something for the devs to look at. Thanks.
  4. May not be directly an issue with aurora but thought I'd check here. So I have skyrim installed on my HDD and running fine. When I install all the DLC packs it hangs and crashes on the main menu during the "loading additional content" or whatever it says. I tried installing all the title updates through aurora and activating the most current and no dice, still a fatal crash. Any thoughts/suggestions? EDIT: it was an issue with the title update. Not sure if aurora was applying it incorrectly or not. I started the game while connected to the internet and updated via the prompt and now it loads with all DLC no problem.
  5. I was looking at my mediaID and found out on 3770bdbb ID there isn't any updates and should be 2 or 3 if I recall correctly. Senko no Ronde Rev. X (Vs. SHMUP) -Title ID- 475207d1 -Media ID- 3770bdbb (JP release, US title updates are available, and covers can offer mine if needed, as I have the game physically but no JP console T_T). Thanks a lot and first post here, so hi everyone! -Rockleevk
  6. Hello everyone, I'm searching for the latest Title Update for Guitar Hero 5 and Guitar Hero 6: Warriors of Rock with the following MIDs: Guitar Hero 5 with Media ID: 694292BA Guitar Hero 6: Warriors of Rock with Media ID: 664C4807 I've just checked on Xbox Unity but there are no Title Updates available for these two games, the reason of what I need those Title Updates is because I got almost all DLC packs for Guitar Hero series Games, the others ones worked fine because they have at least one TU available, I'm not really sure If these two games were updated sometime, but maybe they did when the DLC packs were released. I hope you can help me with this thread guys, If you have free time, Thanks a lot !
  7. Hello, I have the following problem that Skyrim does not start anymore. It has been downloaded from the Xbox Marketplace. I've always tried in Aurora to start the game but the game does not start. When I accidentally deleted the Installed Title Update, I could not download any more. On the "xboxunity.net" page, there are many title updates available. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance. Headline
  8. Game: LEGO Dimensions TitleID: 5752084B MediaID: 72B1DD2A BaseVersion: 00000003 Version: Latest (after TU11) Hi Is there any kind soul out there who can extract the latest title update for LEGO Dimensions for the latest wave 6 packs? I got a RGH Xbox 360 so I cannot connect to Xbox Live server to get the update. I have bought some wave 6 packs for my son but he now can't use them to play the latest levels. Thanks
  9. I used FSD3 and Aurora parallel this time. I didnt palyed for a long time with my xbox so i updated DashLaunch and my Dashboard today. Now i tried to download Covers and Title Updates but FSd cannot find anything. Months before all was working fine. So my question now: is it no longer doable to download Title Updates and Covers with FSD3 ? Or is this only a problem caused with the Updates i made ?
  10. I saw that when you download TU with Aurora they are not activated. So can you please fix this ? Title Update Download = Activated Thank you =)
  11. I would like to know if there's a way to apply title updates to games converted to GOD containers using ISO2GOD and running them from the official Microsoft dashboard.
  12. hey evertone , so i downloaded the walking dead and it said that all the episodes are installed , but when i press play on episode 2 , it crashes and go to the original xbox 360 dash. so i thought maybe i need to download tu, so i entered manage title updates , pressed y , but it said no updates found . anybody ? please help.thanks.
  13. Hello everyone. Let´s see if you can help me. I have an Slim 4GB with RGH and actually using FSD 3.0, and except Dashlaunch everything runs from an external HDD. I was trying to play Gears Of War 3 with Link so I downloaded de TUs with de Title Updates Manager from the FSD. I couldn´t activate any of them so I deleted them, but they still appear in the FSD3DataTitle Updates. I delete de cahce memory, the TUs from the Title update Manager and even re-installed the FSD 3 but the TUs still appeared but doesn´t get active in Systema Link (it still shows TU = 0). I even have the TU on a pendrive formated with the Xbox, but nothing happens. Can anyone tell me where to finally delete those TUs to meke the dissapear???? By the way, i don´t use GODs and my games are Extracted ISOs. Also, I used an Xbox formated pendrive to put the TU in the Internal Memory but it stillshoes me TU = 0 in System Link. Please, someone help me cause it´s driving me insane!!!! Thanks in advance.
  14. Disclaimer: I have read though this forum, and the tutorials section looking for someone with a similar problem. So far I haven't found anything. But I apologize if this issue has been addressed somewhere else. Okay, so first of all, here's my setup: Kernel 16197, built using xeBuild GUI 2.086 Dashlaunch 3.04 Freestyle Dash 3.04 http://i.imgur.com/5Qf3A.pngThe problem: Even though I have it connected to a wired internet connection, it won't download cover art, or title updates. When I enter my zip code in the weather search, it just sits there. It has an IP address, and as you can see in the bottom of the picture I've linked above, I'm able to use that IP address to connect to the webUI. But then it has the "Status : HTTP : 117 items left (0.00kBps)" thing going one. I've tried resetting my router, and I've tried actually going into my router's webUI and setting the Xbox outside the DMZ. Is there something painfully simple I'm overlooking? Or am I in trouble here. Thanks in advance for any advice. *Edit* Livestong is disabled.
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